August Horoscopes + Rachel Lang

Rachel Lang is a professionally certified astrologer and consultant with an international client base of individuals, small businesses, and corporations. She hosts a regular video podcast/Internet radio show called Blissen Up about astrology and spirituality. An internationally recognized speaker, her workshops, classes, retreats and meditation groups connect a diverse group of like-minded individuals. Rachel helps her clients access spiritual and astrological insights to live more successful, purposeful lives. She empowers them in decision-making processes by identifying challenging influences or blocks. Then, she maps out astrological trends and forecasts to help clients see a clearer vision of the future. In client sessions, she focuses on event planning and timing, making and timing major decisions, navigating love life challenges, helping achieve career goals, timing of legal issues, planning travel and tours using astrocartography, making financial adjustments, and more.

LEO (JULY 23-AUGUST 22): Happy birthday! August is Leo season, YOUR time to shine as brightly as your ruling luminary, the Sun! Two eclipses in your sign this month (a lunar eclipse on August 7 and a solar one on August 21), will rock your world. If your birthday falls at the end of Leo season, from August 18-22, you will feel this the most. The eclipse energy makes you want to live bolder and braver. It’s a no-nonsense time when you have to confront any one or thing not in absolute resonance with your soul’s purpose. 

You were born with a need to create, and a life path dedicated to self-expression. Everything you do has to have that fiery spark of passion, or you can become depressed. Your biggest challenge? A fear of change. Forget that — you have the green light this month. Now, GO!!! 

If you take a leap of faith right now, you start out on a whole new adventure. Your soul came to learn lessons of self-acceptance and courage. Courage means knowing the truth of your heart and acting according to those deep soul-level desires. When you wait and wait for external validation, you lose precious time. 

So, ask yourself what you need to shine your brightest. If you need to let go of a job, relationship, or anything else, discern what next right steps to take so that you can gracefully make a transition.

In the Northern Hemisphere, it is summertime, and the sun’s intensity pleases a Leo! You might even consider vacationing in a tropical destination to capture some extra Vitamin D. So, lounging in the sun is necessary and essential for your health and well-being. A perfect time to get away would be August 7 — the lunar eclipse. Full moons can bring awareness about unpleasant circumstances in your life, and this one is super-charged because of the eclipse. Take precautionary measures, and step out of your routine for expanded perspective. 

We are all going to feel the intensity. Take the high road if any drama presents itself from August 7 to August 21. That is the “eclipse tunnel” when energy is at its greatest strength. When you commit to honoring your purpose in pursuing your path, distractions from others might arise. These are all designed to help you strengthen your resolve. Stay connected to yourself and true to your path.

In your love life, you might have some ups and downs at the beginning of the month. It could all smooth over after the 21st. To keep things fresh and romantic, try not to take things too seriously.  Have as much fun as possible. You might want to find somewhere extravagant for a date night on August 21. 

If you are single, this month offers many opportunities to heal from the past to prepare you for the right kind of love. You might consider attending a workshop to help facilitate the healing process. Once you learn to strike a balance between passion and stability, you have everything you want and more. Nothing throws you off kilter like drama. So, avoid it all this month! You could meet your soulmate any day — keep an open mind.

VIRGO (AUGUST 23-SEPTEMBER 22): Life offers contrasts to help us clarify our wants. When you feel stuck or unhappy in any area of your life, you can step back, reassess, and make changes. Then, you begin the process of manifesting new opportunities. Sometimes, this contrast is an important part of your spiritual evolution. It enables you to discern who or what you will allow into your life. In the time leading up to your birthday, you experience more contrast than usual as you stand face to face with your past, look closely at your life in the present moment and prepare for a new solar cycle. A new year. 

Two eclipses, a lunar eclipse on August 7 and a solar eclipse on August 21, symbolize revelations. You might discover some piece of information that changes your opinion about someone. Or you could experience a shock that alters the nature of your faith. It could even come through a paranormal experience or ESP.  When you wake up to Truth, it’s hard to go back to sleep. 

You might want to dedicate yourself to a spiritual practice this month. Meditate, hang out with spiritual friends, consult with a healer or astrologer, or anything else that feeds your soul’s growth. 

