Rachel Lang + The 2015 Horoscopes


It’s a new year and a new chance to have all the things you most desire!  What does 2015 have in store? We asked our favorite Astrologer, Rachel Lang, to show us the way.

Happy 2015 from The Live Box Magazine!

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The 2015 Horoscopes


Happy birthday! Each year, the Sun returns to the exact degree and minute it was at the moment of your birth, initiating your Solar Return. This yearly event symbolizes a new chapter…the changing of seasons in your life. It’s a powerful influence that empowers you to check in with your heart (the part of the energy body that the Sun rules), and ask yourself, “Where is my heart leading me now?” This year, your heart is urging you to make significant changes, shifts that foster spiritual growth. After 365 (roughly) days, you are offered the opportunity to start anew. What will you do with your new beginning?

Let’s reflect on where you’ve been. You have learned to release your grip on the structures in your life you thought you had under control. But ha!! Control is an illusion, dear Capricorn. Saturn, your ruling planet, likes limitation because it appreciates order. It likes boundaries, self-definition based on familial, religious, or social constructs. It likes rules, and you follow them, doing everything according to a carefully mapped-out plan. However, the Universe challenges those rules with its brand of chaos and disorder, which fall under the realm of the magical.

It is time to let go. Release your grip. Then, allow the Universe to carry you (gently) to another chapter. Your Solar Return. The Full Moon on January 4 signals a time of release. Ritualize the moment by saying good-bye to the past and setting intentions for your magnificent new beginning.

Money matters require your attention this month. The beginning of the year is a great time to think about your budget and conserve resources. On January 19, you may have some unexpected expenses that could deplete your reserves. Prepare ahead of time by resisting the urge to shop New Year’s sales. When Mercury stations retrograde on January 21, you have the opportunity to revisit your financial goals. It’s not the time to take action, but rather assess your situation. Brainstorm strategies for increasing your earned income, and think about saving for the future.

Exciting new developments in your personal life may mean changes to your home environment. There may be little surprises in store for you in 2015, including relatives coming to visit (or maybe move in), little additions to the family making surprise appearances, or the possibility of cohabitation with that special someone. If you are making major renovations or even just redecorating, choose floor plan layouts and finishings that will endure, even as your family needs evolve.

This is a time of fluctuation, when the structure of your life is a bit more unpredictable than usual. Therefore, in all areas of your life, remain open to change. You will especially feel this in the summer months, between March and July, when you might feel as if the ground beneath you wants to move, shifting your foundation. It’s not an earthquake. Rather, it’s a pull in a new direction. Allow the Universe (and others) to support you in the process. You are being divinely, miraculously led. Release your need to know who, what, where, when, why, and how, and then open yourself to surprises.

In love, Capricorn, you have made some significant changes in the ways in which you have maintained relationships. You’ve cleared lifetimes of struggle, made commitments to yourself and others, and even questioned your ideas of stability. You have realized that you can no longer sacrifice the deepest needs of your heart, nor can you chase after an unavailable person. This year, understand that self-love is the foundation of any solid, stable relationship. When you allow yourself to love YOU first, you have energy for the ones closest to you.

For those of you who are single, you have been in a process of weeding through the lessons of your past, determining which ones to keep and which to let go. This is groundwork to be laid before you can manifest your dream relationship. I know more single Capricorns than any other sign- usually by choice. Recognizing your tendency to give…and give…and give even more, to your love, you may question whether or not to remain single, committed to your own interests. Let this year evolve without making declarations about your entire future. Imagine a love that can support you unconditionally. Now, move toward that vision. That’s what you get to have if you want it. Love doesn’t have to mean entrapment. It can be a force of liberation and wholeness for you.


“2015 is MY year!”  Has this been your mantra for the past few weeks? You may be looking ahead with anticipatory glee at the turn of this calendar year because you laid a solid foundation for yourself in 2014. Now, you have solid goals and plans for executing them. But most importantly, you have a sturdy structure within which to build. For some of you, 2014 brought significant professional changes. You may have had to adjust your sense of purpose and direction in the wake of corporate changes beyond your control. You also may see possibilities for entrepreneurial endeavors that promise opportunities for long-term success. Trust that you have everything you need to make it happen this year. You will rocket-launch into your future, but not without a few last hurdles to overcome.

