Do Soul Mates Exist? A Soul Session with Maryann Russell


Maryann Russell is a soul reader. She is also a Healer, Intuitive, Medium, Craniosacral Therapist, and Registered Nurse, but like no one else, Maryann can connect to our souls.  We are pleased to present “A Soul Session” where Maryann will answer some of the most compelling, big-picture, questions that we have often asked ourselves at different points in our lives.

LVBX: Do we all have a soul mate? Can we have more than one?

MARYANN: From what I’ve seen in visions, we all have soul mates. Each person has this gift of a soul quality, and when I sit across from someone I will see a vision, like an orb, of a particular soul quality around the person. My work is to support that person in understanding the depths of that soul quality so that they bring it into their heart and work with it. Once it’s attached to their heart, they’re working with it because it’s all about connecting to feeling. So for example, a soul quality in someone who is a great nurturer, if instead they are working with the caretaking messages which opposes the nurturing messages, that is, caretaking which is about living outside ourselves, because we’re focused on taking care of everyone. Nurturing is about tuning in, finding out what you feel matters to you, how to digest what matters to you, and therefore every word out of your mouth is spoken from a place of grace, based in the truth that you know. It’s yours, because you bothered to tune in and find out that information. So, if you are working with caretaking, then, from what I’ve seen, you’ll attract in a soul mate that will support you in the lessons that you need to come back into nurturing. And if we resist those lessons, we will have experiences with that soul mate that will either be horrible or frustrating because those lessons come at us to get us to wake up and just find out what we’re feeling, because pain is a one-way track into the heart.  Nobody can not feel pain. Everyone feels pain. Your soul mate will be teaching you lessons via experiences about stopping and finding out what you are feeling makes sense to you, with either painful experiences, because you choose to learn lessons painfully, or through loving lessons, loving experiences, because you choose to learn your lessons with joy and compassion.

LVBX: So even in our “bad” relationships, that person can be a soul mate?

MARYANN: Absolutely, because no matter what, we are here to connect to those soul qualities. Because, then you will walk the path that you have designed to walk, not the path of distraction. And so you will attract in a soul mate, a person who is interested in sharing experiences with you to get you back into living your life based in what you feel makes sense to what you say and do. And if you are completely resistant to that, then everything about that person’s messages to you will feel difficult and stressed to the point or to the degree that you will finally be frustrated and run away from each other.

MARYANN: So, as opposed to the soul mate that you attract in, who just knows that they have this preciousness and they tune into themselves, they’ve listened to the way their heart speaks, and every word out of their mouths is from a place of, “This is what I feel makes sense to me.” That’s called truth. Then that person, that soul mate, is about experiencing life with you, based in the soul quality you have, because you have attracted that person in, because you are available in that soul quality of nurturance. If instead, you are not available in the soul quality of nurturance, then you will attract in someone to show you, so you’ll attract in a soul mate to show you that you are caretaking. Those are tough lessons.

LVBX: Are you saying that essentially, we get what we’re attracting?

MARYANN: Yes. So let’s say you have the soul quality of the great protector, or just the protector. That means you have courage, integrity, honor, all those gifts are part of your soul quality of the great protector. If you are distracted from that, so not feeling courageous or not integrity-oriented, then you will attract in a soul mate who will stand in front of you and show you experiences or work with you with experiences, that you will suddenly realize, “Oh. Wait a minute. That doesn’t make sense to me because I feel like that’s going against integrity.” So you could attract in a soul mate that is a thief. And you didn’t know that when you first met the person because you’re not tuned into you, and that person is now living with you, and they’re abusing your life by stealing and cheating. Well, that’s because that is the way that you are available to awaken, because you will eventually say, “Wait. This doesn’t resonate with me. You are not okay to be with. Because I’m not okay with stealing and cheating.” And that will get you to wake up through pain, unfortunately, to realizing that, “Oh, wait a minute. I’m not available for stealing because it doesn’t make sense to me. I’m available for integrity, honor, and courage.” And then you’ll eventually see that you’re the great protector and eventually you’ll walk away or run away from that person. But hopefully walk away.

LVBX: So ultimately, we should look at all of our relationships as things that we’ve brought into our lives in order to heal or grow and should lose our need to blame or judge ourselves or others for a “bad” relationship.

MARYANN: Yes, That’s a very simple way of explaining a painful experience. Judgment is a very painful experience to be in. If the only way you are available to learn your lessons of life, is through pain, then you will call in a soul mate who will show you pain so that you will finally stop and wake up to that pain, because that’s all you’re available for, and say, “Oh, my gosh, I get it. That’s not the way I want to do life.” Instead of the soul mate of bliss, which means you will be available for bliss because you’ll say, “Oh, this is how I truthfully feel. This is what resonates with me.” And then the person in bliss will say, “I’m not happy or I’m disappointed or I’m angry or I’m frustrated.” Because that’s the actual truthful feeling that person is in, in that moment. And that creates bliss, because that’s called speaking truth.

LVBX: Thank you Maryann!

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