Statement Footwear Steps Out with Mara & Mine

Footwear is making a statement all its own with the elegant, minimalistic designs of Mara & Mine. The creatives behind the brand share the story of the company’s beginnings, the inspiration behind the footwear pieces, and how the right shoe can transform an outfit – and an attitude.

Tell us about Mara & Mine; how was it founded:

Jasmine: Mara & Mine was founded due to a love of accessories seeing a niche in the market for bold, flat footwear.

My business partner and I used to work together on shoots and in fashion shows. Tamie was a stylist working firstly at ACP Magazines and then working alongside fashion directors and I was modelling internationally at the time. We always found it difficult to find chic flat shoes that we could wear from day to night, on fashion shoots, running in between castings and going to events at night. A shoe for a women on the go wanting to make a statement. So, after travelling through Europe together we were inspired by the elegant, minimalistic undertones of European style and from this, a women’s flat footwear label, Mara & Mine was born.

What is the philosophy behind your company:

Tamie: Mara & Mine is a global footwear brand timeless in style, discreet in its approach and provocative in its use of luxurious leathers blended with impulsive details. The outcome is a stylish set of flats that will transport you in comfort and style no matter where you are in the world. Each season, we push the boundaries on the classic shoe with a modern twist. For us, it’s all about effortless style where accessories are the feature.

What is your draw to footwear, specifically?

Jasmine: The draw to footwear for Tamie and I, was firstly comfort – a shoe that could take us from work to play. For us, footwear can transform an outfit and make you feel confident and sexy. I think we can play around with more daring and bold style, be a little more expressive with our footwear and to keep our clothes more effortless.

What is the overall brand aesthetic, and how do you incorporate both of your backgrounds and personal styles into the collections?

Tamie: Behind the label is an aura of androgyny blended with classicism, creating a loyal following of wearers who are elegant and strong, yet adventurous and risky. The creative vision is expressed by telling a story about strong, confident, sexy, adventurous women and where they go in their shoes. We both have our own individual style and ensure that there is a design that speaks for each of us. The brand is about women, made by women.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the iconic “Jem Skull Slippers” which have been adorned by models and tastemakers of various kinds:

Jasmine: The Jem Skull Slippers were influenced by a trip to Mexico featuring skeleton motifs, which came from the day of the dead holiday in Mexico. Tamie and I travelled to Mexico and were very lucky to experience this annual celebration, where Mexicans pay tribute to their loved ones that have passed away. We saw so many people dressed up in amazing costumes as skeletons and decorated all the gravestones; their creativity inspired us to create the Jem Skull Slipper. The Jem Skull Slipper is now core to Mara & Mine collections seasonally. We did not expect them to be as popular as they are, but they are a stand out accessory, comfortable and a statement piece. It’s also a classic shaped shoe with a modern and bold twist.

The skull theme has carried over to your accessories as well; what is the inspiration behind your accessories collection?

Tamie: Building on the success of the Jem Skull Slipper, sneaker and boot we felt moving to accessories seemed like the next progression. The skeleton motif is now synonymous to our brand and we wanted to extend the collection. Second to this we were seeking requests from stylists in LA for red carpet looks and we felt leather handbags would be a great option. Our accessories just like our footwear can be styled back with laid back looks or evening attire.

How would you describe the Mara & Mine woman?

Jasmine: The Mara & Mine woman is smart, stylish, elegant, confident and adventurous. She is a jet setter, very classic but with a modern edge about her.

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