How to Invest in Yourself

Love, wisdom and freedom; the most beautiful experiences in life are simply priceless. These beautiful experiences can create opportunities for growth.

Growth comes from personal allowances that we create, attract and even seek out. Growth is under our control; growth is a result of our actions, unexpected circumstances and our subconscious thoughts. As unique human beings we owe it to ourselves to be our best, biggest resource. We are our own biggest asset yet. We are important and we matter. We are potential. We are capable of reaching new depths of learning, the unimaginable and the impossible. To live a life where we can be responsible for our growth has always remained within our power. We are the rulers of our own success and mindset. Growth can be used to our potential; to become the best version of ourselves possible. Yet, the possibilities are endless because we are forever blooming and reaching new limits. To live a life that is so deserving consists of following your own freedom; the freedom of embracing ‘YOU’.


Investing shouldn’t always have to be an expense, but should be perceived as a profitable and worthwhile journey. Investing in the energy to follow our desires is not only a beautiful process, but an empowering one. Investing feels worthy and meaningful because it is a kind act of self love.

The she who invests continues to carry her goals with a sense of pride and purpose. The she who invests honors her self worth and understands how to create the results she needs. She never gives up and is determined to continuously work on herself.


Invest in energy: Consider the activities you are implementing on a daily basis. For instance, practicing beauty rituals is a worthy investment as these contribute towards ones self esteem. Take a step back, reflect upon your daily habits/rituals and how these contribute towards your goals. Ask yourself, “What habits/rituals do I need to practice to progress further?” For instance, investing in the energy to meditate can improve mindset and well-being.

Invest in skill-set: If you have a desire to be skilled within a particular role or occupation, study the role fiercely. Invest in the time to expertise yourself within the role; invest in the books you need to study or the training courses you need to complete. Skill set is important because it helps us become a resource. Investing in skill set increases our self confidence and tools for learning.

Invest in time: Invest in the time to pay attention to your goals. Reflecting upon our goals can improve our focus and sense of direction. Invest in a journal and revisit your short term goals consistently. Dedicate time to manifest your vision and understand what it means to you. What are you dedicating your life to today? How will you grow today? What is the next step for you?

Remember: Investing is a powerful resource that can serve a woman a lifetime of contentment and happiness. Celebrate your uniqueness and make the most of who you are today. Never stop building upon your unique potential. Our mindset can serve us so powerfully when nurtured with self love.

It’s 2018. Invest in YOU.


Emily Dean is a Female Empowerment Coach. She focuses on empowering women to live rich and fulfilling lives. Her experience as a writer has led her to empower many women from across the globe. Emily‘s beliefs come from finding self love and embracing womanhood. Her work as a teacher has inspired her to teach women the fundamentals of self love. Emily is the founder of the self empowerment blog; The Lady Writes. You can view her work by visiting The Lady Writes Blog. To hear her story, you can message Emily on Facebook.




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