This month ushers in your year with a focus on partnerships. You were born under the sign of independence and autonomy. Freedom is a key word for you. Therefore, when others in your life request your attention, you may feel a bit…well, trapped. However, you have been learning how the right kinds of relationships, whether business or personal, can actually help you achieve more than you can independently. Now, the Universe offers you the gift of help and support. Will you take it or insist on doing things your own way? The answer to this question will likely play out after the 21st of January, when Mercury in Retrograde may ask you to redo completed tasks in order to tidy up loose ends. Mercury in Retrograde wants to teach you through its trickster ways. If you find yourself buried underneath a pile of paperwork, call out for help. You’ll be glad you did.

Saturn in your solar 11th house, and in a compatible sign, urges you to make commitments to social causes and organizations that need serious help. All of your hero(ine) fantasies are about to come true!  You have innovative ideas this year, especially in January and February. Just make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself with all of the creative energy pulsing in your life. Choose wisely which entities most need your support and special brand of philanthropy.

Sibling relationships play a special role in your year. Changes to the family may mean more time connecting, especially in March and July. There are exciting new beginnings on the horizon, and relationships that have struggled in the past can now be repaired.

In love, Aquarius, this is a year to define relationships, moving them forward into new chapters. You will have the opportunity to say, “I do!” in the summer, especially before July 24. When Venus stations retrograde on July 25, those of you who are single may revisit past relationships. Have you really let go in a way that allows you to move on? If not, perhaps you need to step back into the relationship to find out if you walked away too soon. Even if you don’t recommit, find out what lessons are still available to learn. Then, you’ll truly master the art of letting go.  Either way, this is a year of possibilities.


You may now be able to see the peak of the mountain from beneath the clouds of confusion. Mountains in this metaphor symbolize career success, new levels of spiritual attunement, and manifestation of the desires closest to your heart. 2015 offers peaks that lead to new peaks, without a lot of time spent in the haze of the valley. The key to making the most of this time? Remain focused on your goals, listen to your intuition, create boldly, and become BFFs with your ego…without letting her or him run the show.

Professionally, you may have been wondering if your work will ever receive the kind of recognition you feel it deserves. 2014 brought you mile markers, points of success to help you see you’re still on track. You may have even achieved feats that propped you up into the spotlight. You forged new connections, expanded your network, and opened to collaborations. In 2015, you will use that groundwork you’ve laid to make significant moves forward with plans and goals. On March 20, a Total Solar Eclipse in your sign helps you shake free from any last little bits of fear or doubt. You’re ready. You’ve arrived.

From August 11 on through the end of 2015, you get a dose of luck as Jupiter moves into your sign for 11 months. Jupiter’s influence suggests that you will be in the right place at the right time. Have your elevator pitch prepared, never leave home without your business cards, and practice your sales pitch. You may wonder if opportunities are real; they feel almost too good to be true. This is where you will have to really trust your intuition. It is always right…even when you ignore it.

In love, Pisces, if you’ve been dreaming about a special someone, unsure whether or not he or she is interested in more than just friends, your answer will come when Venus stations retrograde from July 25 through September 6. This is a period for revisiting any unfinished business and clarifying any uncertainty in relationships. If you are aligned for true love, you can manifest it. The key is to release any doubts and exercise radical faith. Nothing is too good to be true because we create our own experiences. Goodness returns goodness.

If you are in a relationship, this year may offer opportunities for growth in intimacy and connection. To avoid unnecessary challenges, ask yourself if you are bringing your whole, authentic self to the partnership. Are you staying in your power or giving it away? Truth is a gift, and when you speak truthfully, it really can set you free.


2015 is a powerful year for you, Aries. Are you ready for it? The past several years have been full of trials and errors for you, Aries, but you may have learned a great deal about yourself in the process! You have had to let go of people, places, and things, on your way to new beginnings. Grief is a funny process because one day, you feel good, accepting, and then just like that- in a blink of an eye- you hit a wave of sadness or anger. Then, unexpected bursts of laughter may follow. You have discovered how to ride the wave without judging yourself or trying to compartmentalize your emotional experiences.

