From a Girl Who Gets It: Meet Melody Pourmoradi

We sit down with Melody Pourmoradi, author and life and wellness coach, to discuss her latest book “XOXO, From a Girl Who Gets It” and how she helps women step into themselves and their personal power in order to lead big lives.

Tell us about yourself; what drew you into the world of life coaching? I am a life and wellness coach and the creator of the GiRLiFE Empowerment Series. Since I was a young girl, I knew that I wanted a career in supporting others in some way. When I first heard about the up and coming career at the time of life coaching, I nearly jumped out of my seat. I instantly knew that it would be the perfect path for me. What could be better than spending my days helping others kick ass at work and life and live a life that they love? I’ve been elated since then to have the privilege to do this work.

What kinds of coaching services do you offer women? My services are very organic in nature. There is no set agenda or set course of action. My biggest goal is to help women live a healthy and meaningful life. Getting to the core of that for each woman is a very personal and individual process. Once my clients start owning what’s real for them, a new limitless mindset sets them on a path of purpose and passion.

Are there any specific areas you focus on with your clients; are there areas in which you see women specifically limiting themselves and their fullness? How do you encourage a woman to move forward and live the life they want?
The most common statement I hear from women once they have finally uncovered their purpose and are ready to make moves is, “Who am I to do XXX” {whatever that may be}. My immediate response is, “who are you NOT to do XXX?” So commonly, we as women dim our own light and block ourselves from shining based on our fears. I support my clients to share their gifts with the world and remind them what a tragedy it would be if they didn’t practice their passions and inspire others in the process of doing so.

“Once we are able to access our own inner power, we stop at nothing until those around us are able to uncover their own. Introducing women to their massive resiliency is what motivates me.”

Tell us about your book, “XOXO, From a Girl Who Gets It” who is this book written for, and what inspired your to write it? Creating and releasing this book has been one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done. For years I felt a very deep calling to bring the tools that I had been using with women to young girls. What was born was the GiRLiFE Empowerment Series: A girl’s empowerment curriculum for passionate women who were ready to bring income generating workshops to their own communities. This program was so welcomed globally and because of its success, the writing of this book was the next natural phase of GiRLiFE for me. Making the messaging in the book more accessible to young girls everywhere was my intention. The book consists of 50 life/wisdom notes that help young girls (including the young girl within each of us) to find their gifts, act in confidence, and live a life filled with ease and grace.

How can women, young and not so young, unlock their full potential and become who they truly are? I truly believe that by mastering the art of changing our perceptions, we can change the entire composition of our lives. We feel limited by the way that we interpret the events of our lives. More often than not, we choose the perceptions that don’t serve us and make us feel small. Once we have the willingness and the awareness to transform these perceptions, a whole new world opens up to us.

What is the most inspiring thing about women? What motivates you in your work? What inspires and moves me the most about working with women is our innate desire to connect with others and our instinct to share the good stuff with one another. Once we are able to access our own inner power, we stop at nothing until those around us are able to uncover their own. Introducing women to their massive resiliency is what motivates me. When we acknowledge and understand that our hardships can be redefined to serve us and all of those around us, the whole game changes.



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