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Rachel Lang

Rachel Lang is a professionally certified astrologer and healer who works with individuals, small businesses, and corporations. An internationally recognized speaker, she also hosts workshops and offers classes, retreats and meditation groups. Rachel loves helping people identify and heal challenges or roadblocks in life. She supports them in decision-making processes by mapping astrological trends and forecasts to offer a glimpse of what’s ahead. Her favorite part of her job is writing horoscopes and articles for LVBX Magazine. You can find out more or schedule a session online at http://rachelclang.com.


You are energized right now, ready to say “yes” to love and life. Because of this, you’ll probably want to accept all invitations, so you don’t miss out on a good time or favorable opportunity. Instead, relieve yourself of that added pressure. Trust you’ll find your way to exactly where you most need to be at any given time and allow yourself to flow with life.

House projects pull your focus in the middle of the month, especially from June 14-21. You might decide to start a renovation project or make a significant change. Tear down walls or clear out any clutter. Anything you do to restructure your home will add new dimensions to your life. Just ask any Feng Shui expert! If you’ve been thinking about making a move, expect the plan to unfold after the solstice on June 21.

Your mind is quite active this month and ready to learn something new. The new moon on June 3 offers you a bright idea. Seek information from trusted friends and community members. Then, follow up by taking action steps.

In business, focus on communication, strategy, and marketing. Use your creative insights to kickstart new projects. With so much momentum, you have what it takes to launch an endeavor.   

The full moon on June 17 heightens your wanderlust. What new landscapes will you explore? Start by adopting a freer mindset. See yourself as capable of going and doing without limitation. An adventure awaits, and it could involve a new beginning for your love life.


What does self-worth mean to you? How do you value yourself in your personal and professional life? I invite you to answer those questions to help determine how open you are to experience more love and abundance in your life. Venus in your sign at the beginning of the month increases your confidence. It’s time to prioritize yourself. On June 8, Venus shifts into Gemini, but she still invites you to be mindful of whether or not the energy you send out into the world is coming back to you in ways that allow you to feel seen.

Set a financial intention around the time of the new moon on June 3, as you have manifesting power right now. You can take a business idea to a new level or strategize about ways to earn extra income. Your finances will be a focal point throughout most of the month, and you could decide to secure funding or a loan. Around the time of the full moon on June 17, you could have insights about shared resources, making this a favorable time to talk through any financial issues with your partner.  

As you deepen your sense of worth, you might expect more from your relationships. This mindset shift could lead to positive changes in your love life. If you are single, access your courage, move beyond your comfort zone, and date in a new way. If you are involved in a relationship, you might find more effective ways to communicate with your partner.

GEMINI (MAY 20 – JUNE 20):

It’s your birthday! Are you ready for another year? Think of your new year as a blank canvas. What would you like to create? You’ve access to pure potential right now, and doubt and fear are your only limiting factors. Set intentions at the beginning of the month, especially around the time of the new moon on June 3. Then, relax and allow a new storyline to unfold.

Venus moves into your sign on June 8, helping inspire your sense of style. Make your way to a boutique off the beaten path where you can discover new designers or hidden gems. You have a more positive perspective on finances this month, but be mindful of your budget, especially June 16.

Professionally, this is a time of expansion and reaching beyond your limits. Though at times, you may feel uncomfortable in the process. As you stretch yourself in new directions, access the powers of both hemispheres of your brain, the logical right and nonlinear left. Also, keep an open mind when meeting new people: some could prove helpful.

The full moon on June 17 highlights your love life. It magnifies any present conditions and brings awareness to what’s working as well as what’s not. If you are single, try to keep things in perspective and appreciate your freedom for the time being, as this time might not last long! Venus in your sign after June 8 helps boost your confidence. If you’re in a relationship, relax and enjoy the best aspects of being partnered.  


There’s a groundswell of energy moving like a wave beneath the surface of what we can consciously see. It’s a motivating force for change, and you’re tapped into it. You’ve been feeling it for some time, but this June, you have a new awareness about what it might mean for your personal life as well as in the world at large.

On June 14, Mars in your sign opposes Saturn, the planet of authority. It could be time to rise into a more powerful position or accept a leadership role. If you have been looking for a new job or in line for a promotion, stay focused on your goal, and you can overcome any challenges along the way. Mars gives you extra courage if you need it for an interview, presentation, pitch, or awkward conversation. With Mercury in your sign from June 4- 27, you have a brilliant way with words. Use this influence to tap into your creative potential. Brainstorm, write, or otherwise express yourself.

