One Dress,Three Looks: How to Easily Rock Your Style This Holiday Season

Hang onto your winter hat, for ‘tis the season of major socializing: parties, cocktails, work banquets, family events, get togethers with friends, and so much more!

One of the biggest questions I get from my frazzled clients this time of year is, “Do I need to buy new clothes for the season?! I don’t have something different for each event!”

Worry not! A little tweaking can go a loooong way when it comes to style, and you have way more possibility for variety in your closet than you might think.

When you have one foundation piece/outfit that you love, such as a beautifully fitting little black dress, it can be fun and simple to create lots of unique looks.

And it doesn’t have to be a dress for this to work! You can choose a base outfit of slacks + fitted shirt, or skirt with knit top! Just play, have fun and experiment and no one shall be the wiser. Shhhh…it’ll be our lil’ secret!

Here are three fabulous ways to wear one little black dress and feel and look totally different for your holiday events!

Go for Gold Black Dress

Outfit 1 – Go for tinsel gold!
Want to dazzle for an evening event or dinner party?! Pair your frock with gold strappy sandals, a gold statement necklace, gold clutch and a gold shawl or tailored jacket to finish the look off. Oh la la!!

Vibrant Red Black Dress

Outfit 2 – Romantic cranberry red!
Take your look to the next vibrant level with fun and unexpected pops of red! Lipstick, a red belt and kick-ass red heels will seal the festive deal.

Boho Chic Black Dress

Outfit 3 – Boho-ho, Merry Christmas!
For a more relaxed and trendy feel, add some boho elements to your same dress! Draping romantic sweater, casual boots and dangly earrings. You’ll be the belle of the easy-breezy ball!

And the possibilities are truly endless! Now, no more worrying about what to wear, and go jingle bell ROCK it out!

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Eyenie Schultz, aka, Technicolor Priestess, is a Style Alchemist who helps avant-garde badass women to express their essence fully, from the inside-out, so they can finally show up as the ICONIC Visionaries they are! She believes that personal style is sacred and that when elevated, it helps to raise consciousness and can create real magic.

Originally from the U.S., Eyenie now resides in the south of France with her Tiny Dancer and Dude and works with women from all over the world via Skype and in person through her coaching programs, style intensives and ICONIC destination photo-shoots!

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