You have cleared space in your life for the new beginnings you’ve planted. They will start to sprout and bloom after March 3, when a powerful Fire Trine signals action. It is followed by the final Uranus, Pluto Square. Finally, you can free yourself from limiting circumstances or responsibilities that have weighed you down.

The springtime is also good for physical activity. As you are moving forward in your life, you might symbolize that by moving your body. If you need motivation, consider working with a trainer or find a workout companion. This is a great time to discipline yourself and work toward a definite goal- a marathon, perhaps, or Ironman competition. You have everything it takes to win big this year.

April 4 introduces a Lunar Eclipse in your sign, suggesting little bursts of passion that catalyze change that will occur throughout the following 6 months. If you are starting your own business or managing client relations, this is a great time to network and connect with others who may offer the Midas touch. Trust that any circumstances that don’t go according to plan are really Divine protection. You may need to recalculate your route for an easier journey. Success is yours if you can hold the vision but maintain flexibility.

Finances may have been unpredictable, which made budgeting a challenge. This year offers a little more focus for your financial goals. Dream big but remain realistic and plan for surprise big-ticket items that could come up in the summer months, when Venus stations retrograde and moves back into fiery Leo. You may have new, exciting opportunities for travel or a new car purchase to make. These are exciting times, when anything could happen. Save a little cash just in case.

In romance, Aries, commitment follows passion this year. Follow your heart, as it will lead you to finding true love (if you’re single). You have a romantic streak underneath that superhero persona. Let it show a little more, and you will call in “the one” with the poetry of your words, the softness of your caress, and the tenderness of your thoughtful actions. Does this sound like work? For the right one, it will feel easy…and the best part will be the reciprocity. You get to be the recipient of that goodness, too.


2014 was a time of testing for you, Taurus, and every area of your life was influenced. Now that you’ve graduated to new levels, you are ready to welcome new commitments. You may be asked to take on leadership roles in the beginning of the year that will lead to speaking at the podium in the Fall.  What do you believe? What is the foundation of your faith? Ask yourself these questions as you start the year so that you stand convicted, certain, when asked to take charge.

Those closest to you may experience upsets or losses in the Spring, and they might call on you for advice or assistance. You are usually the rock for others, offering stability in times of weakness. Take time to connect to your spiritual sources for guidance so that you can offer the best kind of help possible, which may even mean separating yourself from the struggle. Realize that you don’t need to bottle up all of your emotions in an attempt to appear strong for others. Rather, your strength comes from your knowing that everything is going to be just fine.

Professionally, set goals and intentions in the first part of the year for manifestation in the Fall, when Jupiter is in complimentary Virgo. This is a great time for writing, promoting your work, or implementing a new marketing strategy. If you have been considering making a job change, new opportunities open up for you in September and October. As a fixed sign, you have the gift for being able to stay committed to one project or job long after other signs would leave. You have tenacity and perseverance. That hard work pays off tremendously, and when change offers you new opportunities, you can transition with grace and ease.

In matters of the heart, this year offers deepened connections. If you have been single, looking for love, you might consider expanding your social circle. The best way to do that is to join singles’ activities, adventure clubs, or even travel adventures. This is especially beneficial in June and October. A summer fling could lead to more.

Your ruling planet, Venus, stations retrograde in from July 25- September 6, meaning you might have to revisit past relationships and seal the door closed! It’s tempting to settle back into your comfort zone, but is it really in your best and highest good? Venture into the new and unknown. It may surprise you!

For those of you in relationships, let 2015 be all about curiosity. What hidden thoughts or memories does your partner have for you to explore? Questions lead to answers, and ultimately, this is about having more intimacy. There’s an awakened sense of passion this year, too!


With transiting occupying your opposite sign, Sagittarius, you may feel as if you’re facing hurdles and challenges that force you to defy the odds. When you allow partners and friends to give you a boost, those hurdles seem smaller, more manageable. But here’s a Gemini challenge: help from others may seem to you to have strings attached. You love your freedom, your ability to change your mind midstream, and your flexibility in moving from one thing to the next. Therefore, duties to others may cause a sense of stuckness. This is your great lesson this year, as the cosmos asks you to more deeply commit to others.