You could have new levels of awareness about dynamics in your personal relationships between June 17-21. Do you find yourself placing your needs on the back burner? If so, address your concerns by having honest conversations. Relationships could undergo a transformation at this time. Stay open-hearted, and trust that sudden shifts are for the best. After the solstice on June 21, the sun moves through your sign, helping you feel more confident and emotionally secure, no matter what your relationship status may be.

LEO (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22):

As we start the month, you are the ringleader and connector. Take advantage of this social time, as you could establish new relationships, especially around the time of the new moon on June 3. Venus enters lively Gemini on June 8, assisting you in hosting a party or planning an event. You could be asked to be chair of a committee, but set limits for your time and don’t forget to delegate to your helpers.

A career change is on the horizon, but you might not have a clear vision for the future. Stay open-minded. You could receive clues in your dreams and waking life at the end of the month. Repeating number sequences, like 11:11 or 5:55, are signs of impending changes. They could take time to manifest, though. So, have patience and trust the process. The end of the month is favorable for you to pitch an idea, finalize a contract, or market yourself in a new way.

The full moon on June 17 illuminates the possibility for romance. Rather than focus on the challenges you’ve faced, have faith in the process. Your storyline is still unfolding, and you will see how the puzzle pieces come together. Those of you who are involved have opportunities to have fun and enjoy your partner. So, let down your guard, open your heart, and have a good time. If you can, take a trip or getaway with your person, especially around June 23, when Venus and Jupiter urge you to indulge a little.


You might experience a period of emotional turbulence right before something remarkable manifests in your life. This is a way for your body, mind, and soul to generate the energy necessary for transformation, and it does take energy! Just ask any caterpillar storing up reserves before enclosing itself in a cocoon. Chaos is unordered, unstructured energy, and your creative processes focus that energy into a tangible form. Right now, you’ve got it— the vision, the dream. So, ride the emotional waves this month, trusting that they will level out as you take the action steps necessary to achieve your goals.

The new moon on June 3 draws your attention to your career. Brainstorm ideas, collaborate with colleagues, and look for ways to expand in your current profession. You may consider learning a new skill or taking a class. A surprise encounter around June 27 could help you reach new levels of recognition.

The full moon on June 17 strengthens family bonds, but you may need to work through challenging situations leading up to that point. Jupiter’s influence can help you express your truth if you have been holding back for fear of conflict. Trust it will happen in divine timing, and you’ll have access to the perfect words.  

In your love life, you could feel a mixture of idealism and frustration, especially if you’re single. Neptune in your relationship sector helps you realize your deepest desires and your dreams for a romantic future. However, it also makes you painfully aware of what’s not working for you right now.


Mars pushes you slightly outside of your comfort zone this month by asking you to put yourself first. You could be led to defend your position or assert yourself from June 14-20.  Your words and actions might rock the boat with family members or close friends who are used to your willingness to compromise. Have faith and allow your heart to lead. The full moon on June 17 inspires just the right words for a meaningful conversation.

You have a taste of wanderlust. Follow the urge to travel to a new destination. You may not want to leave! Your mind is open to new horizons, metaphorically and literally, especially at the time of the new moon on June 3.

You can access the courage you need to take a calculated risk with your career throughout the month, but especially after the solstice on June 21. Do you have an awakening dream? If so, be bold in beginning the pursuit, while still being careful not to disrupt your financial security. This is a favorable time to secure a new client or improve upon existing sales.

On June 8, your ruling planet, Venus, moves into Gemini, making this a social time for you. If you are single, enjoy having the freedom to flirt with others; your charm is at its peak. Those of you in relationships may need to navigate some emotional ups and downs in the middle of the month. Make sure you find time to relax and enjoy romance.


The new moon on June 3 draws your attention to financial matters. You could take steps to secure a loan or mortgage, but do not rush decisions, as you could have more clarity about the overall situation by the end of the month. Likewise, be cautious in making new investments, especially from June 9-16. If your intuition sends you a signal something is off, pay attention to that voice of your inner wisdom telling you to wait. Then, ask more questions and do a little more research. By the full moon on June 17, you will have clarity about lingering financial questions.  

If someone close asks you to travel, accept the invitation. A journey to a new destination could be more like a hero’s journey for you, and your life could change as a result. You are in an exciting, expansive period of growth. So, when it comes to travel, education, intellectual activities, or other areas of life, keep an open mind and let go of any need for control. Be in the flow with life, as it could move you to a new destination.

