February Horoscopes + Rachel Lang

Rachel Lang is a professionally certified astrologer and healer who works with individuals, small businesses, and corporations. An internationally recognized speaker, she also hosts workshops and offers classes, retreats and meditation groups. Rachel loves helping people identify and heal challenges or roadblocks in life. She supports them in decision-making processes by mapping astrological trends and forecasts to offer a glimpse of what’s ahead. Her favorite part of her job is writing horoscopes and articles for LVBX Magazine. You can find out more or schedule a session online at http://rachelclang.com.

This month’s astrological news features a partial solar eclipse on February 15. Eclipses signify change, and because this eclipse happens at a degree opposite from the one we all witnessed this past August, it could magnify any themes present for you or for the collective at that time. So, before reading your horoscope, reflect back over the past six months. What life challenges have you experienced? What themes have been up for you? The answers to those questions could determine how this month’s energies play out for you.

Leo rules the heart, and its opposite sign Aquarius rules the circulatory system. Your heart informs you of your purpose and connects you to your soul’s desire. When you open your heart chakra (through prayer, love, celebration, grief, creative projects, or intention), you have access to more courage to live your life. When your heart is open, you can only live your truth because anything else causes spiritual and even physical pain.

When you live authentically, honoring your deepest soul desires, you circulate positive energy out into the world. The Aquarius/Leo axis emphasizes the relationship between the expression of the self and contribution to the community— the heart and circulatory system.

Because Valentine’s Day is also this month, and we are thinking about heart-centered things, I wanted to try something a little different with this month’s horoscopes. I want to focus this month’s messages on the subject of love. I also am writing this the week of my wedding, and love is on my mind right now! Next month, I’ll be back with my usual monthly forecast, but for now, let’s let love rule!

So much has shifted in the world, and more change is on the horizon. We are living in an exciting time during a paradigm shift. As a result, our thoughts and emotions are more influential in determining our destiny. You may have been contemplating how you can live your purpose on a deeper level; as a result, you have perhaps become more in touch with your personal desires and goals. Living the purest expression of yourself could be the key to unlocking your potential. If you were ever told you weren’t good enough for something in the past, give it another try! Maybe the timing was off. Let your deep desires express themselves in incremental ways, and you will avoid disrupting all you have built thus far.

By the time the Sun enters Pisces on February 18, you can more easily surrender to the magic of a co-creative process. Release any potential resistance to positivity by allowing yourself to feel more joy in everyday life up to that point.

Finally, understand your limitations. You cannot singlehandedly solve problems or create solutions for big societal issues. However, you can connect with others, gather with friends, pray, and do at least one thing in your everyday life to make a difference in the world. When the Sun is in Aquarius, we feel more compelled to see beyond our individual lives and contribute to the whole, but we get to this point by more intensely feeling our passion and experiencing a heart expansion. From within, love radiates out.

ARIES (MARCH 21 – APRIL 19): As an Aries, you love a good chase, whether you’re the hunter or the hunted. Sometimes, though, you tire of this game and desire to get real. If so, I have a good forecast for you! Stop the chase for a moment, stand still, and focus your intention on your ultimate goal. You want to love with passion in a relationship that makes you feel free, right? You truly can have this; maybe you already do. In fact, we often become stuck by our own limitations and not by the demands of our partners. This happens through a process of projection and transference. When you can find your part of the equation, you can begin to experience a new kind of freedom in love. Because you can have what you want, let anything not aligned with you fall away. You get to be discriminating. With feisty Mars, your ruling planet, in the sign of Sagittarius this month, your Valentine’s Day could be quite an adventure. Take risks, activate your courage, and say what you need to speak but may have been holding back. The New Moon on February 15 highlights friendships; if you are single, go out and have a blast celebrating your free spirit.

TAURUS (APRIL 20 – MAY 20): So many people love you. It’s true! Your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances make up a huge interlocking web of which you are a part. Fellow Taurus Barbara Streisand sang the lyrics, “…people who need people are the luckiest people in the world.” While you may pride yourself on being independent and self-reliant, your greatest Taurus blessings come during those rare occasions when you ask and receive. When you are in a state of receptivity, willing to allow others into your life in generous ways, you are activating a high octave of your ruling planet, Venus. In those times, you have magnetic energy, and you can attract almost any experience of love, abundance, success, and joy into your life. This month, your ruling planet is in the sweet sign of Pisces, which means that magnetic attraction is at a high point for the year. So, what do you want to receive? Ask, and allow it to flow into your life from other people and the divine.

