The Art of Rituals: Inviting Healthy Habits of Self-Nourishment

Rituals in the West have slowly been resurging as an important act of mental health, self-care, and for supporting leaders in becoming fully self-expressed. When I work with organization leaders I connect them with their Why and their Story to keep them focused on the work they do.Coming from an Eastern Romanian background where sacred ritual and the orthodox tradition was integrated in daily life, I have integrated that into my own daily life as well. This supports mental health, productivity, and well-being.Set Time Aside Every Day to Center

This may be gratitude practice, growth, or journaling. For a whole month I would wake up early in the morning and make artwork at 5:55 am. This allowed me my creative time but also my release in the morning. Decided on a time you want to center yourself.

Make Food a Ritual

Meals sometimes can get skipped or not even eaten mindfully. The body reacts negatively to these states. When you chew your food, savor every bite. Slow down. Notice the impressing beauty of your body stepping out if it’s comfort zone.

Decide on One Healthy Habit

Every evening for women leaders I encourage them to take part in a nightly ritual of self-care. Steping into fully integrating and being grateful of their bodies. A quick exfoliating scrub, a mask, or simply brushing your teeth with a special toothpaste not only shifts the energy around it. But helps to shift your perception around the importance of it.

Making these little minor adjustment changes bring in more self-nourishment, focus, and mindfulness to your creative, personal, and business life. How will you integrate ritual into your life today?

isabelleIsabelle Rizo is a singularity storytelling consultant, artist, and lecturer who has been named one of the “Top 7 Entrepreneur Advisors.”  She brings together technology, digital media, and storytelling for brands that change paradigms. An artist and teacher to her core when not working she focuses on developing mixed-media artwork that inspires conversation on perspective and polarities. You can connect with her at



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