Just Add Water: Why We’re Toting Greens Powder Everywhere We Go

Just Add Water: Why We’re Toting Greens Powder Everywhere We Go

The healthiest diets embrace every color of the rainbow, but the best way to amp up our health is to ingest more greens. Nothing gets us glowing, feeling svelte and vital faster than a glass or bowl of green stuff. The only trouble is, it’s not always possible for us to have access to leafy greens or green juices everywhere at all times.

When we know we’ll be traveling or flying around town without easy access to a green juice or a huge salad, powdered greens are a great thing to pack along. Blends of powdered veggies, wheatgrass and other herbs certainly aren’t new, but if you’ve yet to tap in to using them the right way they may just change your life.

Toss a tablespoon of dry powder into a lidded jar and get on with your day. When you’re ready for a hit, simply fill your jar with water or nut milk, give the jar a shake and get sipping.

Getting a daily dose of greens can help with everything from flushing toxins, improving digestion, and triggering a genuine glow. Greens powders are packed with essential vitamins and minerals than many diets lack and can help improve health on every level.
Here are a few favorites worth stocking up on…




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