Ryan Sieverson and the Luxury of SEVEN Haircare

Built with the mindset that the best products are the ones you’d use yourself, SEVEN salon grew from a team of nine stylists to the thriving brand it is today. With a high standard of quality for product formation and performance, they’ve created both a brand and a line of luxury products trusted not only by salons and stylists, but clients as well.

What is your background, how did you get started in the industry? I am celebrating 20 years in the professional beauty industry, and got my lucky start when my best friend convinced me that while there are many different industries you can apply your talents in, there is none greater than beauty. And he was absolutely correct! Our beauty businesses are built on the foundation of warmth and caring for individuals, and the people who compose this industry inspire me every day.

What is the story behind Seven Haircare? It all began more than a decade ago.

Our Seattle-based SEVEN salon quickly grew from a crew of nine stylists to a full, thriving team of 65. As we expanded, we outgrew the heavy, sticky products that had been designed to please a small audience needing rigid, photo-ready styles. We wanted a change, and so did our clients.

We wanted touchable, luxurious, naturally three-dimensional hair. We wanted products that made our hair look great and feel great. So we created them ourselves—products with high-performance formulations that work for you as a stylist, but also give your clients the easy, healthy, lightweight look they crave.

What sets it apart from other brands? Like all great brands – it is a combination of elements that distinguish us.  Our salon heritage, our natural approach to product formulation which includes over 60 botanicals throughout the line, as well as our entrepreneurial spirit are just a few of these elements.  We have a sincere desire to continue our growth, and to assist salon owners, managers, and stylists along their paths of growth.

Our intent is to provide a unique system of support to salons. This includes holding regional events that break the mold of the tried and true, a robust media plan so that salons can reach their full potential in digital marketing, and a comprehensive approach to education that touches the Hands and the Head and the Heart. No other company can provide what we provide.

What is your overall vision for the band? My vision is to develop this brand into the most relevant and cherished partner to this industry by staying true to our salon heritage, keeping our distribution in salons only, and by continuing to pursue the potential that lies within all. That is, after all, in keeping with our entrepreneurial spirit.

What are your thoughts about the current climate in the salon industry? Personally, I am tired of reading and hearing about the decline of our industry. I say nonsense!  We are the same warm people dedicated to providing others comfort and care, to make them feel great about themselves, and ours is an industry that cannot be replaced. Growth is constant, and while there are ebbs and flows within the industry, and areas that need attention, we have never (in my time) been better positioned to take on the challenges that the future, and technology, pose.

What is the future you’re hoping for, not only in the industry, but through your brand? My great hope is that my friends, family, and colleagues–all who own a place in this salon industry–find their greatest career satisfaction by providing products, services, and solutions to those who come to them with a need. That need may be quite simple, from an ear to listen, to a few moments of peace, to a pleasant look and a compliment. It is all within us to do these things, and it sure seems like the right time to me for this industry, and for SEVEN haircare, to provide that therapy that people need so very much.

What is the one product you recommend time and again? Our Diamond serum is the true hero product. Its combination of macadamia nut seed and coconut oils provide nourishment, and that easy, lightweight style that clients crave.



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