GEMINI (MAY 20 – JUNE 20): Drop your shields, those coping strategies you have that keep you busy and even a little distracted from your deeper feelings. Surrender to the will of the divine working its magic in your life. This means let down your guard down and consider allowing someone into your life in a deeper way. Feel your heart stretch open a little wider. If you have previously resisted love and happiness (for fear of commitment, perhaps?), your tune has changed over the past two and a half years. You have jumped over hurdles to get to this point, and you are ready for something meaningful and real. The trials of the past few years offered you clarity, and you know what you want. If you are in a relationship, you may be led to make decisions this month, maybe even declarations of love. Time is of the essence. What do you have to lose? If you are single, the process of surrender could lead you closer to manifesting true love.

CANCER (JUNE 21 – JULY 22): Love is taking you to new heights this month as you soar up beyond anything you imagined possible. If you are single and want that to change, set your sights higher, and manifest from that place. You are on a spiritual journey, and the desire for love will compel you forward on that path. Let go of the past, including any regrets, disappointments, or resentment. These energies just weigh you down. Have faith in positive outcomes, and keep looking at the sky for inspiration, guidance, and direction. Release fears, especially those feelings of lack. There are enough love and abundance to go around. You can have it all. With Venus in dreamy Pisces, you might even feel a little more romantic this month. See what happens when you keep lifting? Possibilities abound.

LEO (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22): The New Moon on February 15 happens to be a powerful eclipse in your seventh house of partnership, and this influence helps usher in a whole new chapter in your love life. What can you do to prepare? Define your relationship goals, clarify your intentions for your love life, and listen to your heart. If you feel stuck within your current relationship, you might benefit from readjusting your attitude. Focus on the positive aspects of your partnership, and witness an immediate shift in the way your partner responds to you. You may be at a breaking point, but you can at least try to tell yourself a new story and see what difference it makes. Your soul is on a big evolutionary path, thanks to the eclipse activating your opposite sign. Because of this, all relationships are shifting for you. If you are single and looking for love, this new chapter could help you recognize your inherent worth. You deserve big love; this could be your mantra all month long.

VIRGO (AUGUST 23 – SEPTEMBER 22): Your inner hero compels you to help others as well as make a difference in the world. This personality trait makes you lovable and also helps you earn big karma points. However, it becomes problematic when others take advantage of your goodness. If this happens too often, you could shut it down— resist love altogether and vow to live a single life. Is that really what you want? If not, here’s a thought: Open the receiving channels of your heart. Allow people to do generous and wonderful things for you. Let your partner spoil you this Valentine’s Day. You might even allow your friends to treat you to dinner if the occasion arises this month. Let love in. Heart expansion can diffuse the voice of your inner critic long enough for you to own your deservedness. You have to do nothing to earn love. Love is the essence of who you are when you strip away the various ego identities that would have you believe you’re anything else. Be love, and you will manifest the relationships you desire.

LIBRA (SEPTEMBER 22- OCTOBER 22): Love is one of the greatest forces for change, both personally and societally. For example, think about the crazy new things you try when you first fall in love. You listen to different kinds of music, try strange food combinations, or even change up your wardrobe. You might even come out of the closet or expand your perspectives on certain issues. Love can stir within you a desire to settle down and start a family. It takes courage to step forward in a commitment with another person, and even more to bring a child into the world. If you are in a relationship and contemplating these possibilities, you could gain clarity with the influence of the New Moon and a partial solar eclipse on February 15. If your relationship has been rocky, you might desire to turn in new directions. All sorts of possibilities are open for you; have faith in your ability to navigate the twists and turns. If you are single, understand this New Moon features a conjunction with Juno, the asteroid associated with marriage, and it’s happening in your fifth house of romance. Let your heart lead the way. It’s open and ready for a deep soul connection. Allow it in.

