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Weekly Horoscopes + Rachel Lang, LVBX Magazine
Rachel Lang is a professionally certified astrologer and consultant with an international client base of individuals, small businesses, and corporations. She hosts a regular video podcast/Internet radio show called Blissen Up about astrology and spirituality. An internationally recognized speaker, her workshops, classes, retreats and meditation groups connect a diverse group of like-minded individuals. Rachel helps her clients access spiritual and astrological insights to live more successful, purposeful lives. She empowers them in decision-making processes by identifying challenging influences or blocks. Then, she maps out astrological trends and forecasts to help clients see a clearer vision of the future. In client sessions, she focuses on event planning and timing, making and timing major decisions, navigating love life challenges, helping achieve career goals, timing of legal issues, planning travel and tours using astrocartography, making financial adjustments, and more.

Horoscopes for the Week of 8/8/16 – 8/13/16

Aries: The path between where you stand right now and where you want to go might feel like a tightrope. Keep your eyes focused forward, take one step at a time, and you will stay balanced on your course. Others’ ideas and opinions might cause you to question your truth. You may have been known to act on impulse in the past, but you have carefully discerned and strategized these decisions over time. Therefore, trust yourself to make the next right moves.

You might want to get away from the noise and retreat to the country for a few days. When you connect to nature, you can hear your voice and the wisdom that guides you. You might consider journaling to write your thoughts out to help with the decision-making process.

In love, identify what you want in your relationships. Then, live according to that ideal. Become the change you want to see in your relationship. If you want a kind partner, be kind. Like attracts like. If minor frustrations or annoyances become major problems for you, reflect back on recent events. Have you resisted speaking your mind? If so, take it as a lesson and move forward. You do not have to break up with your special someone; you might need to learn how to ask more effectively for what you want. Try a little tenderness.

Taurus: Your weekly homework assignment? Log onto Spotify and make a playlist of the songs to which you love to sing along. Include your top karaoke favorites, of course. Then, sing, the louder, the better. Awaken your inner rock star or diva. You know it is in you! Let’s face it: You have got a lot going on in your life right now, and you need to release a little pressure. So, sing.

Even good changes can trigger fear for you fixed earth signs. You are at your best when you have a sense of the outcome and a predictable course of action. Recently, you have been asked to free-fall into a new situation. Let the excitement continue and keep asking questions. Curiosity can heal any stuckness you feel. So, ask yourself, “Why am I afraid?” The answers might surprise you.

If you are not careful this week, you might just fall in love! Cupid is aiming his arrow right in your direction. You have been tending to your heart, and now you are ready.

Gemini: These last few weeks of summer have magic for you. Follow the breadcrumbs of synchronicity and look for clues from the Universe. The black cat that crossed your path might bring good luck, but you will not feel the magic unless you start to attune yourself to your surroundings. Observe everything, see meaning in it all.

Children heal the deepest wounds through play. They enter the liminal space of the impossibly possible, the land of make-believe. How can you go there in your big adult life? Try to access the power of your imagination. Pretend for a moment that your future is a giant movie screen directly in front of you. Now, watch the future you want projected onto that screen. Feel the happiness of that vision. You just started the process of getting a little more of what you want out of life. The creative blocks you have felt will lift when you start to play.

We know how impatient you can be, Gemini! Things are about to get quite busy for you in the fall, so take advantage of this time. Summer’s lighter schedule gives you more time to clean out closets and take care of repairs in the home. You could have a little mini-vacation during this period, too. That restless energy needs an outlet. Try writing it all out. In the process, let it go.

Cancer: As someone born under the sign ruled by the moon, you understand the nature of cycles. The tides ebb and flow. Your emotional waves have their rhythms, too. Sometimes, you might feel like you cannot manage all of those feels. If you could rest your mind, your emotions would settle. Then, you could have even more clarity about your purpose and the next steps to take in life.

The last few weeks of summer are perfect for lying poolside and reading a juicy novel. If you shift gears, relaxing and enjoying the calm, your mind may learn to work in an entirely different way. You have poetry to write and words to share. Feel the free flow of ideas and maybe brainstorm with some friends.

Give your brothers and sisters a call, too. They need to hear your voice! Keep it positive and plan for a future visit.

