The 2019 Mantra-Scopes

Is there a key phrase you can build the New Year upon? Expert astrologers Rachel Lang and Gina Piccalo help guide us into 2019 with the ideal mantra for each sign. 


RACHEL LANGRACHEL LANG: Rachel Lang is a professionally certified astrologer and healer who works with individuals, small businesses, and corporations. An internationally recognized speaker, she also hosts workshops and offers classes, retreats and meditation groups. Rachel loves helping people identify and heal challenges or roadblocks in life. She supports them in decision-making processes by mapping astrological trends and forecasts to offer a glimpse of what’s ahead. Her favorite part of her job is writing horoscopes and articles for LVBX Magazine. You can find out more or schedule a session online at

GINA PICCALO: Gina Piccalo spent 20 years as a Los Angeles-based journalist and closet astrology student. From 2012-2017, she studied with the master astrologers at Kepler College. Gina now sees clients and hosts workshops in Los Angeles and Nashville. She can be found at


TAURUS MANTRA – I awaken to my authenticity.

Your consciousness is levelling up. Your paradigms are shifting. Whatever ideas or expectations you once had about your abilities and your path have shifted to make room for something entirely unexpected and wonderful. The status quo will only lead to frustration and disappointment. The limits that once held you back are being blasted apart. This is the planet Uranus transiting into your sign for a seven-year stay. You got a taste of this dynamism in May 2018. Starting March 6 through 2026, you learn to master, integrate and expand this power. Innovate. Invite spontaneity. Embrace change. Revel in inspiration. Take time to ground. Then plug in to the Zeitgeist. The soil that is your life is fertile and the air is ionized. The ideas coming through you now are the once-in-a- lifetime kind. Your false self will not survive this process. You have the momentum now to build lasting foundations, so long as you create an entirely new structure. You are the body electric in 2019.

CANCER MANTRA – I am capable and strong.

The time of accepting less than what you deserve is coming to an end. You are confronting what it means to allow others to burden you with their problems. You are discovering what it means to take responsibility for yourself. You must trust that you know the answers to this test. Quality is more important now than quantity. Discernment in relationship is key. Value and steady yourself, first. Then offer to others whatever wisdom comes of it. Release all who take more than they give. Release all the guilt and shame that rises up when you set boundaries. Embrace integrity in all that you do. Remember that you are enough. You are coming to a new understanding of yourself. You are recognizing what you need to be happy. Joy comes when you open yourself to new beliefs that have more meaning than what has come before. Even esoteric practices could inspire you. There’s magic in the mundane this year. Strength lies in your willingness to confront relationships that lack integrity. New and exciting friendships arrive like a bracing wind this year. Serendipity may land you in the right place at the right time, making your dreams come true.

VIRGO MANTRA – I see the big picture.

You are poised to change the way your express yourself. Being creative means something different to you now than it used to and you’re working out what needs to change. You have outgrown a whole lifetime of goals and dreams. Friendships may end suddenly as well. But there’s no need to find fault. You’re entering a new season and perhaps discovering a new tribe, too. There’s heightened romance and even over-idealization happening in your closest partnerships. At times, that may reach a crescendo of disillusionment that demands you reassess your own needs. You may access deeper parts of yourself now than you ever have in the past. Inspiration is more readily available this year. You invite depth and intuition into your process. Try not to set rigid expectations. Instead, be open to the broader notion of personal growth. Consider this your soul evolution. Take a bird’s eye view of this cycle. You may find yourself awash in moments of enlightenment. Resist the urge to categorize what comes. Let the meaning settle in its own time. It will integrate to the root of you more readily that way.

SCORPIO MANTRA – I trust the flow of the universe.

You have gone to the depths of yourself and back again in the recent past. You’ve released people, places and things that you never thought you could let go. The work-home balance was turned upside down and inside out. But a profound sense of freedom supplanted much of the suffering. Rewards are forthcoming now as a result of your hard soul work. Now you move into a period of reclamation. You are creatively renewed and building a substantial foundation of ideas. Though stability is still elusive, excitement and serendipity abound. You may even find your partnerships infused with a romance and glamour you haven’t felt in decades. You’re being called to open yourself to new frontiers, to move beyond what is familiar and explore foreign territory. You are flush with cash and the confidence to spend it in ways that fuel your creative soul. You possess a certain clarity of thought and intention now that will focus your endeavors. The key is to temper that effort with tenderness. Too much rigidity inhibits creative flow. Trust yourself and your finely honed instincts and you’ll make your creative dreams a reality this year.

CAPRICORN MANTRA – In releasing, I clarify.