With Mercury moving through your sign most of the month, you have a gift for words at the beginning of the month. Focus on marketing, writing, promotion, or networking outreach to support your business until August 12. After that, Mercury stations retrograde, which is more favorable for completing projects or revisiting past initiatives. Professional opportunities could come from former colleagues. Reach out, plan coffee dates, and assess options after August 21. The sun moves into your sign on August 22, helping you win recognition for anything you do.

Finances feature prominently in your horoscope. Before making a major purchase, compare prices and accurately assess your needs. Jupiter in your second house of money suggests new income-earning opportunities, but Saturn in retrograde could lead to slow starts and extra financial demands. Weigh the pros and cons, and wait for clarity after August 25. If you are thinking about making new investments, research the facts now but wait until Mercury stations direct in September to take action.

Venus in compatible Cancer invites you to socialize; you might reconnect with friends from your past. Social engagements with friends new and old keep you open for connection in all its various forms, including romantic. You could meet someone who turns your world upside-down (in a good way). There is nothing like love to inspire a spiritual awakening because it expands your heart’s capacity to feel and keeps your analytical mind quiet. So, consider the possibility of a love connection. 

If you are in a relationship, you might have to recalibrate some aspects of your love life that don’t work for you. If you and your partner have been distant or disconnected, this is an excellent time to see a therapist or someone who can help you get back on track. The deeper you work on yourself, the more you ready yourself for the passionate and stable relationship you desire. 

LIBRA (SEPTEMBER 23-OCTOBER 22): Have you ever flown in a plane moving through turbulence? The aircraft shakes, and for a few minutes, things get scary. Despite the bumpy ride, things eventually smooth out, even if it happens after landing. Remember this metaphor throughout the month. Any turbulence you feel in your life, whether internal or external, will smooth. You will land safely. Try to assuage your fears, and trust in your future, while living fully and completely in the present. 

Energy is shifting faster than ever. With two powerful eclipses (lunar eclipse on August 7 and solar eclipse on August 21), you might find yourself the go-to helper among your friends. If you belong to any groups or organizations, you could also be called upon to help in bigger ways than ever before. Be careful not to volunteer too much of your time or exert all of your energy; you could feel overwhelmed with Jupiter transiting through your sign. 

Speaking of Jupiter, ideas you planted years ago are on the precipice of manifestation in your life right now. Think about your life twelve years ago. What did you dream? What did you want to achieve? What were big themes playing out in your life? Evaluate your current projects, goals, and professional aspirations. Which ones will pay off over the next twelve years? Do not focus on short term successes. Keep your eyes looking ahead, and use discernment when making career decisions.

With the last few weeks of summer peaking this month (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), take the time to relax. You could use a break, right? August 16 is perfect for shopping, indulging in delicious food, and scheduling a massage. You might allow your special someone to whisk you away. Go all out — make it a romantic vacation. 

If you have been obsessing over a relationship that has not worked out, relax. Your fears or resentment will not change the outcome. From August 13-16, try to find ways to heal the pain from the past, grieve any losses, and move forward in faith. If you have been questioning a current relationship or wondering if it will last, rather than looking for definite answers, find what triggers you about your relationship, and heal that. The answers will present themselves over time. 

On August 23, break your routine, get away for an hour or two, and do some deep soul searching. Libras have an innate talent for compromise. You intuitively know what will please others. When it comes to love, you might have to step away to gain clarity about what you want and need. No relationship can be perfect; choose healthy ones that challenge you, support your growth, and inspire your spirit. 

SCORPIO (OCTOBER 23-NOVEMBER 21): More than a legacy, you’ve been building a life. It’s easy for you to think about what you will eventually leave behind, like an inheritance, works of art, businesses, progeny, or biographical accounts. You might feel more internal pressure about these legacy ideas this month. After all, with two powerful eclipses this month, each thought, word, or action matters significantly for your future. With the solar eclipse on August 21 beaming through your tenth house of career, you have no time to waste. 

That said, what good is any of it if you’re not enjoying your life? Follow your passion. Your legacy starts there. 

