Rachel Lang + The November Horoscopes

November is here we get a preview of the month ahead from Astrologer and Blissen Up Radio Personality, Rachel Lang!

Will things get better? Is love in the stars? Read on and listen to Blissen Up on UBN Radio every Friday 12 PST.

About Rachel Lang:

Rachel is a professionally certified astrologer, Reiki Master, intuitive, and medium. She has an international client base comprised of individuals, small businesses, and corporations.  A nationally recognized speaker on spirituality, astrology and theology, her workshops, classes, retreats and meditation groups connect a diverse group of like-minded individuals. She loves participating in helping to build communities that foster spiritual growth and expansion.

Dedicated to social justice, she is pursuing her MA in Theology with an emphasis on ethics. 

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This is your month, and the stars will align for you. Celebrate your individuality and your unique presence in the world.  The beginning of the month offers opportunities for self-expression. If you are in a creative profession, expect projects to move forward after the 15th of the month when you finally get the green light. You are unstoppable, so use your energy wisely. You have such incredible focus this month. Let that momentum carry you forward at light-speed, but know that there will be some letting go of excess demands along the way. You may have to say “NO!” to others in order to say “YES!” to your future.

The week of the tenth presents occasions for spiritual and emotional growth and transformation. Recognize the potential for expansion in any situation. You may not always be able to avoid conflict, but you can always allow it to stretch your relationship skills. Therefore, think of any conflictual situation as an energetic yoga practice.

Work opportunities abound, and your challenge is to decide which route will lead to greater glory and a secure future. Your intuition is your best asset in these circumstances, so go with your gut feeling.

Watch your words from November 10-13, especially in your closest relationships. Your passion to speak your truth may lead you to say something you can never take back. Use the passion to fuel negotiation and compromise. Exercise compassion, and then you will see new ways to collaborate with others.

If you are single, open yourself up for online dating in the beginning of the month to break up your routine. The Full Moon on the 6th may bring a special stranger into your life. Think twice before you consider taking him or her to your family’s Thanksgiving feast. Let things slowly evolve to ensure a lasting love.

For those of you in relationships, you start making plans for longer commitments together after the 15th. In the beginning of the month, delight in passion and romance.



Are you ready to go deep-sea diving into the waters of your subconscious mind? Explore your past to find the hidden beauty of your own story. How did you evolve to believe your current inner creed? What character-building experiences shaped your thought patterns? I suggest these as possible writing prompts for your daily journal routine. What? You don’t journal? Maybe it would be fun to start. You might even discover the voice of your poetry. You don’t write poetry? Start seeing yourself as poetry, and the metaphors that anchor you to your history will release you into your future.

The planetary influences suggest that if you devote energy to finding new, creative ways to earn a little extra income, it will pay off in the future. Have a brilliant idea that wants to be born? If so, start preparing the blueprints now for a late November launch, when the Sun enters your sign on the 22nd of the month. Work demands require your conscious focus. You may have unexpected journeys as a result, particularly around the 27th. Your adventurous spirit will delight in new adventures, especially ones that offer financial bonuses and reward!

If you are curious to see which places offer you the most luck and success, consider consulting with an astrologer regarding your AstroCartography map. (Hey, I know a really good astrologer.) I suggest this because there are tools available to help you chart your course toward success, especially those of you in sales or planning a music or book tour.

Relationship fires heat up after November 16. This bodes well for you single Sagittarians. Consider a little makeover to spruce up your look. Then, step out of your comfort zone, step into the dating arena, and start attracting your soul mate! I know you like the sound of that. Your heart just leapt a little bit at the notion of a deep, rich, spiritual connection. Hold that vibration for the duration of the month and watch the law of attraction work for you!



You are about to enter quite a fertile month, Capricorn. The Full Moon on November 6 in complementary Taurus suggests favorable influences for planting seeds for new beginnings. You may not see the results for another six months, but the harvest will be full.