Professionally speaking, new partners enter your life, promising explosive creative concepts and opportunities for collaboration. This will be fun, I promise. You are an ideas person, and you will finally meet your match this year. Together, with that joint energy, you might just save the planet! This is most likely to occur in early March, when a Fire Trine between Jupiter and Uranus sparks innovative ideas. You may want to patent these products or trademark the names. This influence will have favorable and lasting effects in your life, like attracting a following that then becomes your tribe.

Engage in creative projects in the beginning of the year, and consider it art/music therapy. Even if you have no artistic talent, you have been craving expression. Find ways to engage with some of your favorite thinkers and creators and be inspired. You have new hobbies waiting to be explored.

For you restless road warriors, fear not! Travel plans open up in May and June. You may be traversing back to your old stomping grounds when Mercury stations retrograde from May 18- June 11. Perhaps you left something behind, and it’s time to reclaim it. Watch for signs and signals, observe synchronicity. That’s the angelic realm reaching out to you, pushing you to explore a new adventure. Start local and expand your interests globally. Again, this is a year of connections and promotion. Any trip could be a business deal in the making.

In August, your home and family promise joy and delight. You may be opening your new home to visitors from afar. If you have thought about renting a room to vacationers, or rehabbing a guesthouse to offer to a paid tenant, this looks favorable from August until the end of 2015. Redecoration and renovation plans are easier than expected. Just make sure you have the option of changing your mind from September 17 through October 9, when Mercury in indecisive Libra stations retrograde. You’ll be inclined to change in any direction the wind blows during that time, especially with the influence of all that mutable energy at the end of the year.

Relationships are an absolute highlight this year, and plans for engagement, marriage, cohabitation, or new beginnings all come together with grace and ease. You’re being asked by the Universe to say, “YES,” to love. If that proposition feels scary, remember to practice curiosity. Where is that fear coming from? What does it need? A little self-exploration will reveal the foundations of abandonment issues, grief, or pain. Then, you can move through and to the other side, letting go of past struggle. By the end of the year, you will be prepared to engage in fuller, richer relationships.


2014 was a taskmaster of a year for you, Cancer. You got to check off items on your bucket list and realize some life goals in the process. You have attained a new status, and perhaps even a new address! Professionally, changes have brought you the recognition you deserve, but now you have new responsibilities to maintain. This year, you can motivate yourself to climb up to the next rung on the corporate ladder, and in doing so, reach new peaks of success.

Career is a definite highlight for you this year, and a Fire Trine in your solar house of money could suggest a bonus or raise in March. If you feel any dissatisfaction in your current professional life, you may want to make a giant leap of faith in the Spring. You have the motivation to catalyze change in your life this year, but wait until after things settle down a bit, and Jupiter moves into compatible Virgo. By August, you’ll be ready to take steps forward, after navigating through a somewhat tense spring and early summer. Internal tension is such a great teacher! It shows you what areas of your life need change and redirection.

Financially, any projects or ideas that have been on the backburner come back out for attention when Venus is in retrograde, from July 25 – September 6. Could these opportunities offer the rewards you initially thought they would? The likelihood of success is high in September and October.

This is not a year to take impulsive risks, however. Exercise caution and care in making decisions. The mutable energy in the Fall can lead to a bit of confusion after a somewhat tense summer. Ground yourself by meditating or practicing yoga, and make a habit of checking in with your intuition.

If you have had a bit of wanderlust, craving adventures and escape, this year offers some highlighted opportunities. In the early summer months, you may attend workshops or seminars out of town. There could be a longer journey in the later part of the year, in October, like a pilgrimage to explore your roots or a spiritual journey to a sacred place. Where is your heart leading you? Make your way to that destination.

Love is a deep, intense, and driving force for you this year. You may attract relationships that offer lessons through power struggles. The relationships that come with lessons like these feel fated, set in stone, and therefore no matter how hard you try to run the other way, you keep feeling drawn back in. And you’re a sign that doesn’t like to let go once you allow your heart to open to someone special. Rather than hide away in isolation, speak your truth. All of it. Then, let love, that magnificent force, lead you to new levels of intimacy. Rather than run away from something, run toward what you want, even if it is full of unknown possibilities. This means, be intentional about what you want in a partner.