SCORPIO (OCTOBER 23 – NOVEMBER 21): When it comes to secret-keeping, you are an expert. You hold others’ confidential information in a sort of mental lockbox, and you have quite a few of your own private details. If you are in a complex romantic situation, you might not want to say too much until you figure it all out this month. Hidden truth usually comes out, especially if it involves deception of some kind. Be careful, therefore, if you are involved in a situation that compromises your integrity, especially on February 21. Even a minor indiscretion could compromise everything you’ve built in your life. If, however, you take the high road and make conscious decisions, you will benefit from ample rewards. For those of you involved in a relationship, the New Moon highlights your home and family, initiating a brand new cycle of commitment in these areas of your life. You could decide to settle down with your partner or engage in discussions about family life. Venus, the planet of love and relationships, enters compatible Pisces on February 10. This signals a period of heightened romance, creativity, and even fertility. Your luck could change if you are single and longing for a relationship. By February 21, when Venus conjuncts Neptune, your romantic notions could lead you through an exploration process during which you will find new ways to meet a soulmate.

SAGITTARIUS (NOVEMBER 22 – DECEMBER 21): Mars, the passion planet, is in your sign all month long. Because of this, you could be buzzing with excitement, energy, and readiness to experience your love life in a whole new way. If you have had troubled relationships or been involved in complicated situations, change starts with you. Notice romantic red flags right away, and don’t give into the illusion that they will go away. If you keep attracting unavailable people, ask yourself: How am I unavailable for love? The answer to this could offer you the key to unlock your relationship potential. You are coming out of a three-year period during which your faith was tested, but this is over! So, it’s time for a new chapter in love, and you could experience this as soon as February 15. If you have a healthy, happy relationship, you might be ready to find ways to strengthen your bond, like attending couples’ retreats, developing a shared spiritual practice, or taking up a shared hobby, like dancing. Venus, the planet of love and romance, is in your fourth house of home and family after February 10. You can make small changes to your home to enhance your love life, like buying fresh flowers for your table, decluttering your bedroom to clear away things from past relationships, or adding symbols of love on top of your nightstands, like rose quartz crystals or heart-shaped stones. Consider having a Feng Shui consultation to receive suggestions from a pro. These action steps let your subconscious mind know: You dare to fall in love truly and deeply. You’re ready.

CAPRICORN (DECEMBER 22 – JANUARY 19): Saturn (your ruling planet) in your sign makes everything more serious. In fact, your love horoscope for this month could include an exchange of keys or engagement rings. At the very least, you could be contemplating ways to grow deeper in your commitment to your person. This isn’t a saccharine Valentine’s Day filled with chocolates, roses, and sentimentality. It’s deeper and perhaps even a little gritty. It’s real. You could have decisions to face and challenges to overcome. You have to experience love as commitment. Before any major relationship upgrade, Saturn puts us to the test. Are you sure you want this? How hard will you work for it? How much will you focus your energy on making it work? When you stay the course, overcoming obstacles and passing tests of faith, Saturn provides a reward. It’s like glue making the relationship stick. Those of you who are single may have opted to stay that way because you have experienced relationships as hard work. You might have instead focused your energy and attention on your career or community involvement. If so, you could be experiencing tests of faith and commitment in other areas of your life at this time. To all of you lovers, I offer this final message: Your ability to deepen your commitment to your partner depends upon your commitment to love and honor yourself first. Then, anything is possible.

AQUARIUS (JANUARY 20 – FEBRUARY 18): Happy birthday! Turn back time to last August. What were you doing? Who were you doing it with? Those themes up for you at that time may come back up this month, as the eclipse on February 15 gives you the chance to see things from a new perspective. Trust in the unfolding of a bigger soul plan if things feel shaky or uncertain. This month’s aspects suggest positive outcomes for you in all areas of your life. Love and relationships are big themes this month, especially around the Valentine’s Day holiday on February 14. With the New Moon in your sign on February 15, you might feel compelled to make a new commitment to love, and you might start with a vow to better love yourself. After all, this is the foundation of healthy loving relationships.

PISCES (FEBRUARY 19 – MARCH 20): “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This is the golden rule. Take note: This does not suggest you do unto others at the expense of yourself. Generosity works best when it flows from a place of ease, not from obligation, guilt, or stress. This month, consider placing your own interests first, being mindful of your energy and using it wisely. Clearly express yourself, especially with those who want a little more of you than you want to give. You are on the brink of a spiritual awakening, and with Venus in your sign all month, that awakening could come from a heart-expanding connection with someone special. Do you know what you want in your love life? Spend a few minutes thinking about this, listening to your heart’s genuine desire. You can manifest all of that and more if you are clear with your intention and willing to eliminate anything (or anyone) less.



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