How to Know If You’re Living Your True Purpose

Intuitive, healer, and teacher Maryann Russell addresses the reoccurring themes she often encounters in her work an as intuitive and the ways in which she helps her clients navigate these emotional blocks. It’s through working with a specific growth mindset that we allow ourselves to become active participants within our lives, rather than victims.

When do we know we are living our true life path, or not?

Many clients come in and ask some version of this question, “why does everything feel so difficult?”

The simple message is – when we are walking the path that our Essence aligns with, we feel healthy, powerful, and in-sync with life. Therefore, look for these feelings.

Start by asking yourself to find experiences that depict these feelings of “healthy.”  

An example of healthy: If I’m a vegetarian and I eat a yummy salad for dinner, I’m going to walk away from the table feeling healthy. If instead, I make a choice to eat a bucket of greasy french fries, I’m not going to feel healthy. My Heart, Sacral and Root Chakra’s will all feel heavy and burdened. I’ll feel my spine weakening and I’ll notice I’m not standing straight any longer.

What does powerful feel like? I’m loving how happy I feel when I finish writing one of these articles. If however, I put off writing, I then end up feeling distracted by hearing myself reminding myself to write. This doesn’t feel powerful to me at all because I’m now distracted by what I have to do, instead of simply just doing what I feel I love to do. I’m choosing to allow my life experiences to distract me from something that actually brings me joy to experience, which is writing. I therefore feel out-of-sync with creating happiness for myself as well.  

When I’m distracted, that yummy feeling of being in-sync with my life is now missing. I feel my Heart Chakra as heavy because I’m looking back and fussing with life’s distractions instead of creating the feeling of joy that I feel when I write and complete another article. My heart Chakra is now light, peaceful, and I have loving energy again. And I feel my spine as straight once again.

This is the beauty of consciousness. When we tune-in to what we are feeling, we are tuned into us and therefore consciously aware of what makes sense to us. Which, ultimately, means we’ll know exactly what matters to us. This is the experience to make choices from. They will be based on your knowing, which is therefore positive and powerful. You’ll feel your spine straighten, you’ll notice you’re breathing deeply once again, and you’ll feel in-sync with your heart.

From this perspective, when something doesn’t feel like it resonates, we will choose to be aware that it is not resonating and not fuss with it. This means we look for the reason for the distraction and then trust our gut to move in the direction of what does feel like it makes sense instead.

Maryann’s journey from her many years of emergency nursing to alternative healing has included Massage Therapy and Reflexology education at the Polarity Realization Center in Portland, Maine and advanced training in CranioSacral Therapy at the Upledger Institute of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. She is also a Reiki Master/Teacher and enjoyed teaching the Doctors, Nurses and Volunteers of Southern Maine Hospice Center Reiki Level l. Her greatest gifts as an Intuitive were re-awakened through her studies of Intuition Therapy and Soul Readings with renowned healer and author, Rosalie Deer Heart.  Rosalie’s support and nurturance brought Maryann to an experience of awakening peacefully to her gifts, which she now enjoys sharing worldwide in her very busy practice. Visit her website for additional information.



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