At the beginning of the month, your ambition animates long-term career endeavors. Mercury will be retrograde starting August 12, and Saturn is retrograde until August 25. These two planets moving backward can slow down progress on any pending deals or new initiatives. Wait out the month without taking any steps forward. Wait to sign any legal documents until after September 5 if you can. There are too many shifting energies this month, and while it is an excellent time for inspiration and creative ideation, you could feel frustrated waiting on others’ responses. You get to learn lessons in patience this month. Lucky you! 

For those of you wanting to start a new business or pursue a different career path, wait until Jupiter moves into your sign in October. You could receive unexpected opportunities to help clarify your goals. 

Venus in Cancer shines in your ninth house of adventure. Take advantage of this happy influence and enjoy the last weeks of summer out of town, especially on August 16. You could use a break from the routine at that time, and who knows? You could meet some inspiring people for friendship, social networking, and more. 

Saturn has been hindering your financial sector for a while, and with Saturn in retrograde until August 25, you might have to revisit some financial decisions that didn’t pan out as expected. Recent changes may have made it necessary to restructure your portfolio. Therefore, revisit your budget and tighten your spending. Your future self will thank you for saving extra money right now. 

With Venus in compatible Cancer until August 25, you could feel more amorous than usual. Your significant other will appreciate seeing your sweet side express itself, especially at the beginning of the month. If you feel obsessed about making a relationship change on August 15, relax. Obsessive thoughts offer us the chance to explore our unmet needs. Try to communicate honestly and openly within all relationships, and let go of fear. You cannot control others, and manipulation is a futile effort. Meditate and trust in your future. If you are single, you could experience an emotional/spiritual shift on August 23. When you are attuned to love, you can draw it into your life. Your key to experiencing more love? Trust. 

SAGITTARIUS (NOVEMBER 22-DECEMBER 21): Free-spirited Sagittarius, you have had to learn a lot about commitment lately, haven’t you? Perhaps you accepted a new job with bigger responsibilities. Or maybe you took a relationship to a new level, adopted a pet, or started a family. Now, you have others’ needs to consider as well as your own. Thank whatever life situation helped you achieve these milestones, and then, pat yourself on the back. Yes! You did it. Congratulations. 

If you can’t relate to this message, then you might have an opportunity to make a significant life change this month. Awaken your spirit of adventure and take a leap of faith. 

On August 7, the Lunar Eclipse opens your eyes, allowing you to see truth. Your spiritual catharsis could embolden you to teach, write, or speak. If you have wanted to write a memoir, start the outlining process early in the month. You will receive insights all month long, as these dynamic energies awaken you to your purpose and imbue you to your sacred call. For inspiration, I recommend you read The Book of Truth, by Paul Selig. 

On August 12, Mercury stations retrograde in your tenth house, and you might have to revisit a past career decision. Perhaps you have unfinished business to complete. Try to see all failures as learning opportunities on the road to success, or you could feel remorse. Regret is only valuable if it inspires dedicated action; take strategic steps to make changes. Some of those steps might include apologies. Self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others are part of that big spiritual shift happening for you all month long. On August 23, especially, releasing your hold on the past will set you free. 

What energizes you for the changes happening in your life? Travel. If possible, take a vacation early in the month, especially on August 7. Unplug from it all, turn off your phone, and reconnect with some of your favorite people. 

Mars in Leo heats up your love life for the whole month. You could feel feistier than usual, so try to use that energy productively. Don’t try to pick unnecessary fights or spark debates. Sure, conflict can promote growth, but who needs the stress? Not you this month! Realize that some disputes start with your very own internal triggers, and most likely issues of time and space. When your special someone wants more time or attention than you have to give, gently and lovingly communicate your needs. Then, let that Mars energy express itself physically. Venus enters Leo on August 25. Indulge your romantic side at the end of the month. Single Sagittarians, find new and creative ways to meet people. The amplified energy of this month can make you a magnet for love.

