How to Wear Your Sleepwear Outside of the Bedroom

In an effort to close the gap between day and nightwear, enter Masini. Worn by celebrities such as Jennifer Fisher and Mira Duma, Masini & Chern is the ultimate in luxury sleepwear. Founder, Ebonnie Masini-Thomson, discusses her love of sleepwear and the company which arose from it. 

Tell us a bit about the company; how was it started? I’m Australian but I was living in East London and working for a store in Dubai. I had to travel a lot for work and I was basically living in hotels. I’d been trying to find something comfortable but also stylish to wear on my travels. I couldn’t find much and that’s how the idea started. The concept formed from something I needed in my life. I worked on the idea and designs for about 3 years and then in 2013 I moved back to Australia and launched my brand. Masini & Chern is a luxury sleep, lounge and resort label. I also offer personalised monogramming.

What’s the overall aesthetic of the brand? Is there a particular mood or emotion you’re trying to evoke with the collection? It’s all about luxury, style, and comfort. Whenever I design, I always refer back to these three words. My aim is to close the gap between home and street dressing. I want to create clothing that is comfortable for people to wear when they’re chilling at home, but also sophisticated and luxurious enough to wear out. A lot of customers tag themselves on Instagram wearing my pyjamas. I’ve seen images of my banana leaf set at Coachella, or one of my robes worn sailing the Amalfi coast. It’s so great to see people play out my vision.

“It’s all about luxury, style and comfort. Whenever I design I always refer back to these three words.”

Why sleepwear, exclusively?
I have always been obsessed with traditional pyjamas. They have a luxury aesthetic that can be played with and styled in so many ways. I think this is partly the reason why the pyjama dressing trend has been big on the catwalks for many years.

I also wanted to focus on one concept and nail it before moving into other items within the same realm. Next season I’ve added a range of 100% linen pieces that exude a luxury resort style of dressing. The garments are breathable and hang beautifully on the body, so they’re perfect to wear around the home or on vacation.

Are there any pieces that can be considered daywear, if say one was feeling edgy (or too comfortable to change out of their sleepwear?) Literally every piece in my collections can be worn as day wear. The pants and shirts can be worn together or they can be styled as separates. The pyjama shirts can be worn over jeans and the pants can be worn with a crisp white shirt. The whole concept is about clothing that can be worn in the home, but also out to dinners with friends, picking up kids from school, or away on vacation.

What particular prints are you drawn to, and why? What’s the most playful print you carry?
I love statement prints. Every season I try to come up with interesting and fashion forward prints. The most playful and probably the most popular, is the Banana Leaf style. It’s been in the range since the first ever collection back in 2013. It was inspired by the iconic Martinique wallpaper at the Beverly Hills hotel. People still absolutely love it!

How often are you launching new collections? I launch new prints and styles twice a year. I also have classic styles like the Navy with White Bind pyjama sets that run all year round.

Any plans to expand further into sleepwear, such as lingerie or items for men? Every season I add new pieces. Next season I have linen robes, dresses and tops as well as some new pyjama styles that will translate from night to day. I have so many exciting ideas and I’m always developing new products. There’s still so much more to come.

To learn more, visit Masini.

Image courtesy of Masini.



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