The time has come to release key aspects of yourself that no longer serve your growth. You are maturing at a rapid pace this year, gathering wisdom as you go. This is an exhausting process and you may be feeling your age. But you must confront where you were wrong in order to move forward. You may need to go deep and revisit old wounds, the stuff of early childhood. This is how you cut away the confusion and clarify your sense of self. This is where you find your authentic self, vulnerable and unburdened by the mask of capability. This year you’re granted reprieve from striving so that you can heal and renew. You’re asked to reflect and awaken in phases, rather than all at once. No need to take on more than humanly possible. There will always be someone else’s needs to consider and manage, but this year you need to direct your effort toward finding a balance. By year’s end, you will be called upon to take the helm once again, to lead the troops and demonstrate your integrity. But for now, you must quiet yourself like the caterpillar entering the cocoon. You must liquify the old self to make room for the new, more vibrant you.

PISCES MANTRA – I open to abundance.

This is the year your gifts are finally recognized, inspiring new goals and dreams. Last year, you expanded your paradigm and explored unchartered territory, bringing a renewed sense of purpose. This year, you broaden your reach even further. Your reputation is stellar and career opportunities are abundant. Clarify your aspirations so you can make the most of this moment and implement your vision. There’s an optimistic, ambitious energy supporting your projects now. At the same time, all this progress triggers old self-confidence issues. You may catch yourself revisiting old wounds around being good enough. Self-doubt is sometimes a necessary motivator in times of achievement like this. You’re waking up to a new way of being and it’s only natural to second-guess this kind of levelling up. The truth is that you can trust your instincts now. Open your heart to joy. Release the need to be all things to all people. From March onward, you may be bombarded by ideas. You may find new and interesting people are more drawn to you than ever. You probably thought you were done being surprised by life. But there’s more magic coming your way.


ARIES MANTRA – I free myself from fear and give my “yes” to life!

2019 will be a year of adventure if you dare to step beyond fear and follow your heart. For some, that might mean travel. Others might experience exciting career developments, while others may have exploits in love. The universe needs your “yes,” and then it will set into motion a fantastic chain of events. In January and July, seemingly preordained circumstances could inspire faith in the supernatural. Explore the meaning in all extraordinary encounters or synchronicities. Saturn’s influence in your career sector can help you achieve incredible success, but you need to remain dedicated and disciplined. See any delays as opportunities to course correct, and stay focused on your goals. You may have grown as an expert in your field. If so, you are ready to teach others or write a book. Jupiter shines in your sector of publishing this year, helping secure relationships with agents and publishers. In December, it moves to the top of your chart, offering you visibility and recognition. Take a moment late in the year to pause and celebrate your accomplishments before making a career transition.  The eclipses in January, July, and December highlight changes within your home and family. With career and home lives in a bit of a flux, watch your spending and save money. You could see financial changes in December. Mercury goes retrograde in March, July, and late October. Do not dwell on past relationships; stay grounded in the present. Rather than chase a love interest, relax and allow things to unfold naturally.

GEMINI (MAY 20 – JUNE 20):
GEMINI MANTRA – My feet are planted on the ground, and I’m ready to grow in abundance and love.

Money and relationships are predominant themes for you in 2019. This is a root chakra year, one in which you need to be grounded in the present but considering the future to make wise financial decisions. On January 5, a solar eclipse offers important clues about what might unfold in the year ahead. Pay particular attention if you hear talk of investment opportunities or possible mergers. If someone approaches you about forming a business partnership, proceed with careful optimism, as this relationship could fast-forward your success. Jupiter, the planet of luck, shines favorably in your partnership sector until next December, helping you forge alliances that, at first, may seem too good to be true. Balance intuition and logic as you sign contracts but privilege your sixth sense. If you have overlooked any warning signs in business, you will have second chances to see more clearly and course correct if necessary in mid-January, June, or September. The influences of Pluto and Saturn can empower you to be a more dynamic voice for change in the world. You are becoming quite an influencer. Also, you could feel a hint of magic and a touch of the supernatural in all you do, but focus that power in the physical realm. The eclipses in January, July, and December support you in working through self-worth issues, but this work may lead to a personal transformation as you make space for a more integrated self. Exciting shifts in your love life could provoke this evolution, whether you’re single or involved.

LEO (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22):
LEO MANTRA – I allow myself to shine, and I disrupt any relationship dynamics that would have me dim my light.