CAPRICORN (DECEMBER 22-JANUARY 19): When looking at any financial matters in astrological charts, I start with Venus, the planetary indicator of our values and priorities. If you don’t like something about your financial situation, Venus might have a thing or two to share with you. Have financial concerns predominated your thoughts? Have you been hyper-focused on bringing in more income? If so, start asking yourself these questions: 

What is my number one priority as I think about my long-term career goal? 

What can I do to improve my confidence in my work? 

How can I have more fun making money? 

Your ruling planet, Saturn, would lead you to believe the only way to make a lot of money is to work hard. Venus would disagree! She would say it’s all about relationships, starting with your relationship with yourself. This month, you might find that the more you relax and enjoy each incremental step of your overall career path, the more favorable financial results you will see. Celebrate your successes. The email you stressed to send to your boss (and edited for an hour), the new contact you made at a fundraiser, your quarterly sales (no matter how high or low they were compared to last quarter). Yay! You did it! Feel the love.

The lunar eclipse on August 7 illuminates the area of your chart we might call “The Financial District.” Circumstances beyond your control could fire up your desire for a career change to make more money. Ride the wave of energy; the shifts you experience about your money mindset will help you align to lasting abundance. 

Mercury, the planet of communication, stations retrograde on August 12. Try to hold off on starting any new projects, renovations, or legal matters until after September. Things could change faster than you can imagine. This is a month for planning and preparation, personally and professionally. It is also a great time to finish any projects you have already begun. 

Expect a spiritual shake-up on August 21, when the solar eclipse activates your eighth house. As an earth sign, you probably pride yourself on being practical. You might occasionally experience paranormal activities, wild dreams, or prophetic encounters, but you might chalk it up to your imagination. Spirit reaches out to you when you are ready to receive a gift or message. Allow new insights to come through, no matter the form in which they come. You might even want to consult a healer, shaman, medium, or astrologer to help the process. 

In your love life, relax and live in the moment. Trust that any minor challenges will smooth over with time. Things are intense this month for all of us, especially around August 15. Offer your partner (and yourself) a little extra compassion. By the end of the month, love will win. 

AQUARIUS (JANUARY 20-FEBRUARY 18): Rabble-rousing Uranus, a planet closely linked to your sign, starts its retrograde journey on August 2. For part of this month, you might feel like you’ve stepped into an altered reality. A different dimension. Have the clocks turned back a decade or so? Steady yourself as you observe current events on the news, converse with family members, or see friends’ TBT posts on Facebook. People can cling to history and the past when they fear the unknown of the future. And in case you haven’t noticed, the present is changing so fast (thank you, Uranus), that our futures are unclearly defined, meaning your path ahead is pure creative potential. 

With two eclipses this month shaking things up, astrologically, we are all being challenged to brave the unknown of our most expansive, enlightened paths. For some of us, the past feels like a concrete pillar we can lean on for support. Some people find comfort in familiarity. But you? You were born with a visionary mind, and this is your time. Recreate the stories of your past, shake things up, get out into the world, and light things up! 

On August 7, a lunar eclipse in your sign could inspire you to make some changes to your appearance or your personal space. You might consult with your stylist to update your look. Give yourself a “you” day if you can or at the very least a few selfish hours. The intense energy of the day could fire up a strong desire to take charge of life and make some changes. Break free and self-reflect.

If you have been thinking about starting a new career or seeking a new job, you can use this time to network. You might even consider working with a recruiter or agent to help open doors. August 10 is a good day to solidify a relationship of that kind. After August 12, Mercury goes retrograde. Any perceived setback may be only a temporary hiccup, and with faith and clear communication, your circumstances could turn around for the better.

For those of you in relationships, this month offers both challenges and opportunities. The lunar eclipse on August 7 will allow you to speak up if your partner seems distant or uninterested. If you and your significant other have had unresolved conflicts recently, you will receive new awareness for how to move forward. Rather than focus on who did what wrong, look at the overall dynamics of your relationship. Where are the pushes and pulls? When you can identify an unhealthy dynamic, you can see opportunities for healing. Someone with abandonment fears can be a vibrational match for someone who doesn’t like to commit. 

The solar eclipse in your seventh house of relationships is… powerful, to say the least. If you have been in a holding pattern with someone, expect the energy of the eclipse to shake things up! If you have been single, wanting a relationship, you could have a breakthrough to open you to a richer experience of love. If you are in a happy partnership, you have an opportunity to experience connection in a whole new way. 

