Rachel Lang + The August Horoscopes

It’s a new month and astrologer Rachel Lang let’s us know what to expect with the August Horoscopes. For more information and private sessions, visit Rachel at Blissen Up.

Leo  (July 23 – August 22)
Happy birthday! Every actor who has ever closed a show feels a combination of sadness and relief. Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, has been occupying your sign for almost a year, and it will say good-bye on August 11. Reflect on what events and circumstances have changed for you over the past eleven months. Have you started a new job or had a significant career change? Or maybe Jupiter shined its light on your personal life, and under its influence, your relationship or home environment underwent positive changes. Regardless of how its influence shone on you, one thing is for sure: Your life has been blessed with new beginnings, and its trajectory has changed.

In your professional life, you will shine in the spotlight at the beginning of the month. Use the momentum to establish beneficial connections that will pay out significantly after August 11, when good news about your finances is proof that you’ve followed the right path. Perhaps you have doubted whether or not the recent risks you’ve taken would manifest in long-term success. You will receive confirmation as the month unfolds. Congratulations ahead of time. You deserve the rewards.

You may have resisted making a significant change without any external validation. However, now is time to have faith in yourself. The Universe, in its generosity, is strengthening your core sense of self. Find your passion and live into it. You may be looking backward and doubting some of your past decisions. With the New Moon on August 14, you will face forward with extra awareness about your path. Destiny approaches, Leo. Will you accept the call?

If you are making any changes or updates to your financial portfolio, consider waiting until August 26, when a little luck illuminates new possibilities for you. This is also an excellent time to make any significant purchases if your budget aligns with the price tags. If this is a purchase that will help your business, you will earn the money back in no time!

Social engagements and activities fill your calendar this month. Friends suggest new restaurants to try and offer to pay the bill. Open your arms and receive. Say, “yes,” to any offers to travel or visit distant loved ones. Likewise, don’t turn down an invitation. You never know who you’ll see or what interesting people you’ll meet.

Both relationship planets will be occupying your sign after August 8. Therefore, love is a definite highlight of your month! If you’re single, you may meet a special someone. Keep your heart open and attune yourself to love. If you need some inspiration, read a book like Calling in the One by Katherine Woodward Thomas, or Return to Love by Marianne Williamson. If you’re in a relationship, this month is filled with romance and passion. It may be time to take your partnership to a new level. Consider popping that question and add a new definition to your relationship. Even if you’ve been married for years, perhaps it is time to renew your vows. The celebration will give you the chance to take a second honeymoon!

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
Venus, the planet of love, partnerships, and romance, is moving backward this month, rekindling long-forgotten feelings. Any object of desire ultimately leads us to deeper connections with ourselves and the Divine. Indulge the fantasies and the memories, but remember the deeper significance. You are connecting with beloved parts of yourself, and in doing so, co-creating miraculous possibilities in your life. Creativity abounds when feelings of love raise your vibratory rate. Love is a force for healing and for restoring your vitality.

An introspective process begins for you in the early part of the month, right after the Full Moon on July 31. Use this time to envision a new direction for your path. You have a newfound sense of your charisma and dynamism. Work out the details, and then step up on stage afterAugust 11, when the spotlight lures you into its embrace. You will attract the attention of others, especially beneficial contacts in your network. Likewise, some of the helpful people whose names or faces you’ve placed on your vision board may surprise you with their show of support. Now do you believe in the power of the Law of Attraction? You had been worried for nothing!

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion is moving into your sign on August 11, signaling an 11-month period in which synchronistic encounters reveal possibilities you could have never imagined! That stranger in aisle 4 of the grocery store may prove to be a true soulmate! Set intentions early in the month for this magnificent cycle’s start.

If sudden financial shifts have caused you to examine your long-term investments, proceed with caution. You may not have all of the facts. Check every detail before investing your resources.

Your passion meter may be high this month, and that is because you crave something deep and transcendent. Channel some of that Eros energy into your creative affairs. Allow yourself to be swept away by the romantic notion of our manifestations blossoming open.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)
Last month tried your patience and resolve. You climbed to new professional heights and cleared some massive karmic debt in the process. What is next for you, Libra? Though you may want to tilt your scales back to balance and rest, you have the momentum to maintain to seal your success. Focus on expanding your network. Make efforts to spread your message, and be a connector.

