I’ll Read What She’s Reading

We read the entire internet (and beyond) so you don’t have to. Or, at least close to it. In related news, according to a Yale study, people who read more live longer. It’s time get to clicking (and cracking).



‘The Beginning of Life’ explores brain science and the importance of early learning for babies and toddlers. Find it streaming on Netflix. (The Atlantic)

The Marc Jacobs and New York Magazine collaborate on a new project. (New York Magazine)

Mothers are teaching their daughters bad lessons about beauty. (The Atlantic)

It turns out, breastfeeding isn’t free. This is how much it actually costs. (The Washington Post)

The importance of throwing dinner parties – even if you have kids and might be a terrible cook. (The Washington Post)

The coolest farmers’ market produce to try this summer. (Saveur)

Need a new podcast? This new series may be all you need. (Architectural Digest)

Is politeness still in fashion? (New York Times)

The best kids’ podcasts to accompany your summer road trip. (WIRED)

Author Mo Willems’ has a new creative challenge. (NPR)

The fascinating life of Jochen Zeitz, the founder of the Museum of Contemporary African Art. (House and Garden)



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