Introducing The SuperNova Experience

The intersection of technology, self-expression, consciousness, and a female future. 

We thrive through our stories. 

An evening of celebrating the resilience of women through their stories of overcoming with technological art and community building. 

October 18th in Chicago at 7pm, the first SuperNova Experience will be occurring at Chill in Chicago. This evening is a celebration of the multi-layered stories of individuals that are using technology and community to live integrated lives.

Back in the days of salons, forums, and silk road coffee shops where ideas were debated and stories were told there is a resurgence of these much needed spaces. Where everything and everyone is grabbing our attention – to simply sit and receive performative artwork, stories, and continue the conversations afterword.

After attending conferences and performances over the years people come away inspired and hopeful. However, when they reintegrate into their daily grind it all gets taken away or forgotten. There really is not time to integrate all of the information that is coming through for all of the participants.

The SuperNova Experience is an evening of mindfulness and storytelling. Of space and cultivation.

The amazing women to speak include:

Lauren Ramsey – podcaster and founder of and with her story of the power of listening.

Wendy Parman – actress and vocal instructor that is a stand for women actresses being seen and celebrated.

Lisa Nalbone – self-directed learning educator and author cultivating life-long learning and the importance of that for individuals.

Licia Berry – author, artist, and celebrated speaker on integrative living and relationships.

Emily Stroia – teacher, poet, and author of “Into the Light.”

Andrea Klunder will be performing live kirtan – Founder of The Chicago Women’s Creative Collective and the host of The Creative Imposter Podcast.

These women have worked through their stories collectively and individually to read and share for that evening in Chicago at Chill. Community partners include Sidewinder Gallery, Peace Hostel International, Goddess and Grocer, The Art of Balance, Creative Women’s Co., and ChidoriyaWorld.

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