PISCES (FEBRUARY 19-MARCH 20): As I started looking at your horoscope for the month of August, Ella Fitzgerald’s “Too Darn Hot” started playing in the coffee shop. Thank you, Spirit, for the Pisces message! So many areas of your life have begun to “heat up” with excitement. You are firing on all cylinders and following your passion! This month’s influences amplify your potential for career advancement and recognition. However, with Venus in sweet, sentimental Cancer, your heart needs a little extra TLC. You might consider romantic date nights with your significant other, get-togethers with friends, or taking a chance on a blind date. This message is especially true after August 22, when your focus shifts from your work routine to your love life. 

Saturn has been transiting through your tenth house, symbolizing a peak point in your career. This is your time to shine. Even if you don’t have a traditional job, this message applies to you. You may have received a call urging you to volunteer for your favorite cause or accept more responsibility from friends and family. Astrological Saturn is the great teacher with valuable lessons to impart. But it’s like that teacher who gives pop quizzes and grueling final exams. When Saturn transits your tenth house, you are going to work hard, but you will achieve recognition for your work. Saturn is retrograde most of the month, until August 25, and you might revisit some of the professional decisions you’ve made this year. 

The lunar eclipse on August 7 shines new light on your spiritual side. Set the intention to meditate or journal sometime that day to receive a special gift from Spirit, like a message of hope or a new awareness. Eclipses help manifest changes in our lives, ones that start with personal realizations and decisions. The solar eclipse on August 21 amplifies your potential for inner healing. If you can give yourself a retreat away from everything that day, you can soak up those positive vibes and maximize the healing potential.  

Mercury moves in retrograde motion from August 12 – September 5. This influence always invites you to look back on your life, evaluating your previous decisions, analyzing your relationships, and more. Influential people from your past could reappear in your life. If your primary relationship has been a little rockier than usual, Mercury asks you to get to the heart of the problems by communicating honestly and openly about your feelings. Being a Pisces, your emotional waters run deep, and you might have a desire to protect your sensitive heart. The eclipses are activating all of our hearts, asking us to be bold on behalf of love like no other time before. Those eleven other signs are finally on the same wavelength as you! 

If you have been single, Venus in compatible Cancer sends some good vibes for improvement in your love life until August 25! Don’t worry about going on the chase to find love. Trust in the unfolding of a beautiful, divine plan, one in which you star in your very own romantic love story. Allow it to unfold.

ARIES (MARCH 21-APRIL 19): The eclipse on August 21 has garnered a lot of attention. People are traveling from all over the world to see it. How exciting to witness this rare event! In ancient times, eclipses symbolized the fall of empires, death of kings and queens, and foreboding societal changes. Whoa! Let’s take a more optimistic perspective. Astrologically, eclipses symbolize cathartic changes and turning points for our personal lives and the collective. You have grown exponentially over the past few years, and you have skillfully navigated unexpected twists along your path. You have faced fears and overcome doubts. Everything has led to this turning point in your life. Good things are bound to happen; positive manifestations will be realized. Yes, Aries, this is your time to reflect light to the world and shine. From August 7-21, anything that prevents you from being as successful, powerful, joyful, or loveful will clear away. You’ll feel energized, ready to let go of any strings that keep you hold down. 

On August 7, the lunar eclipse activates your house of social networking. This is an excellent time to plan a party or attend a networking function. Any person you meet this day could play a significant role in your life. You might also use this energy to strategize ways to grow your business. Your creative visions could manifest pretty quickly over the next few months. Are you dreaming big enough? If not, brainstorm with a trusted friend, one who wholly supports your success. If you feel any competition from others, use the energy to your advantage and propel yourself further. Mercury stations retrograde August 12, and you could have a few minor setbacks or disagreements. They will smooth over in time; try not to overreact. 

