LVBX EXCLUSIVE: October Horoscopes + Rachel Lang

Rachel Lang is a professionally certified astrologer and healer who works with individuals, small businesses, and corporations. An internationally recognized speaker, she also hosts workshops and offers classes, retreats and meditation groups. Rachel loves helping people identify and heal challenges or roadblocks in life. She supports them in decision-making processes by mapping astrological trends and forecasts to offer a glimpse of what’s ahead. Her favorite part of her job is writing horoscopes and articles for LVBX Magazine. You can find out more or schedule a session online at

ARIES (MARCH 21 – APRIL 19): At times this month, you could feel as if you’re rowing a boat upstream, pushing against the current. Rather than try to force your way through turbulence, stop and ask yourself if there’s an easier way. Ride with the flow of life’s current, and don’t be afraid to let go, knowing you’re supported in more ways you can see right now.

The Full Moon in your sign on October 13 highlights relationships, especially partnerships. Use the boost of courage from this influence to open up and share your feelings with another person. Mars in your opposite sign could help you keep your cool in a conflict, especially on October 27. Remember to go with the flow.

Professionally, you have been climbing to a new peak, but you might sense some change about to manifest at the beginning of the year. You are learning what it means to be the agent of your life, and thus, mastering lessons about power and authority. These could come to a head this month, especially from October 7-14. Resist power struggles, as these are often battles of ego. Embody the highest form of power, which is love.

The New Moon on October 27 shines a light on your love life, allowing you to release doubts about deeply committing to another. Even if you are happily married, you may discover ways in which you limit the flow of love, either by having critical thoughts or by holding back in some way. Let go of control and feel it all — the fear and excitement. Trust love.

TAURUS (APRIL 20 – MAY 20): At the beginning of the month, you could seek to bring more order to your life. Assess how you could feel more organized and in charge. Attend to the papers on your desk, clean messy drawers, and clear items off your task list. Completing simple chores like these will enable you to be more productive, leading to 2020. After all, you’re on a mission! You have the motivation you need to reach success. So, clear distractions.

Venus shifts into Scorpio on October 8, and you could become consumed with thoughts of love and relationships. Forgive yourself and others for past disappointments, and reframe those experiences for yourself so you can see the gifts you received. Forgiveness can soften rough edges and heal heartbreaks. By the New Moon on October 27, you can set intentions, and this may involve commitment. We could hear wedding bells in the near future!

The Full Moon on October 13 highlights self-care, and you could go on a health kick. If so, make sure you set yourself up for success. Solicit support or sign up for group activities. Develop a structure for sticking with it, especially as we head into the holidays.

In business, focus more on strengthening partnerships, especially after October 23. Mercury is slowing down to station retrograde on October 31, and you could feel more introverted at the end of the month. Don’t even try to multitask; focus on one thing at a time. Think of this as being a lesson in living in the present moment.

GEMINI (MAY 20 – JUNE 20): Can you recall the feeling of falling head-first in love? It’s like everything seems magical and infinitely possible. It’s bliss. This month, you can awaken that sensation. Fall in love with life. You can develop that ecstatic feeling just like you would any skill in life. Practice makes perfect. So, get excited! Have more fun! Do what brings you joy! Or you could, in meditation, sink into the experience of gratitude and love. If you practice feeling love, you can perfect your ability to experience it more fully in relationships.

The Full Moon on October 13 is a social one. You could gather with friends or even meet someone new. Your mind is highly functioning, and so you might collaborate with others to complete projects or brainstorm new ideas. If you focus on that which brings you joy, you might not be so overwhelmed by all that’s happening in the world. The last thing you want to do is feed into collective fear. So, if you can’t stand it anymore, turn off the news and go out for coffee with a friend.

Your ruling planet stations retrograde on October 31. As it slows down the two weeks prior, you might feel a pressing need to accomplish tasks. Instead, try a different approach. Delegate and let go. In what ways are life’s details distracting you from more important matters in your life, like emotions or unfinished business? Gear up for this retrograde cycle so you can move through it with ease.

CANCER (JUNE 21 – JULY 22): Rather than tell you what to expect this month, I ask you what kind of month would you like to have? While you might not have absolute control over what happens, you do have authority over your attitude and responses to life events. Claim your power and adjust your mindset, especially from October 7-14.

At the beginning of the month, your focus turns to home and family. Attend to renovations or make repairs. Think of this as a time of preparation before the holiday season begins and we start a new year.

The Full Moon on October 13 shifts your attention toward career and your public life. You might decide to make some adjustments for better work-life balance. If you feel overwhelmed, remember to breathe and take one step at a time. Worry is optional. This Full Moon could present some challenges, especially for those born between July 12-16. To move through it gracefully, adopt a spiritual practice, or plan something fun. You could also connect with friends to talk through anything coming up for you at that time. Above all, choose love over fear.

