How to Get Your Mojo Back

How to Get Your Mojo Back, LVBX Magazine
with Renae Currey

Life happens. It has a way of throwing us curve balls that can cause us to veer off the path towards manifesting our dreams. Usually these curveballs are just lessons that we have to learn as we are moving forward towards our goals, but the problem is that when the unexpected happens we tend to focus on the things going wrong around us. Then the good old law of attraction feels that focus and tends to send us more of the same.

So, how can you stay positive and keep attracting the highest vibrational experiences while going through a negative experience?

The first step is a consistent gratitude practice. This can be as simple as spending a few minutes each day writing a list of what are you grateful for. Do this in a pretty notebook with your favorite pen, in a dedicated gratitude app on your phone like “My Gratitude Journal’, or just in the Notes app of your tablet. It doesn’t matter how you do it or what you are grateful for, it can be as simple as air conditioning on a 100 degree summer day, just make a list of everything that makes your life easier and brings joy into your day to day experience. The key here is don’t just do this once – although there is power in creating one master gratitude list – the mindset shift happens when you practice this daily. Make it part of your routine. Creating a new gratitude ritual that you are consistent with has the ability to change your perception positively and rewire your thought patterns. Remember that Law of Attraction? Stay in a mindset of positivity and abundance, and more of the same will become your reality.

Next, is a simple meditation practice that helps put your brain in a state of relaxation and happiness. Sit quietly for a few minutes each day and practice a meditation that has you visualizing yourself in situations where you feel your best. What makes you feel good? What are you doing when you feel your best? Who are you with? What is around you? Recreate those scenarios and bring them into your mind’s eye. Feeling those feelings of joy, ease, and lightness while you sit in your meditation pose is one way to fight off bad vibes and negative thought patterns. The second part to this practice is to take action, and actually do the things that make you feel good. Action is the best solution for positive change.

“But listen – don’t wait until you have a bad day to implement these practices.”

When your day starts to go south, put the damn phone down for a minute and get near nature. The natural elements vibrate at a higher frequency then the synthetic materials, pollutants, and radio waves that we are constantly immersed in. So go find water, plants, trees, animals, natural fabrics, natural light, and get near these things for as long as you can. Invite these elements into your home, spend time outside. Get out from under the fluorescent lights at work and get outside in the sunlight for your lunch break. Getting close to nature is an instant mood elevator, and is the easiest way to help shake off bad vibes.

But listen – don’t wait until you have a bad day to implement these practices. Consistently practicing gratitude, practicing meditation, and getting high on nature vibes is the best way to prevent the negative cycles and to keep them from feeling as devastating when they do come around. So, create time and space in your daily routines for rituals like this that will elevate your vibes on the regular.

And remember, practicing these suggestions is not a replacement for seeking professional help. Depression is real, and not something that you should face alone. If you are feeling completely withdrawn, hopeless, or having thoughts of hurting yourself please seek the help of a mental health professional.

Renae is the owner of two beauty destinations – Lucy Pop Salon in Nashville and Love 30A in Seagrove Beach, Florida. She is a Hair Color Queen, Session Stylist, and Makeup Artist, and her 20 year career in the beauty industry has made her realize that while killer hair, chic makeup, and a stellar wardrobe will make you look good, real beauty starts on the inside with self love. Tarot cards, crystals, and self care rituals are her obsessions, and she is always looking for new high vibe tools and practices to enhance this physical life experience. You can follow her on Instagram @renaepop.



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