Friends who have let you down within the past few months now ask your forgiveness. Bonds that have broken will be restored again. Focus on healing any fractures within yourself first, and then the relationships can mend. August is also a time when new acquaintances deepen into more significant friendships, especially on August 4 and 5.

After August 1, your finances get back on track after a few minor setbacks and unexpected expenses. Plan your budget and make adjustments to your spending. You could be coming into money unexpectedly, through a win of some kind. The odds are in your favor untilAugust 23.

With all of the Leo energy spiraling in the atmosphere, you may be inclined to spend a little extra money on your wardrobe and cosmetic improvements. Remember that your ruling planet, Venus, is retrograde, and under this influence, you want to avoid making major changes. Find creative ways to express yourself that have minimal cost…and little long-term consequence. Temporary hair dyes and new eyeshadow shades are great options.

Sudden changes in your relationship status have caused friends and loved ones to ask a lot of questions. Exercise discretion until you feel settled with your truth. In your relationship, you do not have to commit to a definite course of action yet. Give yourself time and space. Heal past wounds, and move forward with grace.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
As an adolescent, you had expectations of how your life might unfold. As you have grown, you understand how life paths twist, turn, bend, and sometimes separate. My dad once said to me, “Life can be measured in loss.” You grieve for what never manifested; or conversely, when a dream does come true, you may feel despair because of the unexpected costs and sacrifices. As a fixed sign, you hold on tenaciously to plans and promises. Consequently, you may not always reach a peaceful state of acceptance when plans change and people break promises. Minds can change. Decisions can be amended. I urge you to allow yourself to change yours if you need to. Without guilt. Without remorse. You can open up remarkable and expansive possibilities for yourself, as you are in a process of renewal.

This message will primarily relate to your professional life. Letting go of past dreams means enthusiastically pursuing new ones. Opportunities are opening up for you, and you will see those manifest after August 7, when Mercury will meet up with Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, in your solar tenth house of career. Now is a time of incredible creative potential. Follow those innovative ideas, and then take them to the next level.

By August 13, new people will enter your life to help you though they may drive you crazy in the process. Pay attention to any resistance, look within yourself for triggers, identifying your deeper fears. Often external conflict emerges because the Universe aims to shine a little light at some inner tension. Ultimately, it could be an opportunity for healing. The New Moon on August 14 signals a significant turning point in your career. Keep climbing that mountain to the next peak.

Your love life is filled with dynamic energy. Your partner may accuse you of having a few more mood swings than usual. Just breathe. Minor irritations have symbolic resonance and meaning. Look deeper within yourself when you feel annoyed in any way. Channel that fiery energy into other ways that can deepen your intimacy. Love more passionately. Create together. And accept one another implicitly, realizing that we are all capable of change and wired to move toward the good.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
I imagine that the first nautical explorers spent years watching the waves, studying the migratory patterns of birds and fish, and testing their canoes. Preparation meant the difference between life or death for these adventurers. Likewise, if you have a deep hunger to traverse new terrain, start preparation. You may travel further than you anticipate and stay longer than you expect. The world is opening up to you at this time. How will you make the most of it?

Practically speaking, you might find yourself speaking or presenting internationally this month. These bookings help build your network and expand your audience. You will be stepping up on stage in significant ways in your life, metaphorically and literally. Helpful people will be coming into your life at the beginning of the month. August 2 is especially favorable for chance meetings that stimulate your creative ideas and set a new course for you. One person in particular with contacts in film, television, or publishing, has a good idea that will manifest for you by August 13, a powerful day for you!

Mark your calendar for August 14, and plan a ritual or some activity to make the most of the New Moon in Leo. This is the most spiritual day of your month, a day of Divine intervention. Ask your spiritual and earthly angels for guidance, but be specific. They want to help you and request your open acceptance of their help!

On August 11, Jupiter, the biggest planet of the solar system, will start shining its light into your career house. You may have been wondering how to achieve more visibility in your career. Jupiter says, “Ask how can you be of service to the whole of humanity through your work?” It wants you to think bigger.

In love, Venus, the planet of relationships, is moving backward through a compatible sign. You may hear randomly from someone from your past. It could be fun to rekindle old flames! If you are in a relationship, this month promises incredible passion. You and your special someone might want a romantic getaway at the beginning of the month, especially on August 4. Make it spontaneous!

