The Vulnerable Woman

As women, we condition ourselves to become strong, attractive individuals who strive for success. Strong women can pick themselves up, and attempt again and again. Strong women are persistent and understand the consequences clearly. Strong women are determined to take risks, for we understand that failure equals success.

Success is important to us, and means different things to different women. Overall, success is not about competition. Success is progressing in a way that empowers us as women. A woman can smell success from under her fingertips, because she is forever embracing opportunities. Us women are capable, but at times vulnerable.

Vulnerability reminds us women that action starts today. Vulnerability may remind us of our individual capabilities. A woman who is vulnerable is often misjudged as a woman who is broken or wounded. However, this is just an misconception. The vulnerable woman is unguarded and open to learning.

“The vulnerable woman is unguarded and open to learning.”          

Obstacles push us further and enable us to grow, to confront fear. Our inner strength and intuition can be used to face daily challenges. Experiencing vulnerability within a situation can be considered as an unique opportunity, for the truth will always be apparent. Staying true is more worthy than escaping fear. The vulnerable woman can charge at the world at face value, and surrender all control that surrounds her.

Woman to Woman:

Lessons for life: Accept the process of plans backfiring, and never give up. Build a vision that is strong and powerful, and simply BELIEVE that anything is possible. Use positive self-talk consistently, to develop an affirmed and well-driven mind. Train to love unconditionally, for love brings us joy and abundance.

Understand your personal values and how these support your beliefs. Journaling is a great place to start, and allows us to become alone with our thoughts. Journal, “what it means to feel vulnerable”, and become familiar with the emotion itself.

The bottom line: Vulnerability does not define or determine a woman’s future. A woman must become vulnerable to grow and learn from her mistakes. A woman who is true to herself is vulnerable, because she is open to challenges and unpredictable consequences. The vulnerable woman is always so beautiful and so powerful.

EmilyDeanUK1Emily Dean is a Female Empowerment Coach. She focuses on empowering women to live rich and fulfilling lives. Her experience as a writer has led her to empower many women from across the globe. Emily‘s beliefs come from finding self love and embracing womanhood. Her work as a teacher has inspired her to teach women the fundamentals of self love. Emily is the founder of the self empowerment blog; The Lady Writes. You can view her work by visiting The Lady Writes Blog. To hear her story, you can message Emily on Facebook.



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