Leo: You have to claim your freedom and take the time to do what you want. If you wait for permission or for someone else to ask you to escape on an adventure, you could miss out on some prime Summertime sun. Try an afternoon away from the computer and enjoy a little nature, like a Zen garden or the beach shore. These last few weeks of summer invite you to experience freedom in the true sense of the word.

Free yourself, too, from the burdens of your worries and dramas. For fun, you might want to start with your finances. Almost everyone, wealthy or poor, has emotional charges from thoughts about money. Whether your challenges are spending too much, making too little, or accruing debt, releasing fear can help you heal any struggle in your relationship with money. I wish I could tell you that you might win the lottery, and your troubles would be over. We both know that s not entirely true!

Invest your resources wisely by following your heart. Resist any tendency you have to hang on to others’ advice or opinions. You have your intuition and knowledge. If that house in Palm Springs is calling your name and friends claim it is not the right time to buy, ask yourself who knows best. Realize the power of your voice, your yes and your no. Then, act on that truth.

Virgo: You have this amazing gift. You can identify any disorder in your physical environment, and then methodologically clean and perfect that space. In doing so, you energetically create a perfect opening for a new beginning. A disorganized closet is like a playground for you; an external hard drive without folders is an invitation to categorize and shuffle files. This week, you have awareness about emotional messes in your life as well. For example, you may uncover residual pain from childhood trauma, disappointment about the loss of a relationship, restriction because of career uncertainty, a health challenge, or a major decision to make. When disorder of an emotional or spiritual nature arises, you cannot always fix it with some disinfectant wipes. You need support and encouragement from trusted friend, healer, or therapist. So much greatness wants to unfold in your life right now. That golden opportunity after which you have been chasing is finally within reach. Clear out some of those emotional messes, and watch the miracles abound.

Let’s also bring up that very Virgo word: Worry. Is that really how you want to waste your imagination? Do you think the good forces of the universe will grant your request any faster when you fret, upsetting your stomach and tying your colon in a knot? No! Let’s examine the role of worry in your life. It manifests itself right when you are about to expand possibilities for your life. At the very least, it causes you to question yourself and at the worst, sabotage everything. So, stop your addiction to worry. Think of the birds chirping in the trees. They have learned how to meet their needs by forming a partnership with nature. Attune your ears, eyes, and nose to your natural environment and begin to recognize the clues spirit is sending.

Libra: If you were a superhero, your superpower might be an ability shape shift. Think of what you would become! Now, reflect on your life. You might recollect times you have changed aspects of your personality or life to please others. The Sun in the chart symbolically represents self-expression and esteem. It represents all that makes you uniquely you and what helps you shine your light in the world. Yours in Libra does not always get the proper respect it deserves in your chart because your sign’s primary need is to be in a relationship. The axis line between autonomy and relationality blurs for you due to your keenly intuitive sense of others’ needs and wants. You might tend to compromise your own for the good of the relationship.

When you enter into a committed relationship, this natural tendency amplifies. Authentic connection requires your presence and your complexities. The good, bad, and ugly. You are perfect only in and through your imperfection. Your personal flaws have beauty. When you fully express yourself, revealing your vulnerability, you might shift dynamics in your relationship. In fact, it could even end. However, could you be satisfied with inauthenticity? It is time to celebrate all that makes you human, including your opinions.

Scorpio: The winds of change have started to flow in your direction. Before you feel the blaring vibration of “Danger” in your head, relax a little and enjoy the anticipation of the unknown. In the past, when change manifested, you strategized carefully, calculating every step. Once you had a sense of complete security and safety, you made a baby step toward something new.

Change is manifesting for you right now, pulling you along into a new beginning. Will you go kicking and screaming? Alternatively, will you say “yes?” When making a change that involves other people (with their own needs and expectations) or a corporate environment (vulnerable to economic ups and downs and market fluctuations), you cannot ever have 100% safe assurance. You have to take the risk, and then make it up as you go along. Your mind is sharp, focused, and you are ready to speak to a larger audience. The relationships you are forming are integral to your future success. So, don’t discount anyone entering your life at this time. They are guides leading you to a new destination.

