First Look: Bishop Briggs Wants You to Put Her on Repeat

with Allison Shaw

Bishop Briggs is a name you may not know now, but soon will. London-born Briggs released a few singles this year including “Wild Horses” and “River.” Armed with just a cassette she put out into the scene, a cassette for goodness sakes – pure genius – considering you really have to be creative to find a cassette player in this day and age. Social media was a feeding frenzy to hear more. The music is blessed with gripping vocals that grab you and hang on, accompanied with a pumping bass that reaches internally inside your brain hanging onto her lyrics which are significantly more mature then you would guess from a 23 year old. You have that moment when you find your head moving to the beat without even realizing that you were. Hints of gospel meets soul and electronic rock which makes for great cross-over appeal for many a listener. Catch her on tour with Coldplay.

Image courtesy of Bishop Briggs. 

Allison Shaw, LVBX MagazineAllison got her big break in the music industry by writing for MTV/Vh1 where she interviewed everyone from Prince, to Elton John, Lenny Kravitz, Blink 182 and many more. From there she started Hyperactive Music Magazine that went national. Shaw then produced several big festivals and went to work for Rachael Ray’s Entertainment company. Shaw started Manic Monkee MGMT which manages bands and does brand strategy for all kinds of brands in music/tech/consumer products and aligns brands with events. The company also produces events. Shaw is also on the Board Of Directors for non-profit music charity Sweet Relief. Follow her on Twitter at @manicmonkee.



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