2ETN – Wearable Passion



2ETN allows us the chance to wear a little bit of passion…their passion for each other, for their work and most importantly, our passion in the piece chosen..a talisman, a spirit animal or the beauty of a lover’s eye. Each piece is custom..and therefore special.. as are we all.

Discover 2ETN:

2ETN is interested in redefining the concept of precious jewelry through their use of original art in a variety of mediums-this is the focus of their work. One-of-a-kind original art in graphite, oil & acrylic. Framed in exclusive jewelry using found period antiques, reclaimed precious metals & ethically sourced stones. Each custom made piece is a part of a larger collective story.

In the spirit of American portraiture and mourning miniatures from the 1700 -1800’s, husband and wife team, Pamela Tuohy and Edward Novinsky create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. 2ETN believes that precious stones and metals are not the sole elements from which jewelry derives its value, and this belief informs the philosophy behind the creation of their jewelry.

The name “2ETN” comes from the fusion of the phonetic pronunciation of Pamela’s last name (2E) and Edward’s initials (ETN).



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