Any tension will lift at the end of the month, and you could reach new levels of joy and fulfillment. Venus in Scorpio meets up with dreamy Neptune on October 21, helping you experience spiritual connection and unconditional love. If you are single, develop a more forgiving and nurturing relationship with yourself. If you are partnered, see this as a time to let down your guard and receive love to the fullest.

LEO (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22): You are a pillar of strength, a rock for others, and a dynamo in times of crisis. At the same time, you have a sensitive side. You can take things to heart, and your heart can break. There’s beauty in it all. There’s power in it, too. When you allow others to experience your tender side, you show them a different kind of strength.

This month, neighbors, siblings, or friends keep you busy with social activities. From October 7-14, you may have new insights about these relationships, especially regarding which ones lift you and which drag you down. Beware of those energy vampires! Feel free to say no.

Your professional life may be in flux, and you could be wondering what’s next for your career. At the end of the month, Mercury slows down before stationing retrograde on October 31. Use this time to finish business and clear any distractions so you can focus on what’s most important.

After October 23, your home and family are top priorities. You could decide to make a real estate transaction or beautify your home. Discoveries about your family of origin may help explain why things are as they are. Stay grounded through the end of the month, and remember, you’re strong!

Love of others and self-love go hand-in-hand. If you’ve been hard on yourself or critical of your partner, your relationship could lack connection. Ask yourself how you might love as the divine source loves. Embody that expression, and you will have a more fulfilling relationship.

VIRGO (AUGUST 23 – SEPTEMBER 22): This month, you face a choice: Money or passion. Consider using your passion for fueling income-earning possibilities. You can have both if you’re smart about it. Above all, stay committed to your path and recognize when a fleeting passion becomes a distraction. True passion has longevity.

Financial matters may be on your mind at the beginning of the month. The Full Moon on October 13 highlights any tension between needs and wants. You could feel a tug of desire to invest in yourself, whether that means taking a class or spending resources to develop a side hustle. Try to strike a balance.

Communication is a prominent theme, especially toward the end of the month as your ruling planet Mercury slows down and stations retrograde on October 31. You could brainstorm new ways to express yourself on social media or in conversation. You also have a way with words. Write, speak, teach, read, and engage your mind in new ways. Follow your curiosity, too, as it could lead you to adventure. The New Moon on October 27 is an ideal time for a road trip, especially one that allows you and your significant other to break away from your daily routines. Set your eyes on a new destination, and you could reimagine your life.

Your romantic relationships may be undergoing a metamorphosis, as you examine bigger themes of passion and responsibility. You can have it all, romance and stability. The pieces will start to come together between now and January.

LIBRA (SEPTEMBER 22- OCTOBER 22): You have a reputation for being indecisive, but this is about to change. The crash-course in spiritual development you’ve recently taken has helped you tune into intuition. So, you can better assert your preferences. Like a runner at the starting line of a race, you’re poised for action. Mars, the individuation planet, enters your sign on October 3. When faced with a simple or complex choice, there’s no perfect path. Make a good-faith call and move onward.

At the beginning of the month, several planets in your sign illuminate possibilities for recognition. For what would you like to be known? Focus on the answer to this question, and you could discover ways to attract the right kind of attention. The Full Moon on October 13 helps you push through fears of failure. Reach out for help and connect with associates.

Your ruling planet, Venus, starts the month in your sign, allowing you to see the best in yourself. Others will see your brilliance, too! This is an excellent influence for hosting a party or planning a shopping adventure.

Financial matters could be present on your mind after October 8, especially after October 23. Dream big, and you could imagine new ways to experience abundance in your life.

During Libra season, we all have love on our minds. If you are single, relax and let go of fear. It will happen in divine time. If you are partnered, the Full Moon on October 13 helps soften your heart and allows you to experience love to the fullest.

SCORPIO (OCTOBER 23 – NOVEMBER 21): Magicians have mastered the art of illusion, and good ones never reveal the secrets behind their tricks. Life can be a trickster, too. Sometimes, it offers illusions, and other times, it shows you pure magic in the mysterious unfolding of life events. This month, you could experience all of it — the illusory and the profound. Stay curious about what shows up in your life and explore possibilities.

On October 3, Mercury, the planet of communication, enters your sign, making you a social butterfly. This influence gives you a mental focus. Finish drafts, edit, and research if you have been procrastinating any of these tasks. Mercury stations retrograde on October 31, ushering in an introspective period.

The Full Moon on October 13 highlights your professional life. What unrealized dreams do you have? What changes can you make to your daily schedule to better support a work/life balance? These types of questions may be present as we lead up to the Full Moon. Take time for self-care, and find ways to help others to maintain perspective.

In love, Venus enters your sign on October 8, helping you feel more confident and attract the right kind of attention. If you are single, you could meet someone out of the blue, especially around October 21. See beyond love’s illusions, and allow the New Moon in your sign on October 27 to usher in a new phase of your love life, one marked by feeling respected and acknowledged. Leave no space for fear in conversation or connection.