Capricorn (December 22January 19)
When Alice chased the white rabbit down the rabbit hole, she had no idea she would enter a different dimension and embark on a magical journey. You are exploring new depths within yourself, Capricorn, and you could be surprised at the treasures you find. On a practical level, you may consider seeing a hypnotherapist, Reiki healer, or counselor at this time to help you develop a deeper sense of wholeness. Past-life regression therapy is also a wonderful tool for uncovering deep, karmic patterns that need healing and restoration. Now is a favorable time to deepen your spirituality, make contact with your guides and angels, and then experience real shifts in your life.

This month highlights potential for determining new ways to draw passive income. You have the Midas touch! Do a little brainstorming at the beginning of the month, and execute those plans after August 11. Have you had a wild idea in the back of your mind for a while? It could pay off substantially. Weigh the pros and cons, and approach the decision logically. Consult your astrologer or intuitive for a little extra guidance…and maybe a nudge in the right direction.

Now that the summer season is waning, you are starting to think about the school year ahead. Plan in advance, and take the last two weeks of August to relax into a new routine. If you have school-aged children, push a little harder than usual to ensure their success. Help them get adjusted by encouraging extra reading and academic prep work.

The Full Moon on August 29 marks a significant turning point for you, professionally and personally. You may hear good news about publishing or other media opportunities. If you are a writer, this is a great time to negotiate deals and submit new work.

In love, Venus, the planet of romance, is moving backward in the heavens. You can’t live in the past anymore. I say that with encouragement and support. Move forward! Set new horizons for yourself. Even if you’ve been married for years, you can still create new beginnings in your partnership. Restore some passion. Take a quick getaway with your special someone at the beginning of the month to reconnect.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
With many decisions you make in your life, you will have the opportunity to change your mind. Some are a bit more permanent, like adopting a puppy or having a child, for example. If you have wiggled your way into an uncomfortable situation or unhappy relationship, this may be the perfect time to move in a new direction. Follow your heart, and you will find the courage to make a big change. This is especially true on August 2.

On August 4, you could have the chance to reconnect with a beneficial professional contact. Revisit past discussions and brainstorm, but wait to make big moves forward. You need a little more preparation to expand your audience and focus on your overall strategy.

If you are involved with sales or own your own business, this is a great time to promote yourself and your company. You have brilliant ideas right now. So, monetize them! Start with your brand. Does it need an update? Review all of your marketing materials…and start over if you have to. Again, you get to change your mind!

I want to focus much of your horoscope on the subject of love and relationships, as that is an emphasized area of your life this month. Some of you may be planning to take your relationship to the next level. In my practice, I experience what is called “commitment crisis.” This is a phenomenon that occurs right before a major commitment, like an engagement or a home purchase. Sometimes, it even happens at the 6-month mark of a relationship, which is a turning point in the first year of a relationship. Anytime a relationship is about to move to the next level, each in the couple feels a type of anxiety. For some couples, fighting ensues. Some individuals question everything and dwell obsessively on the other’s flaws. Others fear betrayal or abandonment and start looking through emails or Facebook. This is all normal. When something changes in our lives, we feel that energetic shift on so many levels. We are wired to seek comfort and stability. Change can trigger our survival instincts. The “commitment crisis” means you’re on the right track. It means something magical is manifesting. You get to choose how it plays out. Do you want to leave? Or would you rather stay? You get to choose! That point before a change is the stirring of your spirit. Tune in deeper and discover the hidden motivations and fears. Then, let go of the fear. I predict a beautiful new chapter for you.

If you’re single, this is a great time to meet someone. Fix up your online profile, and say, “YES!” to new dates. By August 15, one might offer hope!

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
What keeps tugging you back into the past? Your heartstrings never tug independently. There is usually someone on the other side energetically signaling to you. Before you rush to the phone, email, or Facebook, first remember how far you’ve grown since that relationship made its way into your life. You do not need to step back into an unhealthy dynamic to secure a little closure. There are two ways to communicate: physically and energetically. Send some silent signals to that person from the past, telling him/her that you love and accept him/her, but that you’re finished. Use your thoughts, imagination, and daydreams to say what may feel impossible in actuality. Then, let go.

In other matters, you are on the brink of a new career peak. Reflect on what was up for you in December. Any new endeavors you were trying to bring to fruition at that time may have taken a few false starts. Now, is the time for all of your hard work to pay off.

For some of you, financial shifts and changes are in the works. You will hear good news on August 13, which could secure your place in a new income bracket. For others, this is a time to identify your financial goals and priorities. Is this a better time to save resources? Conserve now, and then you can take a much-needed break in September.

