On Embracing Womanhood

In ancient civilizations, women were embraced because of their beauty. Women were noticed because of their strength. The reality proves that we were once warriors!

Women are designed to produce, and to grow to love unconditionally. Take for instance a mother, expressing her love for her beautiful children. She has dedicated her life towards giving, and without receiving. Having the gift to bring a new life into the world is so beautiful. This opportunity has always been ours.

Picture a life at the cinema, or watching your favourite movie. There is always a dominant female character. Have you ever sat watching your favourite film, and wondered why? Think Hermione from Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, and of course, Mrs. Adams from the Adams Family. These women all have one thing in common: they all have a unique talent, that serves them a purpose.

We are teachers and role models. We are problem solvers, we can multi-task, and we listen to understand. We have the ability to make heads turn. The way we carry ourselves, allows us to express ourselves freely.

In the Female society, we come as we are. We show up, and present ourselves in different shapes; hour glass figure, pear shaped, etc. We are proud of who we are. We are beautiful, feisty human beings. Our intuitive is so powerful, we can connect with others on such a deep, personal level. We have the unique ability to stand firmly grounded, and on our own two feet.

Embracing womanhood is so important. We have a unique gift, and we can use this gift to serve others. Being a woman allows us to use our unique abilities to empower others.

Let’s use this to our potential.

Emily Dean

Emily Dean is a Female Empowerment Coach. She focuses on empowering women to live rich and fulfilling lives. Her experience as a writer has led her to empower many women from across the globe. Emily‘s beliefs come from finding self love and embracing womanhood. Her work as a teacher has inspired her to teach women the fundamentals of self love. Emily is the founder of the self empowerment blog; The Lady Writes. You can view her work by visiting The Lady Writes Blog. To hear her story, you can message Emily on Facebook.



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