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Rachel Lang is a professionally certified astrologer and healer who works with individuals, small businesses, and corporations. An internationally recognized speaker, she also hosts workshops and offers classes, retreats and meditation groups. Rachel loves helping people identify and heal challenges or roadblocks in life. She supports them in decision-making processes by mapping astrological trends and forecasts to offer a glimpse of what’s ahead. Her favorite part of her job is writing horoscopes and articles for LVBX Magazine. You can find out more or schedule a session online at

With a buildup of energy in September and October, we feel on the edge of something- but we don’t quite know what it’s going to be. It is a month of revelation and revolution when the pressure is on to take action and make progressive changes in your life. The time to play small, live according to others’ outdated rules, remain silent, or let joyless obligations rule your life is over. It’s time to fuel your passion, let your heart drive your decisions, and have the courage to speak up. You will especially feel this on November 12, when Jupiter and Pluto conjoin for the third time this year. More about that in a moment.

Let’s start with November 3. Mercury comes to a standstill and stations direct, meaning it changes course. This represents a shift in what we’re talking about and thinking about. No coincidence it happens on Election Day, which generally can indicate a change in course. So, don’t believe the polls. This is a shifty Mercury retrograde station during a time when the Sun opposes Uranus. Expect the unexpected.

Station days are significant in Mercury retrograde cycles because they happen at the beginning and end – they’re the most Mercury retrograde feeling days of the whole 3-week Mercury retrograde cycle. When a planet stations direct again, it gives us a replay of all we learned throughout the cycle.

This Mercury retrograde cycle has brought a lot of emotions to the surface. It’s offered us a chance to heal both the past and present. It’s been full of personal growth and awareness. So, Mercury going direct will be a welcome change for many of you, as these processes aren’t easy.

Side note: Mercury stationed retrograde on Election Day 2000, when the decision wasn’t clear and it had to go to the courts. While I don’t predict the same outcome for this election (after all, Mercury is stationing direct this time and not retrograde), I do think there will be confusion, delays, technical glitches, and uncertainty about the process. All of these concerns will highlight our need to make changes in our voting and election systems.

The next big event happens on November 12 when Jupiter and Pluto meet for their third and final conjunction. Each time they have met this year (April 4 and June 30), we’ve seen a rise in Covid cases, conspiracy theories, and social unrest all over the world. This third and final time is the icing on the cake, and it will pave the way for lasting systemic change. We may not even know who won the election at that time, or if we do know, there could be confusion about the election process or the outcome being decided in court. This transit means revolution – it’s like an explosion after a buildup of pressure or a catharsis after emotional intensity.

Mars goes direct on the 13th after being retrograde since September. You can get your motivation and confidence back, feel more of a sense of direction, and move ahead in life. It’s also a time to put an end to any bickering in your relationships or confusion about where you stand with your significant other. Relationship challenges will smooth out because you will have more clarity about what actions to take.

After that, the excitement continues with the Scorpio New Moon on November 14, The Sun and Moon will form a favorable sextile aspect to Jupiter and Pluto, helping us reclaim our power and make bold moves forward in our lives. This is a no-nonsense day when you realize what isn’t working in your life and make necessary changes. It’s a day to give birth to new ideas and resurrect hope.

The Sun enters Sagittarius on November 21 and restores hope and optimism. At the end of the month, the Lunar Eclipse on November 30 helps us discern fact from fiction. It opens our minds to see from a different perspective. You could feel indecisive about something in your life. Weigh decisions carefully. Fortunately, Neptune goes direct on November 28, and we have more clarity than we have had in the past several months. At the same time, the influence of the Gemini Full Moon can cause us to vacillate about decisions we thought we had made. It’s not a time to run away – it’s a time to stay committed and stay the course.

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