Meet the Designer Behind the Australian Fashion Label IXIAH

The name behind Australian neo–tribal fashion label
IXIAH (Greek word ‘ixias’ which translates into having chameleon characteristics) is the founder and self-taught designer, Krystel Davis. Like her designs, she exudes beauty and effortless style. Her meticulous focus is on the detailing, pattern, and beautiful embroidered fabric sourced from around the world that give her designs a distinctive tribal aesthetic with a fluent modern edge.

With an impressive client list including the likes of celebrities such as the Kardashian sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Nicole Richie, supermodels Megan Gale and Jennifer Hawkins, and singer songwriter Delta Goodrem. IXIAH is creating and capturing an ever growing demand for timeless unique pieces that can be reintroduced time and time again.

It must be very freeing being a self-taught designer, tell us the advantages and disadvantages you have encountered: The main advantage is that I don’t face as many restrictions that your mind would tell you if you have a strong technical background. It allows me to constantly push the barriers of creation. The disadvantage is when your pattern maker turns to you and says, “o, how do you intend on creating this?” which is when I really need to have a strong idea or compromise on what can possibly work. It’s all part of the process and excitement for me.

THE STORY OF THE PRINT: This season I worked tirelessly on creating a print that would compliment my designs beautifully, something that could work on tiered layers of frills and complimenting lace. Inspired by the 70s folk era, I discovered an incredible artist that I knew I could work with and I know you will all love, Boe Sapun a Melbourne-based artist who runs Ecume Gallery. I worked with her artwork and together we made magic. This is the print today. It’s so beautiful to see prints on fabric to have the transparency and then contrast them with embroidered mesh and lace. It’s a strong collaboration and I’m sure you will be seeing more of Boe’s works in seasons to come. In the meantime, check out her incredible artworks. Seriously amazing, with motion and texture, they are dreamy and her color palettes are perfection.

What was it that made you take up fashion as a career and create your own company? I started my career in graphics and advertising and if I’m completely honest with myself, it just wasn’t creative enough for me. I am such a creative soul and need to exude a lot of that energy out and fashion gives me that. Designing prints, embroideries, layouts for website, look books, stories, social media collateral and overseeing the entire business is something I feel so comfortable doing and I find pleasure in it all every day.

What inspires you to get in the zone of creating and designing? Well, I want to say deadlines. But as much as these make me finalise everything and make decisions, designing is my favourite part of the business. I love to sketch, draw, select fabrications and finalise my colour palette. Seeing all of my ideas coming to life, telling a story and envisioning the final collection is exhilarating. I get such a thrill out of the smallest details. Lately even creating fabrics has been incredible, and when it all starts to come together, it’s like magic really does exist.

Describe the IXIAH woman: The IXIAH girl has an individualistic spirit who is not afraid of fashions and trends. She loves to stand out yet not in a dramatic way, but in an effortless yet cool combination where her style showcases her personality in a subtle way that exudes her inner confidence.


WHAT WOULD BE YOUR DREAM CREATIVE COLLABORATION? Collaborating with someone who would allow me to have all proceeds of the collection to go to a charity of my choice. Obviously, I cannot afford to do that but that would be a dream.

BEAUTY PRODUCT YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT? You know what, I’m pretty sure I could live without almost all of them. This is the hardest question you have asked me!

FASHION ITEM EVERY THAT EVERY WOMAN SHOULD HAVE: Confidence in herself to be who she wants to be. Anything that gives you that you need.




NAME ONE PERSON YOU’D LOVE TO STYLE, AND WHY? Someone who is deserving, someone who would appreciate it, someone who would love to be dressed up for the day and adore what I styled them in. Not a celebrity, not anyone famous that would not bring me joy but someone who deserves it is my ideal person to style. Someone who I could make an impression on, make a difference to.

PROUDEST MOMENT: Seeing my designs worn by complete strangers in the street. It doesn’t get more rewarding than that!

BoeSapunImageAustralian abstract artist Boe Sapun is the founder and curator of Ecume Gallery. The Melbourne-based gallery represents both local, international, established, and emerging contemporary art.

The idea of having great art accessible to a broad audience prompted the online gallery showcasing her own work, as well as a diverse range and ever-growing list of talented contributing artists.

Boe‘s passion is in discovering creative minds and understanding the finer nuances of their character which influence their process, inspiration, and art. Follow Boe Sapun and Écume Gallery on Instagram and Facebook.



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