Direct your energy to connecting with others, networking, and community events. Consider becoming more involved with a charity or cause about which you feel passionate. When you give to the community, you will always receive returns: lasting friendships, good vibes, professional connections, and even public recognition.

The holidays are approaching, and that means it’s time to start planning your festive gatherings. As your preparations begin, let your heart remain in a state of gratitude. There is much to celebrate this year. When you focus on the goodness in life, minor irritations will dissipate. This is especially true from November 10-14.

On November 12, there is a particularly challenging influence that symbolizes internal tension. You feel compelled to initiate new endeavors, but the timing does not seem quite right. When you feel frustrated, read the first paragraph of this horoscope and remember that the seeds you plant will yield fruit. The principles of universal law are exact and precise. Your ability to step away from desire and want and trust in Divine Goodness will expand pure creative potential. Faith. Hope Love.

Speaking of love, it’s a steamy, passionate month, particularly leading up to November 16. Consider a romantic getaway with your special someone.



Career ambitions can have a dizzying effect on you this month. You may feel dazed from a voyage into the land of dreams and possibilities that led to a deepened exploratory process of the inner urgings of your soul. But…now you’re back. Reality is a story in constant fluctuation. Do you like your current job? If not, remember that you can always start a new chapter. Start by taking one simple action each day. Send out one résumé or make one phone call. Each step leads you closer to your dream. Plus, favorable influences are shining light in the direction of your career. You have the motivation, and you will receive recognition.

Finances fluctuate in the beginning of the month because of some unexpected expenses. Things may feel a bit out of balance, but after Neptune stations direct on the 15th and Venus moves into Sagittarius on November 16, you feel a bit of stability return to your financial picture. You may feel as if any barriers or limitations to financial success just lift, allowing you to execute plans that have been in the works for months.

This is a great month for forging partnerships and aligning with new contacts in your network. Ask friends for introductions, and do not hesitate to reach out to potentially helpful strangers. On the 22nd, the Sun moves into Sagittarius, which suggests the formation of new friendships.

This Thanksgiving holiday, you may consider staying close to home and nurturing you and those closest to you. Your primary relationship offers such joy and connection at the end of the month, and you may want to devote yourself to deepening the intimacy with your special someone. If you’re single, Aquarius, connect to your favorite cause and see what kinds of matchmaking opportunities arise. Or try online dating! This is a great month for connecting with others online.



Nebulous Neptune, your ruling planet, is about to station direct. This influence suggests creative exploration and the expansion of projects that may have been put on the backburner. Your career and focus for life feels as if it is finally moving forward for you.

In work, a new potential collaboration or partnership presents itself with the Full Moon on November 6. Sort out details and let your keen intuition lead you into a new chapter.

Travel plans may spontaneously form, unexpectedly. This will allow you to take a much-needed getaway. This may involve a Thanksgiving trip to see family or loved ones. Relish every moment away, and focus on a little self-nurturing. Release any feelings of obligation, and reframe any interpersonal challenges to allow for growth. It’s time for new beginning in your relationships.

You have been so focused on your past, and simultaneously, you have been planting seeds for success. Now, wait for a little bit of magic to enter your life.

Challenging conversations could lead to expanded awareness of some areas of struggle in your deepest and closest relationships on 12 November. The intensity is high, so diffuse it by opening your heart and tapping in to your compassionate spirit. Find ways to mend any heartbreak you may have felt, and open yourself to all of the possibilities that love offers.

At the end of the month, after the 22nd, your creative urges spark ideas and inspiration. Try to engage in some cultural activities, like art galleries, music shows, or theatrical performances. Fuel your creative fire.

In love and romance, the beginning of the month is amazing for you single Pisces! Fireworks are about to explode in your love life, especially around November 6. For those of you involved, this is a good time to deepen any commitment; prepare to be surprised by the way in which love support you.



When you shake up a bottle of a carbonated beverage, you wait before removing the top, knowing there will be an explosion. This month, you might feel the pressure of life shaking you up. This is your awakening. How will you use that energy? Will you explode or catalyze change in your life? There is potential for both. Therefore, use your energy wisely, and lay groundwork for new beginnings, personally or professionally. You are preparing for major transformation. Whatever you dream, you can create.