For those of you in loving partnerships, this is a year of ups and downs. Moments of sheer joy and times of tension. This is especially true in March and the beginning of April, and when Venus stations retrograde on July 25. Remain flexible, and to avoid stress, practice radical self-care.


You’ve had a year of unexpected surprises and moments of true success, Leo. Your desire to be in the spotlight has certainly been satisfied. Or has it? Have you missed opportunities? Has fear stood in the way? If so, you have another shot at your most expansive future possible in the beginning of 2015. The Universe is kind. It has shown you all that is possible. Now, seize every day. Make it count. You have the charisma this year, so let yourself shine! This is especially true in March.

Others are facing the stress of the final Uranus, Pluto Square of a series that started in 2012. But you are stalwarts, solid in your truth, and poised to assist where needed. You are change agents, and you have the answers this year. Even if you question whether or not you are right, you are being asked to lead with decisiveness. Your thoughtful actions will ultimately lead to admiration and applause.

In your professional life this year, focus on self-expression. You have so much to say, and you will have a platform from which to speak. You’ll also have an audience in attendance. If you have considered leading workshops, retreats, or lectures, this is a great time to initiate these types of gatherings. Start planting seeds and planning the steps in January and February for an April launch. You have the power to make something happen.

When Venus moves retrograde in the summer, From July 25 through September 6, you may want to exercise a bit of restraint in your spending, eating, and drinking habits. Venus will be moving back into your sign, signaling your inherent craving of all things lush and luxurious. You could remedy the desire by dreaming about big-ticket items in that period, and then spend when Venus is back in direct motion, after September 6.

For many of you, health matters have been up recently. You may have started a diet or exercise plan, or perhaps you’re attending to health complications by practicing therapeutic modalities outside the realm of Western medicine. You may have even discovered healing abilities of your own. Your sense of mind-body-spirit connection reaches new heights this year. Follow the drive to discover your own gifts for medical intuition. You can truly heal your life, and if you need some encouragement, why not read books by Louise Hay?

Love illuminates your life this year, Leo. It’s a year for committing even more deeply to your special someone. Make plans for the future together and focus on true, genuine partnership. March may bring some miscommunication, which could lead to challenging circumstances. You will heal all struggles by the time of a very powerful Lunar Eclipse on April 4, and then decide what strategies to implement to deepen the connection. Release worries and fears by listening to the leanings of your heart. It will not misguide you. Your fierce loyalty is a gift you give to any relationship

For those of you who are single, there is hope for new love in the summertime. It will be a steamy July and August for you, leading to deeper levels of commitment in October and November.


For the past year, you may have been asking yourself, “When is it going to be my turn (for love, success, happiness, children…etc.)?” You may have had moments of doubt that all your hard work and effort would actually pay out in tangible ways. Or perhaps you have feared that you would have to go back to the drawing board and start over. Don’t give up five minutes before the miracle. Keep moving forward, despite the confusion or crises of confidence. You are about to arrive.

The year starts out with grounding, earthy Capricorn influences signaling a powerful time for setting intentions. Make 2015 all you can dream… and more than you can imagine. Begin with a writing exercise. Ask yourself, “What do I want to give back to the world this year?” And then, start writing. The answers may surprise you and might even connect you more definitively to your purpose. As the prayer states, it is in giving that we receive. There are spiritual principles behind this, including the Universal law of reciprocity. The generosity you enact will manifest fulfillment in so many ways now and in the future. You were born under the sign of selfless service, with a driving urge to help others. This year, listen to that urge and keep a tab of your random acts of kindness.

Significant changes lie in store for you this year, particularly within your home and family. This is a great year for making a home purchase or adding on to an existing property. If you are a homeowner, in January, take a thorough assessment of your home and property. Are there out-of-date appliances or structural concerns? Perhaps you have mold or other allergens to be removed. Make appropriate changes now to avoid more difficult situations as the year progresses.

Likewise, family matters also require your conscious attention in the beginning of the year. Are there emotional wounds to be healed in your relationship with your mother? Do a little self-inventory to find out what apologies need to be made and heal any emotional wounds that still affect you. Anything buried in the subconscious mind will reveal itself, especially those emotions that have not yet been integrated into your psyche. March’s Total Solar Eclipse on the 20th is a major time of purging for you. The deeper you go in self-exploration, the more you will manifest in the Fall, when Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, occupies your sign.

