February Horoscopes + Rachel Lang

Rachel Lang

Rachel Lang is a professionally certified astrologer and healer who works with individuals, small businesses, and corporations. An internationally recognized speaker, she also hosts workshops and offers classes, retreats and meditation groups. Rachel loves helping people identify and heal challenges or roadblocks in life. She supports them in decision-making processes by mapping astrological trends and forecasts to offer a glimpse of what’s ahead. Her favorite part of her job is writing horoscopes and articles for LVBX Magazine. You can find out more or schedule a session online at http://rachelclang.com.

You can breathe a sigh of relief as we enter February. This month’s astrology is much gentler than January. By now, many of you know the general vibe of 2020. It’s not a year for living on the surface; it’s one during which you’ll dive into the deep end in every aspect of your life. It’s a year for commitments and for cherishing what you.

This month, we get to catch our breath a little, especially on Valentine’s Day, when the Scorpio Moon helps deepen our romantic connections and allow us to experience profound love.

The Leo Full Moon on February 8 urges us out of the house for a fun social time! It’s a relatively enjoyable Full Moon when you’ll have more energy and motivation to get together with friends or throw an impromptu party. The Moon and Mars will be trine this day, and that can add a touch of passion to anything you do. Be careful to use your energy wisely. Think of this combo like a spark of fire – passion is contagious.

Because this Full Moon precedes Mercury Retrograde (from February 16 – March 9), it will help reveal anything hidden that needs to come to the surface.

Mars moves into Capricorn, a sign in which it’s exalted, on February 16, a day that could be a mixture of confusing and motivating. I recommend exercise, earthing, or spending time in nature. You will want to make self-care a top priority. Mercury stations retrograde on this day, too. When Mercury comes to a standstill, we all require more grace from one another and compassion toward ourselves.

The Sun enters Pisces on February 18, an influence that will help us find ways to reach beyond ourselves to help others. This ingress is a favorable transit for any kind of volunteer work. You simply need to offer the Universe your “yes.” This Pisces season will be highly spiritual for us, especially as Jupiter and Neptune sextile one another on February 20. Think faith…expanded.

The New Moon on February 23 inspires us to reach beyond our limits and overcome fears in the process. It’s a sweet, gentle New Moon. If you feel more introverted, honor that vibe. The Pisces New Moon tends to be creative, and it is favorable for healing as well.

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