The Answer to That Unwanted Tattoo

Are you convinced that tattoo must last forever? Think again with PicoWay, the most effective treatment option for laser tattoo removal. Dr. Payman Simoni of Simoni Plastic Surgery explains the long-last benefits of this profound treatment.

Tell us about your practice, and the philosophy behind the work you do: 
We are a Beverly Hills plastic surgery center with focus on facial plastic specialty. Our practice philosophy is to eliminate or reduce the elements that create fear or concerns among our clients, such as pain, anesthesia, and downtime.

What do you believe is the mark of a good physician, and a smart overall practice? A good physician is a physician who put the benefit of his patients above his and treats his patients as he treats his own family members. A smart cosmetic practice would create a comfortable and safe setting for its clients.

What is PicoWay technology, and why have you selected it for your practice? PicoWay is the most effective tattoo laser removal system that can work on any color tattoo, on any color skin. The laser hits the ink so fast that the thermal damage to to the skin is minimized. Thus, it is safer, more effective, and significantly more comfortable than older technology.  

What can this technology achieve, or do differently, than other treatment options which might be available? It surpasses the older technology in efficacy, safety, and comfort greatly.

Does it work to remove a wide range of colors in regards to tattoos? How does it affect the surrounding area of the skin? PicoWay is the most effective tattoo laser removal system that can work on any color tattoo on any color skin. The laser hits the ink so fast so the thermal damage to to the skin is minimized. Thus it is safer, more effective, and significantly more comfortable than older technology.

Is this a safe procedure, and is there anyone to whom you would not recommend seeking this treatment option? Is this effective on a variety of skin types?  All procedures carry certian risks. PicoWay is the safest form of laser tattoo removal compare to other technologies. I do not recommend PicoWay to anyone who does not have realistic expectations. Patients with poor medical or psychological health are generally not a good candidates for elective cosmetic procedures.

How many treatments are usually necessary, or recommended? What is the downtime like for the procedure? Do you recommend follow-up visits? The number of the treatments needed varies significantly depending on the color and depth of the ink placed. There’s generally no downtime for laser tattoo removal but depending on the location of the tattoos, occasional short-term blistering may impede some common activities for a few days.

Now honored as one of Hollywood’s top five plastic surgeons and regarded as one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Beverly Hills, Dr. Payman Simoni has offered no shortage of contributions to his field. He earned an undergraduate degree at Yeshiva University and his medical degree from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York in 1997. From there, he served as a general surgical resident at Birmingham Hospital through the University of Alabama, where he pursued a specialty in face and nose surgery and successfully completed training in Facial Reconstructive Surgery, as well as Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery. With his outstanding work, he received double board certification, positioning him among the most qualified facial plastic surgeons in Los Angeles.



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