Skincare From the Inside Out

Skincare from the Inside Out, LVBX Magazine
I could write endlessly about all good things we can do to support our skin inside and out. The truth is, EVERYTHING we do affects our skin. Here are a few practical ways you can help to create the strong and youthful skin you deserve.


Finding the right supplements for you is key! You have to keep in mind that what worked wonders for your friend, may not work well for you. It’s all about trial and error. You need to find an omega anti-oxidant mix to start. I recommend a product called Bend Beauty. It helps to support your skin by protecting it from environmental stresses internally and externally. Adding probiotics to your routine either through a supplement or foods keeps your gut happy and in turn, your skin. I prefer goat’s milk keifer. Goat’s milk has long been thought to have anti-aging benefits. A must if you live a hectic, high-caffeinated lifestyle is to take a great adrenal support. I take mine at night to help distress my body and allow me to have a proper beauty sleep. Gaia Herbs has a formula called Adapt and Balance that works well for me and many of my patients.

Drinking the right water is a game changer. I’m lucky enough to have a service that delivers fresh stream water full of naturally occurring minerals. It’s important to not overdo it with alkaline water. It’s very trendy right now. We want a balance of acidic and alkaline states in our body. If you drink alkaline water, you have to stop one hour before you eat, and wait two hours after eating. Otherwise, it will be much harder to properly digest your meals.

If you have seasonal allergies, another internal way to support your skin health would be to take a natural form of an antihistamine like quercetin. This can really provide you with relief!    


It’s important to create a healthy home environment for your skin. Let’s start with the air you breathe! It’s important for most of us to have an air purifier running at all times in our home. There are toxins coming off the fabric on our furniture, curtains, mattresses, paint, neighbors cigarette smoke, and off many floor coverings, to name a few toxic culprits. I’ve even recommended to some of my more sensitive patients to get a purifier for their office spaces.

Bedroom: Humidifiers are very beneficial while you sleep but can be a hassle. There are now simple and decorative mini aromatherapy humidifiers that run for up to 8 hours. Place it close to you on your bedside table and you can add your favorite aromatherapy oil to add to your beauty sleep ritual. The sheets that you sleep on should be silk or satin. You can find great sheets on line that are beneficial to your skin. The fabric won’t pull on your hair and there are even pillowcases that have copper, anti-bacterial properties and collagen.

Laundry room: Make sure that you stay away from toxic detergents to clean your sheets and clothes. Choose eco or green dry cleaners. You can buy dry cleaning “at home sheets” that can save you a lot of money and are lower in toxins than traditional dry cleaning services.  

Bathroom: Shower filters help to keep your hair and skin soft, clean and the ph. balanced. In many cities the water is very hard and toxic. There’s a very affordable and fashionable shower filter line called “Sprite.”  

Immediately after you get out of the shower you should apply your body products. Very few lines are high performing or truly non-toxic. Kayo bodyline is outstanding. Super clean and the remodeling and vitamin serums give real results.

Car: I keep a pair of  Bloxsun sun protection gloves in my cars at all times! They’re uber comfortable, thin and nude colored. You barely notice them–very comfortable. It’s safe to keep powdered SPF in your car, because it’s heat resistant. It’s smart to apply to exposed areas that are being hit by the sun, like the ears.

Avoid toxic, perfumed car air fresheners. They can case headaches and are stressful to your respiratory system.

Creating healthy skin is truly a wholistic venture. Being aware of your surroundings and protecting yourself is key. It may feel like a little work at first, but can become a simple, natural way of living. Self-care should be a beautiful and joyful art!

MIA-BELLEIn the name of beauty, Mia Belle seeks to elevate the future of skin care.

Mia Belle is a well-traveled paramedical aesthetician with nearly two decades of experience in the fields of skin care and preventative aging. Her passion to be a part of  the rapid advancements in health care and her continued training on a global level, allows her to develop the best treatments and products possible. She has trained in Montreal, Paris, London, Norway, Iceland, New York, and San Francisco with some of the most internationally renowned chemists, engineers, physicians and alternative health practitioners.

Mia Belle is a published skin care expert who has been featured on Oprah, EXTRA, “E” Entertainment, Access Hollywood and KTLA.



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