The Must-Have Piece for Summer

Make the ultimate statement this summer with the Dual Pyramid Choker from Betsy Flores.

Via Betsy Flores:
Two Brazilian Quartz Pyramids hang freely from an open front antique silver plated brass choker. Silver forms in small star explosions called supernovae, it is antimicrobial as well as an energy conductor. These quartz pyramids were hand selected in Abadiania, Brazil at Joao de Deus’ (John of God) healing center  for their high vibration. He is a healing medium who has changed many lives, and has even been acknowledged by the Dalai Lama for his altruistic work. He has charged these crystals with love & light. Clear quartz is known as the “master healer.” Its continuum moves faster than light, its neither a liquid or a solid. It has been known for millennia as a worker of magic and an energy amplifier. It is used in technology for its energy amplifying properties. Wear it to enhance healing energy, and program it to hold whatever energy you need for the day.

Dual Pyramid Choker, $200



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