Artist Interview: Sam Bisso

Australian born international fashion photographer Sam Bisso resides in Melbourne, Australia and travels throughout Europe all year round. His client base includes GQ, Glamour, Wallpaper, Vanity Fair, ELLE, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, to name a few.

Having worked with some of the most talented models and clients in the industry, he remains grounded with a hint of that Australian larrikin character which is often what keeps both his subject and clients in good spirits during a photographic assignment.

What inspires you during a shoot? With my commercial work, the client brief determines the direction so I abide to that. However, I do try to achieve classic and timeless images, something that is just as mesmerising today and in years to come. Beautiful, natural light is my main source of inspiration the way light falls on the subject matter is what I look for to achieve the ideal shoot.

What has been your most memorable assignment, and why? Shangri La Resort Maldives for Elle Magazine was one of the most beautiful locations I’ve ever been to.

What advice would you give to the model before or during a shoot to get the best out of him or her? I encourage or lighten the mood by trying to make the model relax by putting them at ease to be themselves and just to have fun and enjoy the moment.

Photoshop, what’s your opinion? Less is more approach. Done subtly is fine, overdone is too obvious and unflattering.Sam Bisso's Checklist, LVBX Magazine

Boe SapunAustralian abstract artist Boe Sapun is the founder and curator of Ecume Gallery. The Melbourne-based gallery represents both local, international, established, and emerging contemporary art.

The idea of having great art accessible to a broad audience prompted the online gallery showcasing her own work, as well as a diverse range and ever-growing list of talented contributing artists.

Boe‘s passion is in discovering creative minds and understanding the finer nuances of their character which influence their process, inspiration, and art. Follow Boe Sapun and Écume Gallery on Instagram.



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