Love offers magical possibilities for you this year, Virgo. Romance is in the air, and Cupid’s arrow wants to strike you. However, you may fear losing yourself or your autonomy. Fear is a great big magnet, and you may find you attract that which you most fear. Therefore, observe and quell any fears that arise for you in the beginning of the year. For example, abandonment may be a big one for you, Virgo. Remember that healthy love allows for the kind of freedom you require, and in that type of bond, it is entirely safe for you to voice your needs and concerns. For those of you who are single, stay true to yourself, and maintain integrity. That will ensure a favorable future. September is a hot month for you, when passion and connection come together in a brilliant new beginning.


2014 may have brought a number of unexpected changes and even some upsets. You may have felt as if your goals and dreams have been out of reach. Likewise, financial challenges have depleted your reseres. For many of you, there have been moments of isolation as you have reassessed your priorities and needs. Emotions have surfaced in ways that have allowed you to significantly heal the past. In the process, you have turbo-charged your future, committed yourself to new projects and endeavors, and you have prepared yourself for success. Yes, the past year has been transformational, significant, and ultimately… empowering.  So, what lies ahead? Close your eyes and observe the very first thing that comes to your mind.  As you set intentions for the year, you may journal about that thought in order to understand what subconscious motivations you have yet to realize. And what else (or who else) you need to let go.  This can be YOUR year. You just need to see 2015 as a blank canvas, ready to be colored by your vision.

In March, we have the final of a series of Pluto Uranus Squares that have suggested major changes and shifts that have been ongoing since 2012. Reflect back to what themes were up for you in the summer of 2012. This Spring, you will receive opportunities for closure of those themes. You have graduated to a new level. Congratulations. These planets symbolize revolution and evolution, and you have a bit of both happening in your life at this time. Make the most of this by speaking out about situations that inspire passion. Political concerns or social justice issues need voices like yours. Resist the urge to please others and support your Venus with a little Mars, the fire of action and protection. Bring those two planets into balance in your life, and you will be a force for change in the world.

Looking ahead at career matters, the tension in the Springtime propels may lead to change in the late summer, after Mercury’s retrograde journey from May 18 – June 11. For those of you considering writing a book or speaking as an expert, Saturn in your Solar third house asks you to discipline yourself in order to manifest that goal as a reality.

This is a year for definitive communication, focused thought. Your mental processes may feel a bit more precise and calculated than normal under this influence. Dedicate yourself to one project, and learn to say no to others. Put your own ideas first, as they will lead to future success.

Work demands feel a little more intense, but the rewards are significant. Opportunities for recognition are highlighted in the beginning February and the end of May. This could be your moment of glory, when you can step into the spotlight and receive applause. You have worked hard, diligently, over the past several years. Now, you get to reap the fruits of your labor.

In matters of the heart, Libra, you have been in a bit of a roller coaster ride. It may be time to step away from drama and decide what you absolutely want in a relationship. Make your request list to the Universe, and it will be given. That is true for both single and involved Libras. You can continue to manifest fulfillment in your partnerships, even after patterns have been established. Start by assessing your living space. Does it foster connection with others? If not, you may need a Feng Shui consultation to maximize the potential for intimacy.

As an air sign, you have the ability to detach, emotionally, before you leave a struggling relationship. Try a new approach in 2015. Feel your way through, especially when Venus, your ruling planet, moves retrograde from July 25 – September 6. Feelings connect you to your heart and keep you out of indecision when you carefully pay attention.


Saturn, the planet of restriction and limitation, is out of your sign for a little while, Scorpio! What does this mean for you? Things will begin to move quickly for you in all areas of your life. The past two and a half years were all about laying new foundations, starting new projects, and committing to new partnerships. You have focused on your commitments, even when things moved slowly. You get the chance to step back and evaluate your decisions from June 14 through September 17, when Saturn moves back into your sign for one brief period. This is closure time. Say good-bye to anything from the past of which you need to let go. Then, move fast forward again.

You were born in a fixed sign, and therefore you understand the need to work carefully to achieve any desired aim. Your attention to detail, precision, and determination will pay off significantly in 2015. This is YOUR year.