Professionally, you could receive new opportunities for recognition. If you have had any pending deals or job offers on hold, you might receive news after August 25, when Saturn stations direct. For those of you who work in creative fields, push yourselves hard to develop projects and ideas. Even if you lose a few nights of sleep, it will be worth it. After August 25, your hard work can start to pay off. By the time we reach February, you will be glad you invested the extra effort now. 

If you have children, you have back-to-school activities and shopping to consider this month. You might want a little extra “you” time to recharge, as much of your energy will go to meeting their needs. Release any guilt you might feel if you’re not a perfect parent. Look at all you do for your little ones!! You are amazing and doing the best you can. Try to see a bigger picture, especially August 15.

For those of you who are single, this month features some incredible influences for your love life! Go out on the prowl, especially on August 10. By the time Venus enters Leo on August 25, your relationship status could change for the better. 

This is a highly fertile month, too. So, if the thought of starting a family sends you down an anxiety spiral, take extra precaution. If you want to welcome a little one into your life, make a lot of love! 

TAURUS (APRIL 20-MAY 20): Put on your ruby slippers and say, “There’s no place like home.” As the last few weeks of summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) drift by, you might feel a strong desire to gather with family members and spend more time relaxing at home. You might dream of plans for renovation projects or interior design. Make your home more like a sanctuary, a place to recharge. You will need it six months from now when career changes manifest, and your home base balances you out. 

For those of you in school or those of you with school-aged children, as a new academic season starts, you will have to adjust to a different routine. Your back-to-school to-do list might be too ambitious. After all, with two eclipses this month, one on August 7 and another on August 21, everything feels more intense. Realistically reevaluate and see what you can postpone until a later date. Your key objective? Avoid stress!

With any new beginning comes the prospect of change, and an invitation from the Unknown. These times can amplify perfectionistic tendencies; try to relax as much as possible. Dance, do yoga, meditate, take a vacation, or something else to help release tension. 

Mercury stations retrograde on August 12. Before you worry about what could go wrong, understand the benefits of this influence for your creativity. You can finally muster the energy to finish a project that has been on the back burner. Perhaps you have aspired to write, paint, or something else to express yourself. Indulge that desire, especially on August 16. 

With Saturn in retrograde recently, you might have had to reassess your spending habits. Maybe your investments have had a few uncomfortable ups and downs. If you have concerns, rethink your strategy. By the time Saturn stations direct on August 25, you could have new ideas for how to maximize your portfolio. Consult with your trusted financial advisor to explore options, but wait to make any significant changes until after September 5. 

The eclipses and retrogrades this month give us all intense experiences; love, fear, anger, joy, pain, expansion, and contraction. As an earth sign, you are likely the calm, grounded one in your family and among your friends. You are the rock upon which others lean during crazy times. This month, though, you’re going through the same ups and downs as everyone else. Give yourself permission to reach out for help and support if you need it. Feel all of the emotions stirring inside. Fall apart if you have to; you’ll pick yourself back up! We have to feel to heal, and the broad spectrum of emotions available to you right now will color and enrich your life. 

In love, you might let go of some past relationship karma early in the month. When Mercury stations retrograde, you could encounter someone from your past. Maybe they have an apology? Or a desire to reconnect? Use your discretion, but don’t negate all possibilities. By August 23, your love life heats up with passion. You could have an unexpected romantic encounter with hope for a future. 

For those of you in relationships, the intensity of emotions could lead you to realizations about aspects of your relationship dynamic that you’d like to change. Try not to force changes. Make personal shifts that help you grow, and then allow relationship transformations to occur through honest, open conversation.  

GEMINI (MAY 20-JUNE 20): Stand up from the bleachers, step away from the wall, and work your way out to the center of the dance floor. Who cares if you don’t know the right moves or if you think others dance better!  You have a rhythm of your own, and it’s all good. Apply this metaphor to any area of your life. You have too much energy, passion, and LIFE to be a wallflower. And no one is putting you in a corner this month. Shine, Baby, shine! 