This month highlights your health and wellbeing. You may consider starting a new diet or exercise routine. For optimum success, kick it off onAugust 4, when you may feel a bit of an extra momentum from a special someone. Aim to impress, and push yourself just a bit more than usual. Work with a trainer if necessary.

Let’s go back to your love life, Pisces. On August 11, Jupiter shines its light in your relationship sector, ushering in an 11-month cycle when partnerships of all kinds favor nicely for your future. By August 29, you realize new insights about your past relationships that will allow you to let go. With that freedom, you can start opening your heart for the future. If you are involved in a relationship, the end of the month, afterAugust 23, may offer hopeful possibilities for love. If you’re seeking a new relationship, manifestation starts with setting intentions and asking for what you want. Make that a priority on the New Moon on August 14, and see what magical happenings start stirring in your life.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
The winds of change are still blowing in your direction for a while. As much as you may want to overturn every corner of your life and clear out the dust bunnies, keep in mind that stillness offers its own unique gifts, namely, perspective. Perhaps the path you thought you would take has led to a dead end. You get to turn around, Aries. You get to change courses and follow a new direction.

August gives you the gift of creativity and fertility. With all of that divine nurturing energy, you may want to retreat away and paint or write. Creative outlets offer such healing for any unresolved pain or anger from the past. Give yourself some healthy outlets. Certainly, you can also be creative with your physical expression. Dance or try a new martial arts experience.

Children favor prominently in your month, too. You may wish to take the little ones in your life on one last summer outing. Perhaps you have also been contemplating moving abroad for a brief time to give them a chance to experience another culture. Start making plans now, and you won’t regret the adventure!

After August 11, you may have new career opportunities unexpectedly opening up for you. This is your shining moment, and although your day-to-day routine will change, you will be working your way toward larger goals you’ve been manifesting. After August 23, you will have more certainty about how to balance new responsibilities with personal time.

In love, Venus is moving retrograde in another fire sign. This signals a time of turning inward and reflecting on past disappointments and missed connections. Perhaps you may consider reconnecting with a lover from your past. This will provide healing and answers for you both. Offer apologies if you left abruptly or severed ties. Conversely, accept apologies if they are offered to you. If you’re happily coupled, this is a romantic month! Make the most of it by whisking your partner away on a spontaneous journey, especially around August 4.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
You are the practical dreamer, grounding your new ideas with a tangible action plan. This gift proves useful this month, as close friends and family members ask your advice and maybe even financial support for their new endeavors. Realize that you can be the voice of reason, and you can also truthfully suggest an alternative plan. Not all ideas are workable in the long term, as you have discovered over the past two and a half years. Sometimes, you need flexibility, to be more of a bamboo tree than an oak.

This month, your home needs extra TLC, especially before August 11. If you have considered making a major move, explore new neighborhoods or even cities, and assess whether or not the market is in your favor. Perhaps you have been avoiding making major repairs. Does it all seem like too much effort? Hire an expert, and you may be surprised to hear it’s easier than you expected. August 4 is a great time for cosmetic changes in your environment. Feng Shui expert Tisha Morris has a new book, Decorating with the Five Elements that can offer some new ideas about how to shift the energy of your abode while you’re making improvements.

If you are a parent, you know that back-to-school time has arrived. Where did the summer months go? Celebrate the last few weeks of a more relaxed routine by taking time with your children. Even a day trip would help them end the summer on a high note before the demands of school start back up. As another year commences, celebrate new passages in your family.

Your ruling planet, Venus, is retrograde this month, and under this influence, your love life may feel a bit rocky. You are in a healing process, and issues you thought had been resolved may come up again. Consider this another layer of awareness to process and clear. You may have had disappointments or painful breakups. As a fixed sign, you commit to relationships with tenacity. It can be difficult to let go and forgive unresolved issues from the past, especially if conversing with your former partner is not possible. Try journaling or experiential therapy techniques to develop a sense of resolution. This process is essential if you hope to move forward in a more fulfilling relationship. Even if you are happily partnered, this is a good time to do a bit of energetic house-keeping. Check in with yourself and notice if you have any unexpressed words or buried memories. Healing is possible, and your relationship can significantly evolve to become more fulfilling.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)
Do you remember the fairy tale about Billy Goat’s Gruff? In this story, a mischievous troll lived under a bridge, and he caused all kinds of ruckus. He refused to let Billy Goat pass from one side to the next. Finally, one day, the goat wised up and took action. The goat realized that force alone would not solve the problem, he had to use his intellect and outwit the troll. As a Gemini, you’ve got two sides of your personality- the troll and the Billy Goat. The Billy Goat (your conscious mind), wants to move forward in new, expansive ways. However, the other part of your personality (that we might call your subconscious mind), keeps engaging in various forms of sabotage. You have to outsmart that part of yourself. You have to recognize its voice and how it may be holding you back. Study the story of Billy Goat and reflect on what parts of yourself are represented.

