Model Melinda Brady Talks Skincare Routines

Model Melinda Brady Talks Skincare Routines, LVBX Magazine
Model and stylist, Melinda Brady, reveals how she goes about looking after her skin. Take a peek at a typical day-in-the life. 

Firstly, lets start with:


I always (well, almost always) make sure I take my makeup off the night before.

I use a very gentle cleanser and cotton pad to remove any signs of makeup, but especially mascara. I don’t wear much makeup during the day; usually a BB or CC cream but I do wear lashing and lashing of mascara. So, it’s really crucial to remove it before bed.

Then, I wash my face with warm water and rest the warm wash cloth on my face for a minute before I moisturize. I find my moisturizer really sinks in to a damp face much more easily than a totally dry face.

I often mix in a few drops of rich oil with the moisturizer, it goes further and boosts the cream I’m using.


I wash my face with warm water and repeat the wash cloth trick before I moisturize. I’ll usually add a sprinkle of vitamin C powder into my moisturizer in the morning. C is such a boon as we age, it really clarifies aging skin.


I’m a stickler for sun protection! I always wear it without fail. Growing up in the 70s I remember a friend of my mums who used to sunbake in a tinfoil bed she made herself. I remember being horrified at how brown she was. She looked like a prune, so something must have really stuck with me about maintaining my ivory complexion.  


Next, I’ll view my eyebrows in my 10x magnification mirror, plucking what needs to come out and penciling in their shape enhancing my natural arch. They really frame our face, so shape is important.

I like to maintain my own eyebrows but there are so many options nowadays to keep them looking beautiful. Every now and again, I will get my waxer to tidy them and you can do this. Or, you can have them threaded or even feathered and tattooed. Just make sure you’ve seen your tattooist’s previous work though, as you want an amazing job. After all, it’s permanent.


I’m not a big wearer of makeup; I keep it pretty simple most days. I use a tinted moisturizer or a BB or CC cream. I generally stick to my mantra of NO powder. As I age, I find powder sits in my laugh lines and makes me look 100 years old, so I tend to stick to creamy blushers and eye shadows. If I use powder shadows, I will usually use a primer to make sure the shadow sets and doesn’t move around.

If I’m going out to an event then I’ll use a heavier foundation and I’ll add that an expert has always recommended my foundation. I really want to know that it’s perfect for my skin tone. As an older woman, my aim is always to look dewy not dry.


I have been known to apply moisturizer in public. I’m obsessed with it! Morning and night.  


I’m a maniac when it comes to hand cream! I must apply it about 20 times a day.

I have dry skin that has its pluses and minuses. Pluses, I never really got pimples as a kid. Minuses, I need to apply moisturizer repeatedly to feel soft.


You’ve heard this a million times before, but it really is key. Drink water; drink as much as your body will hold. No amounts of externally applied creams are going to moisturize you as much as good, old H2O.  


You are what you eat! I haven’t always been a good girl but as I age, I’m more and more conscious about what I put inside my stomach. If we eat heavy food, we’re going to feel less agile and more sluggish and our skin will be duller. Lately, I’ve really made an effort to stop eating processed foods and refined sugars. I’m taking in loads of veggies laced with anti-oxidants and I feel much better for it.


I try not to wear makeup when I exercise, as I think it clogs the pores. Much better to allow the perspiration to flow freely. I love to use the sauna as well; it really makes my skin glow big-time.

Other Maintenance


Oh, who doesn’t feel better when they’re a little tan? I use an everyday tanner so it builds slowly and looks real.


I love a regular facial, its nice to spoil yourself! Even if I’m not getting a professional job I do like to use a facemask every now and again to feel refreshed.


I know plenty of women who have had all their body hair lasered. Call me old fashioned, but I still like to have a wax. There is a plus to ageing though; my stupidly strong hair growth isn’t as crazy as it used to be.  


All of these options came into being long after I already had wrinkles, so I’ve chosen to embrace ageing naturally. It’s such a personal choice, there are so many options out there. I will say, if you go down this path make sure you’re smart about it and consult someone with ethics who really cares about the way you look and isn’t just after your money.  

What you want to achieve is a refreshed, youthful look.

Photo courtesy of Greg Bergin.
Hair and makeup courtesy of Lisa Sherry. 

MELINDA-BRADYMel Brady, 54, is a senior Australian based product and interiors stylist with over 30 years experience in the advertising industry. A few years ago, her silver hair led her to take a confident stand in front of the camera to show that embracing age naturally is more liberating than trying to hold back the years.

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