We have two eclipses, a lunar on August 7 and solar on August 21. Astrologically eclipses symbolize times of huge personal shifts and changes that begin with some awareness or understanding and manifest over time. Because of where these eclipses occur in your chart, you are being asked to uphold truth, to speak with integrity, to live your life authentically. You may not realize the influence you have on the minds of others. You have been called (spiritually speaking) to be a messenger, teacher, and guide. That’s why you were with your Gemini mind, wit, and communication skills. The eclipses activate your gifts in new ways. You have received your sacred call. So, write, speak, teach, direct a documentary, post your thoughts on social media, market your business, and use your voice! 

If you have had a strong urge to travel, try to leave town between August 7-21. You might even go somewhere along the eclipse path to see this rare event. 

On August 12, your favorite planet (Mercury) stations retrograde, which could delay any progress you have been trying to make on the home front. Any remodeling projects or repairs could take a little longer than expected. Try to negotiate with contractors or designers; if you want to pull out your hair in frustration, shift gears and regroup. Delays could be blessings in disguise. If you are in the process of making a move, give extra attention to all of the details. Read every word in any contract or lease you sign. 

Venus in Cancer brings warm-fuzzy feels to your finances. Breathe a sigh of relief! Relationships are money for you this month. Network as much as possible, attend parties and social gatherings. With Uranus moving backward through your eleventh house, you might even have a chance to revisit a missed connection with someone influential. 

Speaking of relationships, on August 21, Uranus aspects the Sun and Moon eclipse degree, which could spark a change in a friendship or professional relationship. If you have been hiding your truth or sweeping it under the rug, you might have an opportunity to speak up between August 7-21. It’s best to be honest (but not brutal) with your friends and colleagues. 

That same message applies to your love life. If you have had burning feelings for someone, let them know as eloquently as possible. You could shift the entire nature of a relationship if you write a letter expressing your love. Even if you never deliver it, you will still receive the benefit of releasing stuck energy. For those of you who are single, Mars in Leo animates your gift with words. Try updating your online profile and see what happens. When Venus moves into Leo on August 25, the same day Saturn stations direct in your house of partnership, you can end a holding pattern in your love life and finally move forward in love.

CANCER (JUNE 21-JULY 22): Respect yourself. Express yourself. These are two predominant themes for your month. With Venus in your sign throughout most of the month (until August 25), you get a boost in confidence and a more positive personal outlook. So, engage in new social scenes, see and be seen. 

With an improved sense of self-esteem, you might want to give yourself a shopping spree or makeover. Change things up and dress for success. This is especially true before August 15. 

We have two eclipses, a lunar eclipse on August 7 and a solar eclipse on August 21. Astrologically, eclipses symbolize sizable changes that start with a personal realization or awakening and then manifest over time. These eclipses could signify shifts in your financial foundation, long-term savings, or personal investments. 

As a Cancer, you have a strong need for financial security. Therefore, when you have any financial fears or worries, you feel shaken to the core. Remedy any fears you have right now by taking action steps to save for the future. Consult with a financial advisor to determine new investment strategies, and pay attention your instincts if you feel a strong need to move away from specific stocks. You have an innate ability to intuit whether a risk is healthy or doomed. Your intuitive gifts are off-the-charts amazing this month. Real estate could be your best way to invest resources. If you have been thinking about buying property, close any deals early in the month, by August 11, if possible.

You could come up with clever ways to bring money in as an independent contractor or consultant this month as well. Mercury stations retrograde on August 12, which could lead to some delays if you plan to launch a new endeavor. For now, take inventory of your skills and experience and lay the groundwork. If you own your own business or work in a creative field, market yourself to new audiences after August 22. Use catchy phrases and sound bytes in your social media. People will be paying attention to what you say; you are establishing yourself as a true leader. 

We are all weathering some intense energy this month, and so we need to be more compassionate and loving towards one another than ever before. And compassionate toward ourselves, too! If you are in a relationship, you might experience some emotional ups and downs. You get to feel a full range of emotions, joy, pain, love, fear, regret, passion… and everything in between. Communication is key when conflicts arise. Assert yourself more clearly than ever before. You can experience a whole new level of connection with your significant other, but you might have to feel a broader spectrum of emotions. Then, the hard part (for you), trust your partner has the emotional intelligence to support and hold space for you.

If you are single, make amends with your past and heal any emotional scars. Prepare yourself for future relationship success! 



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