Rachel Lang + The May Horoscopes


Another Mercury retrograde?? Yes. Rachel Lang helps us maneuver the twists and turns of May with her May forecasts! Rachel is available for personal chart readings at www.blissenup.com.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20):

Happy birthday! This month, it’s all about you. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Let your month be filled with lavish desserts, romantic getaways, and sensual delights. Recently, you may have had some profound realizations about how deeply connected you are…to the earth and others. Your heart chakra is open, and you’re almost ready to welcome a new love into your life. For some of you, this may mean a romantic interest (likely to happen after Venus ingresses into Cancer on May 7). Others may be considering adopting a little fur-baby. And others of you may experience this love in the way of deepened connections with friends. This month, you will feel your connections on every level: physical, mental, and spiritual. Remain open to the ways in which the divine is working to reveal itself through the words, thoughts, and generous gifts of others.

Work transitions may have left you wondering what new opportunities you might find on the horizon. Carefully assess your skills and experience. Then, practice a little self-promotion. You are almost ready for a new start, even if it may feel like a step backwards.

When Mercury stations retrograde on May 18, you might have a chance encounter that allows you to revisit a regretful decision. Gain closure and move forward. No need to look back.

In love, Taurus, you feel as if there are infinite possibilities available for you! The Full Moon on May 3 illuminates insights into your personal life. It would be a great time to deepen your current relationship by getting away for a romantic weekend.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20):

No one can accuse of you hiding in the corner this month, Gemini! You are all about expressing yourself. You have a gift for words until the 18th when Mercury in retrograde suddenly has you biting your tongue. Be careful that your words don’t get you into a complicated situation. Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.” I urge you to follow this guideline from May 11 through the end of the month.

Your professional life is filled with creative potential. You have a plethora of ideas. Choose the one for which you feel the most passion, and move forward with enthusiasm. Favorable news about your finances arrives on May 7. You may receive a promotion or come into a surprise win. A little luck comes your way from May 7-May 11. After the Sun moves into your sign on May 21, you are unstoppable. Take that leap of faith.

I have offered favorable information for you so far, but I also want to acknowledge the deeper process you’re experiencing this month. Mercury in retrograde brings up memories from the past, unhealed heartbreaks, and unshared sentiments. This can be an emotional time for you. I encourage you to feel all of the emotions surfacing at this time. Give yourself permission to take a few mental health days to clear out some of the old. You’re making way for incredible new beginnings in your life that will start to unfold after June 11.

That little fling (or so you thought…) is starting to become something more serious. You may be considering making a deeper commitment. For those of you who are single, on May 11, the fiery passion planet, Mars, moves into your sign. This means it’s time to play!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

Your career interests are highlighted this month, and new opportunities abound. Set your sights on your future and make plans that will culminate later this summer. A new income-producing prospect may surprise you on May 11. Be open to any suggestions offered to you at this time.

Your social circle is changing a little this month. New friends come into your life as other relationships shift and change. As you grow and commit to your own future, you may have a little letting go to do. This is all positive, as you are clearing space for new adventures.

To gain a sense of true connection with others, consider joining a social cause or spiritual community. You have new insights to learn, and you may want to share them with others in an intentional space. This could also involve taking creative workshops and classes. Step outside of your comfort zone and see what opens up.

In matters of love, Cancer, there are so many wonderful new beginnings for those of you who are single, especially as Venus, the planet of love, moves into your sign on May 7. For those of you in relationships, this is a great time for rekindling passion.

Leo (July 23 – August 22):

Some of the momentum you experienced in April has slowed down a little, and you may be wondering if you made a mistake taking that leap of faith. Trust in your intuition and realize that this may be a time of testing. You will pass with honors if you repeat this mantra: I have faith in the goodness of the universe and in my ability to manifest greatness in my life.

Those of you trying to express yourself in ways that attract more public recognition, get creative with your efforts. Don’t be afraid to say something shockingly profound. You are reaching a higher vibration. Transition can reveal our inner resistances and fears, but it’s time to let them go.

Professionally, you have had some changes lately, and this is ultimately fortuitous in terms of your long-term goals. You always get what you want, but sometimes you may experience lags in timing as some of the emotional debris gets cleared. In times like these, you need to let go of any need you have to control the outcome or predict the future. What if your “wants” were just simply delivered to you on a silver platter? It can really be that easy.

In love, Leo, you have had an adventurous few months. Now, it’s time to settle into the magic of just being. When Mercury stations retrograde on May 18, you might have some heated discussions with your romantic interest or maybe someone from your past. Let bygones be bygones, and repair any emotional damage that has been done. This will prepare you to move ahead with an open heart.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22):

Bon voyage, Virgo! I say that because this month indicates incredible opportunities for travel, especially with the Full Moon on May 3 kicking off an entire month of adventure. Business travel is especially successful between May 11-May 17, right before Mercury stations retrograde. Close deals with the New Moon on May 17. They may change during the retrograde period, but you will at least have signed contracts in hand.

