On Building Emotional Resilience

As individuals, we are forever experiencing, forever learning, and forever growing. At some point, we will all encounter experiences where we feel stuck, lost or perhaps faced with making hard decisions. These type of experiences can arise during the most difficult periods of our life.

“As individuals, we are forever experiencing, forever learning, and forever growing.”

Each and every time we fall, we may encounter opportunities to recover and connect with our inner strength. Our inner strength teaches us to bounce back from difficulties and continue to strive. Our unique inner strength can be used as a guide, embarking upon a beautiful journey of self-acceptance and understanding. There is something so powerful in the woman who can summon the inner strength, a message inside of her, that communicates her unique potential.

Resilience as a tool:

1.Trust the process of progress

Recognise what kicks you back. Create the habit of bouncing back and perceiving challenges as a natural process. Implement consistency with taking action when tackling challenges. It is taking action that restores our confidence when we are faced with the unknown. Accept and have faith in the journey you are on. Accepting allows us to work with what we have and find solutions to overcome potential barriers. Solutions help us to focus on the bigger picture, rather than focusing on insurmountable problems.

2. Each setback is an opportunity

Each setback we encounter holds opportunities for us to grow and build upon our self confidence. Setbacks can restore our faith, resulting in developing a more open and responsive approach to change. Setbacks represent the process of achieving and learning from negative experiences. Attempt to see the opportunity within each obstacle. Plan yourself personal objectives to within each challenge you face. Aim to look objectively at challenges accepting and understanding the present situation. Ask yourself, “How can I learn from this?”.

3. An optimist approach

The optimist approach opens up opportunities to look at each area of our life from a positive perspective. For the cup can be half full, many possibilities can remain under the surface of struggle. Attempt to always look at the positives in each and every situation. Cultivate this approach with consistency, and practice as a habit within each situation. Training our mindset with optimism allows us to accept all that is present and all that is yet to come. The energy optimism creates welcomes all results no matter the outcome, for each result teaches us a valuable lesson.

The bottom line:

Emotional resilience is such a powerful tool. Emotional resilience can contribute towards our mindset, emotional wellbeing and optimism for life. Resilience can humble our experiences, creating valuable opportunities for personal growth and development. The strength within our experiences can serve us so purposefully making us stronger, capable and yet more grateful.

Inside each and every one of us, there is potential for the courageous and the committed. Emotional resilience can really empower us.

EmilyDeanUK1Emily Dean is a Female Empowerment Coach. She focuses on empowering women to live rich and fulfilling lives. Her experience as a writer has led her to empower many women from across the globe. Emily‘s beliefs come from finding self love and embracing womanhood. Her work as a teacher has inspired her to teach women the fundamentals of self love. Emily is the founder of the self empowerment blog; The Lady Writes. You can view her work by visiting The Lady Writes Blog. To hear her story, you can message Emily on Facebook.



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