Are you ready for an exciting year? You have worked to prepare for the changes about to manifest. With benefic Jupiter in a fire sign, you’re better able to express yourself and follow your passion. A career change could manifest, especially one in a leadership position. Uranus, the planetary change-agent, moves into the most public sector of your chart in March, which is a favorable influence for marketing yourself or climbing up a rung on the ladder to success. Solar and lunar eclipses in January, July, and December remind you to take it easy and prioritize your health. Build up your immune system, and reduce unhealthy behaviors for optimal well-being, as this will be a priority in 2019. Jupiter shines on your love life until next December, expanding your desire and capacity for love. If you are single, a fling early in the year could evolve into something more. If you are involved, you and your partner may feel a stronger connection, which could also mean more passion. There could even be talks of starting a family. Existential questions in June and July could raise doubts about almost everything, including your love life. Questions don’t always lead to answers, but they can help you gain clarity about your purpose and goals. It would be easy for you to distract yourself by staying busy, but instead, take time to be introspective. You could have profound spiritual insights or receive guiding messages. Integrate any aspects of yourself that have you’ve forgotten, and above all, celebrate your spiritual growth.


Your mantra reminds you of your creative potential. You get to decide how to best express your talents and yourself this year. You have profound things to say and a perspective relevant to these times. So, step up to the microphone, and don’t shy away from the camera. Keep a pen close, as you could be in a continual writing flow. Journaling can be a useful practice, as this process allows you to tune others out and access wisdom from your higher mind. Jupiter in Sagittarius can help you with this or any intellectual activities, like writing, reading, teaching, or studying. You might consider taking a workshop or retreat for personal development in the summer. The eclipses in January, July, and December activate tension between your career and family life, and you may need to say a firm “no” on occasion to honor your priorities. Family or relationship conflicts could become distractions, especially if you step in to mediate someone else’s drama. Saturn reminds you to go deep within to deconstruct unhealthy familial or relational patterns. Therefore, willingly speak your truth. In late December, you could make changes to your home or move. You may happen upon the perfect nest or create a true sanctuary. You will need to take a practical approach to your finances this year and save. When Mercury goes retrograde in late October, you could have extra expenses. 2019 is a meaningful year for your love life, too, especially if you are yearning to meet someone or commit to a partner. The North Node in Cancer invites you to embrace your emotional sensitivities to have a richer experience of love.

SAGITTARIUS MANTRA – When opportunity knocks, I answer.

2019 is going to be your year! With Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in your sign, you can manifest more than you imagined possible. To make the most of this influence, you will need to be intentional about how you focus your time and energy. Jupiter makes everything seem feasible, but don’t take on too much at one time. Prioritize. Think about your biggest dream, the one of your heart’s longing. Make that your number one, and say no to unnecessary activities or opportunities with too many conditions. Keep in mind, Jupiter transits help you plant seeds for new beginnings and connect with influential helpers, but you may not see the desired outcomes until next year. Saturn and Pluto hold court in your sector of money this year, offering you the chance to shift your financial attitudes and beliefs. In addition, the eclipses in January, July, and December highlight economic shifts and potential gains. With Jupiter’s influence, even losses or financial setbacks could lead to a change in course that may result in greater abundance over time. You will need to temper your optimism slightly in January, June, and December. During these times, take practical steps forward, without losing faith. Uranus, the planet of change, moves into Taurus on March 6, suggesting a time to seek more freedom in your day-to-day life. You could start to work from home, for example. Perhaps your heart’s longing is for a relationship. Set that as your intention for this Jupiter year, and on January 22, you could start to see evidence of an energetic shift toward that direction.

AQUARIUS MANTRA – In so many ways, I make a difference in the world.

Your inner activist awakens more fully this year, and you could become more involved in your community as a result. You shine as a leader this year, with Jupiter in your sector of social networks. In fact, you could decide to chair a board or join a professional organization. Any new person coming into your life at this time could play a significant role in helping you achieve your goals, especially on January 22 and November 24. At the beginning of the year, emotional breakthroughs could help you deconstruct limiting psychological or karmic patterns to allow more abundance and joy into your life. This process will culminate in March, when trickster Uranus shifts into Taurus, encouraging you to excavate your past, mining through memories to separate dirt from gold. In this process, you could revisit your childhood home or spend more time with family. If asked to provide care for a relative, consider the financial implications and weigh the decision carefully. The same message applies to friends in need. You could also decide to make a move to plant roots in a new town in April or May. The eclipse on January 21 closes an important if a somewhat challenging chapter of your love life, and you could have insights to guide your next steps, whether single or partnered. 2017 and 2018 offered big turning points for your relationships. Later this year, you will begin to make changes in how you communicate with your partner or love interest. Honor your health this year, and have any lingering issues checked out, especially in July.



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