If you have thought about writing a novel, producing a documentary, or starting a blog, take the leap in the beginning of the month, and you will start to see success signs this summer. You have all of the resources you need right now. The green light is on; just keep moving forward.

Beneficial people come into your life with the Full Moon on the 3rd. They will play a significant role after August and throughout 2016. This is a time of planting seeds, literally and metaphorically. That also means it might be good to spend some time in your garden and bring a little more beauty into your life through a connection with nature.

Family and home matters might present frustrations for you because of some situations beyond your control. Your parents need a little extra care and attention. Try not to become overwhelmed with worry. Everything will be ironed out in coming months. You will get back into balance.

In matters of love, Virgo, it is time for a little daydreaming. Keep your heart chakra open, as love might surprise you. Imagine your ideal scenario, and see if it manifests by June 11. Also, with Mercury in retrograde, you may want to watch your words. Be gentle with your special someone after May 18.

Libra (September 23 – October 22):

Go to iTunes and listen to the song, “Age of Aquarius” by The 5th Dimension. Right now. April’s awakenings lead to magic in May. So, let the sun shine, and let this be your song for the entire month. Your passion for justice is at an all-time high right now, Libra, and this will inspire you to take action to make a difference in your community. You also have a little more courage than usual to stand up, speak out, and ripple the waters. Make waves. Your typical tendencies toward peacemaking are muted down. You may feel as if your divine purpose is right in front of you. This is especially true after the Sun moves into Gemini on May 21, marking the start of a new chapter for you.

Professionally, this is a great time to forge new connections and make relationships with influencers. Promote yourself in writing, online, and through social media. Even if you feel as if you have nothing to say, others are paying attention.

You may have a few miscommunications after Mercury stations retrograde on May 18. Keep this in mind as you make summer plans. Friends or colleagues might not be on the same page. Mediate any conflicts by using your keen intellectual powers. You have the solutions.

Long-distance travel may open up romantic possibilities for you, especially after Mars, the planet of passion, moves into Gemini on May 11. If you are single, this is a great time for a chance encounter or surprise rendezvous. For those of you involved, be spontaneous and play!

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):

There’s one Hebrew scripture I keep bookmarked: “Then they will hammer their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks; Nation will not lift up sword against nation, and never again will they train for war.” (Micah 4:3) Wouldn’t that be nice…to have peace between fighting factions? It may seem like a fantasy, but we can all start imagining. What do you stand for, Scorpio? How will you make a difference?

I’m going to push your little Pluto-ruled buttons now. Forgiveness is one of the most selfish things you can do. Think about it. Doesn’t it liberate you? When you have any kind of anger or resentment, that energy has power over you. You have to figure out what you can say and to whom. You may plot ways to get back at someone. Or perhaps you can’t really feel love in the fullest way possible. Consider seeing a therapist or getting professional help to assist you in feeling those submerged feelings, bringing them to the surface, and releasing them to the heart of the divine. Then, your life will be like a great big blank canvas, and you can begin to create a new reality.

On purely practical levels, Scorpio, this is a great time for a job change. Dust off your résumé, and see what options are available. Network like crazy to open new doors. Relationships and new partnerships are forming for you now. These are part of your future and therefore disconnected from the past.

Speaking of which, after Mercury stations retrograde on the 18th, you may have a visitor from the past come back into your life. Do you really want to open that door? Follow your intuition. In all matters of love and relationships, this is a month of making commitments and moving ahead into bliss. However, right before you seal the deal, you may have all kinds of resistances and fears emerge. Tame your inner demons by reaching out to trusted friends for a helpful reality check. Then, go ahead and take the dive after the New Moon on the 17th.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21):

You may be feeling as if your life could change in an instant, thrusting you into an exciting new adventure! Well…this month might have some surprises in store for you. Trust that the universe in its goodness will transport you exactly where you need to go. You will remain balanced on your path moving forward. You are re-creating your identity, and as a result, it is time to be flexible to see how your future unfolds. You have laid the necessary groundwork, and now you can begin the process of manifestation.

It is time to visit distant lands and expand your worldview. Save your frequent flyer miles because there might be opportunities for travel later this summer as well.

If you have been thinking about undertaking a new creative endeavor, set the launch date as May 11, when your creative energy is at a peak. When Mercury stations retrograde on May 18, you may want to revisit the path idea that has been left on the backburner. Out of the blue (probably in conversation), you will pick up where you left off. This may be the time to run with it. You will know success is guaranteed when you feel those butterflies in your stomach! That is your intuition telling you go ahead.

When it comes to love, Sagittarius, you may have felt as if your life has been all about work and other responsibilities during the past two months. However, your little heart chakra is ready to expand and stretch to love even deeper, even more passionately than you already do. It is time to open to deep passionate connection, especially when mars moves into Gemini on May 11. Fireworks are in store!