In work, you have some big decisions to make. You are about to make an incredible impact on the world, but all of the pieces need to be put into place before that happens. Use this time to speak your truth, and then begin to chart your course. That means writing, speaking in public, and strategizing about your messaging. You are so good at helping others market and brand themselves, and now it’s your turn. If you are looking for a new job, there is no time like the present to get your résumé together, and start sending it out.

Travel plans may be revised or rearranged as work demands call your attention. Relax and go with the flow. You’re getting everything you asked for, and it’s all going to be good.

This month, chance encounters could prove beneficial. Make sure you clearly communicate what you need and want, and success follows. You have been doing a lot of letting go. Good for you! You have to separate the wheat from the chaff. You have successfully finished that process. Now, life is like a blank canvas. This is especially true in your relationships. It’s time for new beginnings, whether you’re single or involved.



This month highlights your partnership and most intimate relationship. The Full Moon on November 6 helps you gain insight about questions you had pertaining to your current relationship status. Has it been listed as, “It’s Complicated?” Have things been stressful? Have you felt challenges in intimacy? If so, now is your chance to work them out. And you can do that without leaving.

Hang on for a roller coaster ride that ends in an expanded heart chakra. I am aware that the most recent Solar Eclipse may have catalyzed change for some of you, and perhaps a process of letting go has had to happen. Your relationship ideals may have changed over time. You are clearer about what it is that you want and have made decisions about whether or not your relationship supports you now and for the future. You have done everything you can. Draw your courage and act with integrity from the heart.

Avoid any temptation toward deception. Also, resist any inclination to completely amputate relationships from your life. You can let go gracefully, gently, and lovingly.

This is a great month to form business partnerships and enter new ventures. Everything is ready because of the work you’ve done to lay a foundation for the future. Try to see things from a different perspective and resist letting fear cause you to feel stuck in a rut. With pure joy, move into your next chapter, unafraid of being seen, heard, and known.



Work, work, work…and more work. Has that been your most recent mantra? You may feel as if you need a break…or your big break. That opportunity is in the not-too-distant future, but you have a few final steps to complete on the professional obstacle course. Think of it as a “Field Day” exercise and make it playful and fun.

The order you requested from the Universe will reach fulfillment in late January. Know that. Believe it. Trust it. In the meantime, Spirit has so many little surprises to offer you. It’s like you are receiving unsolicited goodness. Indulge.

There are changes manifesting in your personal life. Your spiritual exploration has been at an all-time high. Keen insights have awakened within you. Your dreams contain visions of the future. Build and develop your inner gifts, and you will see your guidance more clearly. This is especially true after November 15, when elusive, dreamy Neptune stations direct.

In matters of the heart, you have been feeling more serious than usual, Gemini. Add a little play to the mixture and feel your heart sing again. On November 22, we have a New Moon in your opposing sign. Set intentions for what you would like to manifest in your love life.



The weather may be getting colder, but you’re still dreaming of the ocean and swimming in the deep blue sea. Here’s an idea. Think about this message metaphorically. Water symbolizes the emotional realm, and you have had a lot of changes and motion with October’s astrological leanings. Have you taken the time to integrate all you have felt, experienced, and learned? If not, it’s time to explore the deep waters of your emotional life. Let yourself be carried away into those places within that most need exploration. You may discover hidden treasures.

Your career urges you to express yourself and step up as a charismatic leader. You have the skills, the talent, and the experience. Assert yourself boldly. Creative projects excite you and may be the keys to the future success you’ve intended for yourself.

The children in your life are an incredible source of joy this month. Take time to teach them your secrets and watch as they soak up knowledge. Their little minds are like sponges! And isn’t that just so much fun? As you spend time with them, realize that you’re nurturing your own little inner child. What would he or she like to do for fun? What does he or she need? Take time for yourself and find out the answers to those questions.