Sagittarius: Everything was going well, and you had a clear sense of direction. Then, all of a sudden, you came to a fork in the road. Yikes! Do you change course? Alternatively, remain on the more predictable path? Yes, you have a choice to make. The unknown forces of adventure call out to you. Before you make a major decision, surrender your fear and any need to know a definite outcome. Trust your higher truth. Then, revel in the question for another week.

There’s a fire inside of you kindling restlessness and activating your desire to move. The past and future separately pull you in different directions. However, let’s be aware that time is a construct, and you are always living past, present, and future at any moment. Does that not blow your mind? If so, consider this: All time exists in the present moment. Take a lesson from Eckhart Tolle and embrace your now. You might even refresh your memory about this concept and read his book, “The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment.”

Absolute presence is the only way you can keep yourself from running away right before you are about to manifest everything you want and more. And yes, that is coming. The roads might feel slow, but the destination will be worth it. Just like Dorothy and her magical friends, walk the yellow brick road one step after another. Trust in love. Relationships may have felt unpredictable in the past, but you live in a different framework now. You crave connection, but when challenges arise, you want to run away or hide. Stay. And be present in the now.

Capricorn: Your homework assignment? Watch the “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” on Netflix. Rescuers free the show’s protagonist from a bunker where a cult leader had kept her and others trapped for years. Does this sound way too far-fetched for you? Then, think about your life for a moment. What has kept you trapped? You have a new-found freedom from restrictive circumstances because truth has set you free. Though you are usually too practical to fall for manipulation, someone you thought was on your side may have bamboozled you. Now, the veil has lifted, allowing you to see clearly. Rather than feel disappointed by circumstances or sad about the loss, embrace your freedom. Sometimes, the biggest upsets turn into the greatest blessings.

What is true for you now? Reflect on this question as you move forward into this week and the next month. You will need to be able to trust yourself to see opportunities beginning to open up for you. Some of these may feel too good to be true; some of them are, but some are worth pursuing. Therefore, fine-tune your ability to know. Listen to signals in your environment and master the art of learning to read body language. Your intuition will not lead you astray.

Your friends may all be on summer vacation, but you have incredible creative energy and might want to take advantage of it to produce masterful work. So, even if you are lying by the pool soaking up some sun, keep your writing journal or any other book that inspired new ideas nearby. This is also a great week for some networking. You are a magnet for people right now, and you can attract some new ones into your life.

Aquarius: The Sun is in your opposite sign, Leo. Anytime the Sun is in your opposite sign and solar seventh house, you might feel some tension in your life. Things feel a little off. You might even feel challenged by coworkers, family members, friends, or partners. This time, however, you have the excitement of love and deep connection. A new beginning, perhaps! Any turbulence within your current relationship provides just enough emotional instability to keep you on your toes. It gets your heart pumping for some intense soul-level growth.

My good friend Tisha Morris, a Feng Shui Master and contributor to LVBX Magazine recommended a good book, “When the Past Is Present: Healing the Emotional Wounds That Sabotage Our Relationships” by David Richo. I recommend it to you as you move through this significant time.

Your opposing planet, the Sun, rules the heart, and the heart chakra always stretches wider with the possibility of true love. You are falling in love with another because you have let go of fear and have therefore learned how to show up authentically. If you detach from your emotions, you shut off from your heart, and you do not want to do that! The heart is the center of your body energetically and the connection point for your soul. To feel soulful, you have to feel your feelings. This week offers you an invitation to do just that. Sure, you could distract yourself with busy work. After all, your mind is usually like a playground. But try to tap into your feels by allowing your thoughts to settle and then silence.

Pisces: The last few weeks summer invite you to rest and relax. Spend as much time as you possibly can by the water, soak up the sound of laughter from children and friends, have outdoor barbecues and picnics, and resting before the autumn schedule starts and changes ensue. You have been pushing yourself so hard, and now it is time to recharge your internal battery.

You have perhaps felt unable to move forward with a project. Maybe you have not heard back from some influential contacts you thought would come through for you. Could it be that these frustrating annoyances are blessings in disguise? You are buying herself a little more time.

Your heart has opened widely, and you are ready to see your relationships in a new light. Feel that warm glow of connection, the nurturing comfort and safety that accompany a deep, spiritual partnership. All of this and more await you. Embrace your desires, and allow them to manifest in your life without work. Effortless and ease are your keywords. Be love and you will fall in love over and over again.



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