Venus is in your opposite sign until June 8, shining a light on your love life. Are you in a relationship? If so, you might start the month feeling more solidly connected to your partner. If you are single, confront your relationship fears early in the month, especially issues of trust. Then, you will be more open to experiencing dating as an exciting adventure at the end of the month.


You are a generous helper, ready to offer advice or lend a hand to anyone in need. While this is an admirable trait, you may need to set some parameters for yourself this month. It would be easy to allow yourself to be distracted by others, and you could lose focus for some of what you’re trying to create in your life right now. You have manifesting power! So, honor your goals and top priorities. Then, after that, share your time and resources with those who most appreciate what you have to offer.

The new moon on June 3 brings all of your attention to your relationships. You could have profound realizations about how to face intimacy fears and experience more love in your life. Stay open-minded, and love could surprise you. Venus enters your relationship sector on June 8, making this month a romantic time.

Venus also helps you to discover ways to partner with others in business affairs as well. Connect with others to expand your social and professional networks.

Financial matters could weigh on your mind, especially after June 14. You may consider finding new ways to invest your resources after June 21. Consult with your advisor to look at the various possibilities available for you. Issues of self-worth and personal value may underlie your current financial concerns. By restructuring your notion of who you are and all that you offer to the world, you could discover ways to achieve more financial security, no matter what your economic status may be.


We have aspects of ourselves that we cannot easily recognize, and we draw relationships into our lives to mirror those aspects. This process offers us a chance to become more integrated and whole, but it’s not always easy! If you notice yourself having judgments about others or struggling with personality conflicts, ask yourself, “What about myself is this situation allowing me to see?” Be open to loving and accepting even the most annoying, frustrating aspects of yourself, especially from June 14-21.

At the beginning of the month, your work is in a good groove. You feel accomplished and on top of your tasks. Try to keep everything in the right balance, making sure to get enough downtime. Honor your health, too, by getting exercise and taking supplements. Pay special attention to your digestion around the time of the new moon on June 3. You may be more sensitive to foods and allergens.

With Mars in your sector of agents and representatives, you may have to renegotiate a contract or seek new representation. The same applies to business partnerships. If you have concerns, express them honestly and directly. If you’re not satisfied with those relationships, you could decide to go in a new direction at the end of the month.

Your love life is undergoing a metamorphosis, no matter what your relationship status may be. Throughout the month, you have insights about how to have a more fulfilling experience of love and relationships, leading up to a breakthrough around June 27.


Einstein said, “Creativity is the residue of time wasted.” If you want to experience your creative genius this month, you may want to build some unstructured time into your schedule. But first, I encourage you to reframe your mindset about productivity and busyness. Try to adopt this Taoist idea as a mantra: I do nothing, and everything gets done. Then, allow yourself to take it easy for at least five minutes per day. The new moon on June 3 opens access to your right brain ideas, and it marks a new beginning in how you express yourself to the world.

If you are a parent, let your play time with your children help you access this genius within you. If you have been thinking about starting a family or trying to conceive, the new moon offers a breakthrough to help the process.

The full moon on June 17 highlights your social life. You may look for ways to become more involved in the community as well.

The sun shines in your sector of romance until the solstice on June 21, illuminating possibilities for new encounters or renewal of love in your current partnership. If you have been involved in a relationship with an unavailable partner or if your relationship features a push-pull dynamic, you could peel back layers and get to the root of why you have attracted this into your life in the first place. Through healing, you will allow yourself to have a greater experience of love in your life.


Ungrounded electricity can cause a shock! It’s the same with your creative energy. The more you ground it with decisive action and a disciplined approach to completing each step, the more you can direct that power. Start by focusing on your living space. Does it feel in flux? If so, make a designated meditation space and begin each day with a set spiritual practice, especially on June 3.

You may wish to make changes to your home so that it better supports you in all areas of your life. Clean closets and storage spaces, and assess what you can do to the front exterior to make it feel more inviting.  If you are in the process of moving, you will have the inspiration to decorate your new space after June 9.

The full moon on June 17 draws your attention toward your public life. You could become aware of how you might be holding yourself back. Mars in Cancer helps motivate you to express yourself, and as a result, you could find ways to reach a bigger audience.

After the solstice on June 21, the sun moves through Cancer and your sector of romance, awakening your desire for connection. Be careful not to get too carried away with a fling before assessing whether or not the person is available. If you are involved in a relationship, you and your partner could go through a renewal process, willingly confronting any issues challenging your relationship and making a plan to improve communication. This could mean a new beginning in love.

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