On November 12, there is a bit of stress, but you can manage it! Tension keeps us standing upright, gives us perspective, and helps us grow. The stress will clear by the 15th, when you can see clearly again.

In love, Cancer, this is a great month for romance. Passion is represented up to November 16. Indulge. If you’re single, you may need to go out dancing and find a fun fling. It could easily turn into a more stable relationship. For now, enjoy the dalliance.



No one throws a more lavish party than a Leo. Whether a simple gathering with a few close friends or an all-out gala, your affair will prove that you have mastered the art of festivity. When you plan your Thanksgiving feast, Leo, realize that everything may come together at the very last minute. Relax as much as you can in the meantime. It will be unique and elegant, just like you.

In work, your mantra will be: Go big, or go home. This is a message about the scope of your work and not necessarily the size of the pile of papers on your desk.  When you step into the spotlight, the world applauds. Hold those words closely to your heart, especially in times of doubt.

When you move into your fears with playfulness and joy, courage results. Courage expands your heart, the organ ruled by your sign and your ruling luminary, the Sun. Have you ever noticed how stage fright can trigger the adrenaline necessary for a stellar performance? Use fear. Let it motivate you. Let it help stretch your heart muscles. This will open you up for big love and big success.

Speaking of love, Venus, the planet that symbolizes romance, is entering compatible Sagittarius on the 16th. This may help introduce someone new into your life or rekindle flames with one you haven’t been able to forget. If you’re involved, expect passion as the highlight of your month after November 22.



Rabbi David Allan Cooper wrote in “The Mystical Kabbalah” (and I paraphrase here) that you need to find one deep well of spiritual expression and follow it to God. I assert that this goes for any spiritual or creative endeavor you aim to pursue this month. Rather than scatter your attention precariously, focus on one thing and see it through to fruition.

You are in a finishing phase with work projects, and your creative vision expands after November 15, when Neptune stations Direct after doing its little backwards dance. Has your ontological reality been changed in the past 3 weeks? Fear not! All of us have weathered the same influences. You’re just one of the most sensitive of the Zodiac signs, and so you pick up on all of the turmoil. Worry is a misuse of imagination, and you have more imagination than anyone you know. Use your creative energy to manifest riches (of all sorts, not just monetary).

Communication is your key word. And you have favorable influences up until November 22 that contribute to your overall success. Market yourself. Start a blog. Write about your ideas and use this influence for promoting yourself.

In matters of the heart, you have been thinking about long-term commitments and the deeper yearnings of your soul. Passion and romance connect for you in the beginning of the month. Express your longings to that special someone, and you may reach common ground. In fact, you might be surprised by the response. If you’re single, get out and play!! What are you waiting for? Try online dating if you’re too demure for dancing.



Did you survive October, Libra? Your soul-searching may have led to more indecision. Where will you go now? The answer lies in that deep dark void of the unknown. That is where magic dwells and hearts find contentment. Perhaps you need to retreat away from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life to find yourself again. You have a treasure chest of memories to cull through. Carefully discard those that need not follow you to the next destination on your life’s journey. You can edit your history. So, go for it!

Your finances take center stage this month, as you develop new ways to earn income. The odds that you’ll win the lottery are really not in your favor, so you have to be creative. Innovative. Daring. Go ahead and make those calculated moves toward success. Allow your sense of adventure to pull you into new directions.

There is a lot of transformative energy manifesting change in your home life. Have you considered a major renovation? This is a great time for investing in those much-needed repairs.

Your creative energy leads you to check out the hottest cultural affairs in town. You seek inspiration, and you will find it in unexpected places. Definitely take time to see an art opening or theatrical performance this month, especially after November 16. Your sense of design and style will forever be changed.

In matters of the heart, Libra, you have had a lot of ups and downs this month. October’s been a…storm. Get off of the roller coaster ride and commit to yourself. Then, love will find you where you are. You are the consummate lover, always attentive to your partner. This month, practice a little self-care. Love you. Nurture you. Then, you have energy for that special someone.



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