SAGITTARIUS (NOVEMBER 22 – DECEMBER 21): No matter what happens this month, maintain a positive mindset, keep a hopeful attitude, and try to see the gifts of any challenging situations. You have the gift of faith, and in times of doubt or uncertainty, you have a remarkable ability to see the big picture. As the month begins, you could inspire others with this gift, as well as with your optimism and enthusiasm. You could motivate groups of people or your closest loved ones. Spread this goodness, share your enthusiasm, and see the difference you can make in the world.

At the beginning of the month, connect with new friends, or engage with new social circles. You could feel led to volunteer to help a cause or join the board of an organization. Networking opportunities could lead to lifelong friendships, especially around the time of the Full Moon on October 13.

Financially, you could have a chance to rethink your budget from October 7-14. If you have unexpected income or expenses, you may need to establish new priorities for how to allocate resources. This is a time to consider saving more resources or investing in your future.

After October 23, you may encounter tests of faith. You will pass them if you maintain an optimistic outlook. Anything is possible. Make this your mantra, and all manner of miracles will start to unfold. This message applies to your love life, too. The New Moon on October 27 spurs important realizations about how you can feel free within a relationship.

CAPRICORN (DECEMBER 22 – JANUARY 19): Studies have shown if you walk through a crowd deliberately, with your focus set on where you’re going, people will move out of the way. Apply this metaphor to life, and you can move through any challenges. Keep looking three steps ahead. Tests of faith could lead you to ask if you’re moving in the right direction, especially October 7-14. Your dedicated efforts will pay off, but you may need to rethink action steps. On a positive note, you could be more motivated to start a new business, promote yourself, or pursue a job lead.

The Full Moon on October 13 pulls your focus to matters of the home, and you could finalize a real estate transaction or decide to renovate your living space. Family obligations could lead you to question a professional pursuit. Balance is your keyword.

On October 8, Venus shines a light on your social life. Around October 20, you could meet with a friend or colleague who could play an important role in your life. Accept invitations, especially around the time of the New Moon on October 27.

Your love life may not be a top priority. So, you will need to make a point to show affection to your significant other in small ways throughout the month. Otherwise, you could feel disconnected, especially around October 12. October 21 is a good day for romance. Neptune’s influence makes any new connection seem like a gift from the divine. Open your heart and mind, and you may witness a miracle.

AQUARIUS (JANUARY 20 – FEBRUARY 18): Consider this horoscope both a pep talk and a pat on the back for the success you’ve recently earned. You’re in a good place, and it’s only getting better! As an Aquarius, you don’t necessarily need recognition. Your satisfaction comes from knowing you did your best or lending a helping hand. Still, you do deserve acknowledgment, and this month, you could receive it from unexpected sources (in addition to your horoscope)!

At the beginning of the month, you may need to focus your attention on the here and now. You have an expanded vision for what’s possible, and that could feel overwhelming, given the limitations of time, energy, and resources. Nothing brings you into the present moment like a new landscape or destination. Change your routine, explore a new place, or try a new local spot. In doing so, fully take in the newness. Activate your physical senses as an exercise in presence.

The Full Moon on October 13 invites you to learn something new. Follow your curiosity, as it could lead to adventure.

Keep yourself open to making a change. You could hear of a professional opportunity worth exploring after October 23. The New Moon on October 27 could lead to a fresh start in your professional or personal life. Examine aspects of life that no longer fit within the context of the future you’re creating. You could choose to take a step in a new direction, and this month, you can do that with grace and ease.

PISCES (FEBRUARY 19 – MARCH 20): Last month’s vibes may have left you in a daze. If you feel as if you’ve awakened from a dream, you’re not alone. Begin this month slowly, as if you’re waking up to the light of day. Listen to your inner guidance, your intuition. If you feel off about something in your life, ask more questions and allow yourself space and time to discern the answers. As a Pisces, your intuition is one of your greatest gifts! Trust it.

At the beginning of the month, your sensitivities heighten. Turn off the news, take a break from social media, and spend time in nature. If you feel overwhelmed, take a getaway or go on retreat, especially around the Full Moon on October 13. It could help you tap into creativity and find new ways to express your ideas.

You could hear of a financial opportunity at the beginning of the month but move forward with any changes before Mercury stations retrograde on October 31. As Mercury starts to slow down around October 14, you could be uncertain about a professional matter. Give yourself time to decide with a clear mind. October 23 starts a highly creative time for you, and you will want space to dream, envision, and allow new ideas to emerge.

After October 8, your love life could lead you to an exciting adventure. Stay open to possibilities, especially if you’re single. If you are involved, make time for a romantic date night on October 21, when Venus and Neptune encourage sweet connections.



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