First of all, you will have opportunities to build upon the career changes that you made in 2014. The peak of success you have achieved has placed you in a position to see even higher goals. This is a year to build an audience, but you may have to expend resources to do so. Money concerns may be up for you in the beginning of the year, but that is only because you have readjusted your priorities and set aside resources for things to enjoy: a vacation or a new boat, for example. With the Total Solar Eclipse on March 20, you have new awareness about possible ways to bring in more income through creative projects. Your ideas are brilliant this year, Scorpio, and they could lead to innovative financial solutions.

When Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, moves into compatible Virgo on August 11, you can attract new individuals into your network. This is a time to market yourself in new ways to new audience members. A strategic PR plan will need to be implemented to make the most of this time, even if it is just one you brainstorm with your BFF. Focus on social media; make LinkedIn your best friend. Then, engage in social activities like fundraisers and Meetup groups. This is especially favorable in October, the month leading up to your Solar Return.

In matters of love, Scorpio, April fires up your passion meter. If you are involved, this is a great time for a romantic getaway to connect and build more intimacy. Marriage proposals may be delivered in the springtime, after a transformational, life-changing Lunar Eclipse on April 4. Your fertility is at a peak in the spring and early summer, so if you are trying for a little addition to the family, good news will be delivered in late April. For those of you who are single, romance is heightened in late September, when friends may lead you to meeting someone significant.


2015 may usher in all sorts of changes for you, Sagittarius. You are the adventurers of the Zodiac, and so when change comes, often, you raise your hand and volunteer. “Sign me up, Universe!” This year, adopt that same enterprising and pioneering spirit to make the most of the planetary fluctuations and mutable energy offered, especially after August 11.

Start by changing your outer appearance! Is it time for a makeover? Perhaps you’ve been considering making a lifestyle change and focusing more on your health. This is the time for New Year’s resolutions. Make yours to nurture yourself by moving your body in ways most favorable to it. That could mean hiking, yoga, or dancing. Follow your passion, and you won’t get bored!

You may have had some tension in your life, weighing your own needs for self-expression with your financial duties and obligations. Perhaps you have had a dream of starting a business or working for yourself but have been concerned about the financial viability of the enterprise. In March, let the tension gently push you so that you have restored faith in yourself and the generosity of the Universe. Exercise a little care in your budgeting in order to save for any periods of instability. You are plotting a brilliant future for yourself. Keep at it, one step at a time.

If you have considered writing a book or producing a substantial creative work, March 3’s Fire Trine highlights your creative vision. This is a time to forge new connections and move toward success in your creative endeavors. There may even be one or two partners who want to invest in mutual opportunities. Negotiate this spring, and then seal the deal before Mercury stations retrograde from May 18 – June 11.

For those of you with a bit of the travel bug, consider taking a big trip this summer in late June, early July. Jupiter, the benevolent planetary guardian, will be leaving compatible Leo and moving into Virgo on August 11. Usher this 11-month cycle out with a bang, and take a dream vacation, if your budget allows. Even if you just spend a weekend away, that travel bug will need some relief.

Your family, particularly the children in your life, are experiencing some unexpected changes. Some of them may be going through turbulent times, as they move through this revolutionary period we’ve been in since 2010. You have the wisdom to help them navigate the challenges of living in a transformative time. Listen to their concerns without judgment, and love unconditionally. Let that be your mantra. Reinforce the constancy of your love in those relationships. There are exciting happenings on the horizon, too. You can help usher in those joyful times with your encouragement. Be their cheerleader.

In love, Sagittarius, Uranus, the planet of change and new beginnings, is occupying the compatible sign of Aries. If you’re single, 2015 could bring amazing connections that start as sparks of passion and lead to more, especially in late April, early July, and late September. There is nothing predictable with Uranus, though, so expect the unexpected. Look forward to surprise encounters from the Universe. From July 25 – September 6, Venus stations retrograde and moves back into Leo. This will heat up your love life significantly, and you may even reconnect with someone from your past.

For those of you in relationships, let playful romance refresh your love life, if it has become challenging. Make date night a priority, and surprise your special someone with gifts and acts of kindness. This will allow you to stay connected during times of restlessness.




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