Professionally, this month is extremely favorable for marketing yourself, especially through social media. Spend a little extra time at the beginning of the month, especially August 2, to evaluate your online presence. Are you effectively expressing your true self? Dig deeper and find out what resistances you may have to build your audience. Then, hire someone to help if necessary. Shine your light as brightly as you can so that others can see you. You have brilliant words and ideas worth sharing.

You may have had a dream lurking in the background of your mind. Others have considered it unreasonable, but you’re sure it’s a viable possibility. I have good news! You’re right, it is feasible. Go ahead and consider this your sign, a veritable green light! However, now is not the time to launch. You have too many details to determine first. For example, how will you fund this endeavor? Where there is hope, there are always possibilities for miracles. Wait until late September, when you have greater clarity about your finances. That’s the time when you can see what resources may be available for you.

If you have children, then the back-to-school routine may disrupt your free-spirited nature. After August 23, your attention will be focused on home, and favorable news about the family close to August 26 gives you a reason for celebration. A challenging period has come to an end, and your family concerns have reached closure and completion. Perhaps that means that you have separated from unhealthy relationships. Or maybe you have made peace after a period of conflict. Whatever changes you experience, trust that fractured relationships will be different moving forward.

In love, focus on fun for now. In the later part of the fall, you’ll have assurance about making a commitment. If you are happily involved, try to stay in the present moment, especially if frustrations from the past seem to surface from out of the depths of your subconscious. Turn all emotional fire into a passion. That will deepen your connection…and introduce a little more fun into your relationship.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
The summertime is waning, and you may feel as if a cloud has been hovering over your head. Everything looks a little dimly lit, the periphery of forms and objects seems indistinguishable in this kind of light. Where has your intuition been hiding over the past couple of weeks? Your life is evolving at a rapid pace, but you cannot yet see how the changes will manifest. Nor can you have any certainty about the path unfolding before you. Give yourself a little more time, and you will be able to see more clearly. By the Full Moon on August 29, you will have the answers you need. For the first part of the month, live in the unknown. Offer gratitude for the extra time, and trust that everything is unfolding in perfect, divine order.

Good news about your finances gives you an energetic boost on August 4. You may have been waiting for this promotion, and now that it’s here, you have some spending decisions to make. Assess your priorities, and organize your budget. You may find you have more than you projected. Enjoy the surplus, but think about saving for the future. After August 11, you may have an awakened sense of limitations. Find a good accountant or financial planner to help you make long-term plans with those extra funds. This will allow you to grow more wealth over time.

That bout of writer’s block is about to lift, and as it does, you may crave outlets for your creativity. Consider a ceramics class or writer’s workshop to facilitate self-expression. You may have been wondering how to monetize those creative endeavors. Your rich insights can pay dividends if you find the right medium for expression. Consider writing a blog, for example, or developing curriculum for a webinar. You will soon start a longer process of building success, one step at a time. For now, however, just create.

Relationships with siblings might undergo a period of turbulence, as you rehash stories and scenarios from the past. You have the opportunity to gain clarity about your childhood if you can resist the urge to take things personally. Realize that each of us is entitled to our unique opinions and perspectives. Yours is no more valid than the others. Look for ways to gain solidarity, and your relationships with your family members will flourish. Try to see things from a wider perspective by zooming out from your lens.

Your love life may not be the top priority this month, but you are in a process of transformation. The way you’ve previously managed relationships is shifting significantly, and you are rebuilding your ideas of yourself in the process. Allow these changes to manifest gracefully. Empower yourself, and resist any codependent urges. You are not responsible for the feelings of your special someone. If conflict ensues, practice kindness and compassion, but don’t lose yourself in the process! What do you need at this time? A little more nurturing? If your love relationship lacks reciprocity, change your approach. Start asking more questions.



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