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19):

As the 2016 presidential candidates begin their campaigning efforts, you might be feeling a surge of the political spirit. You see an opportunity to make history, and you are thinking of ways to become involved. Go ahead and sign up to volunteer for your favorite cause, or consider running in a local election as well. This is the time to consider how you might want to give back and leave a legacy. You have the power and the resources to win.

In business, this is a great time to think of new ways you might market yourself for future success. For those of you in the artistic professions, creativity abounds, and you have new ways of reaching an audience now more than ever. My advice is to spend considerable time this month in pursuit of new ideas; brainstorm and make the magic happen in your life. If you need some inspiration, go out to see live music, visit an art gallery, or spend time with creative people. A new project is an order with a strategic partner who is coming into your life on May 7 as Venus, the planet of relationships, moves into Cancer.

Your home life may be getting a bit of a makeover or update. This is a great place to exercise some of your creative skills. For those of you in design, revisit every rendering or concept during the new Moon on May 3. Try to start all projects before Mercury goes retrograde on May 18, because there could be some miscommunication that could mean delays.

In love, this month brings you the possibility of a beautiful new beginning, especially if you’re single. For those of you who are involved, spend some time with your special someone to rekindle romance. Passion is heightened at the Full Moon on the 3rd.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18):

Your home life is bustling with activity this month. Visitors come from out of town, and it’s time to celebrate! You have had some big life events taking place, and you are about ready to pop the cork on the champagne and put on your dancing shoes. Congratulations!

Friends and family show you their appreciation, especially your siblings. This is a great time to patch any trouble spots in those relationships and allow major healing to occur. The healing starts with you. You have recently decided to let go of past emotional wounds and bygones. With all of that energy freed up within your psyche, you are ready to welcome new beginnings into your life. You have learned the true meaning of loyalty, and you have come to treasure the gifts of the loved ones in your life.

Have you been thinking about embarking on a new hobby or interest? Perhaps you have wanted to learn a new language or take up horseback riding. This is a good time to engage in mind-bending activities to challenge your status quo. Step outside of your comfort zone, and you may just experience growth in the process. This is especially true when Mars moves into Gemini on May 11, signaling a period of creative expansion. Your ideas are brilliant, and you have the ability to grasp knowledge faster than usual. This influence is heightened after May 21.

You may have felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the love in your life. Can it truly be this easy? This good? Yes, it can. Relish the tenderness. For those of you who are single, when Mercury stations retrograde on May 18, you may receive a call from a past love. By June 11, you’ll know if it’s meant to last or just an affair. For all of you, it’s a passionate month from May 11 all the way to the end.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20):

You are about to reach a career peak, Pisces. The spotlight is aimed at your direction; it’s lights, camera, and action. But wait! What if there are delays or miscommunication? Practice patience and stay committed despite the odds. You will reap the success and abundance you desire. Mercury is moving slowly until its retrograde station on May 18, and this may give you the gift of time to line your ducks in a row.

May is a great month for boosting your online presence, doing a little self-promotion, starting a blog, or contributing articles to online or newspaper outlets. You have a gift with words, and you can excel in all creative pursuits, especially in the beginning of the month. The Full Moon on May 3 may offer opportunities for publishing. If you have had a project on hold, it might get the green light on May 18, when Mercury stations retrograde, allowing you to reflect on those idea gems that never fully manifested. It’s time!

After May 21, your family tree expands a little. The excitement is contagious. You might enjoy a trip to see your loved ones. Or, conversely, they might come to visit you. Break open the bottle of your finest champagne, as these are once-in-a-lifetime moments you will share.

On May 7, Venus moves into Cancer, suggesting a time of romantic possibilities for you. You may meet someone special if you’re single. Or if you’re involved, this marks a time of extreme romance. You may consider getting away with your lover for a long weekend in a secluded spot. Let yourself be spoiled, and enjoy the escape.

Aries (March 21 – April 19):

This month is all business for you, Aries. You may have had a recent career shift, and this has inspired enthusiasm for your future. All doors swing wide open for you. You can do it!! Make some magic happen in your life. For you job seekers, send out resumes and network like crazy in the beginning of the month. This will result in favorable news by May 11, when Mars moves into favorable Gemini. You may receive an out-of-the-blue phone call with an offer you just can’t refuse.

This is also a great month to develop your own projects. Schedule meetings with powerful partners, and strategize together what possibilities might be in store for you. You have renewed vigor for your own interests, and you need a little bit of support from others.

If you are trying to bring a little one into the world, this month, with the Sun in fertile Taurus, you may want to try. Likewise, if you are trying not to bring any new little ones into the world, take caution! This is especially true after May 7, when Venus moves into Cancer.

Perhaps you have been feeling restless, ready to make a change or get away. Travel plans may be delayed at the end of the month when Mercury stations retrograde on May 18. Find ways to appease your travel bug earlier in the month for more ease. May 11 and May 12 are especially great for a road trip with your favorite travel companion.

In love, Aries, romance is light, airy, and playful. Stay curious about how things might unfold. Don’t get hung up on definitions. Otherwise, you’ll take all the fun out of the joyride.










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