Building a Healthy Morning Routine

Building a Healthy Morning Routine, LVBX Magazine
Let’s face it, waking up is hard to do. It’s also true that maintaining a healthy morning routine sets you off to a better day ahead. Motivate your morning changes with these benefits.

1. Wake up early. Even an hour earlier than usual. It will invite the opportunity for more quiet downtime. The chance to sit in quietude with a cup of coffee, to journal, or practice early morning yoga.

2. Get moving. While it can be hard to maintain your motivation, it’s proven that exercising in the morning improves mental clarity and mood for the remainder of the day. Whether it’s an early morning yoga session or lifting weights, both will have a great effect on your overall health and well-being.

3. Eat healthy. Allowing yourself some additional downtime in the morning means you’ll have the time to make yourself a healthy breakfast, and possibly even pack a not-so-sad desk lunch. Start the day with healthy protein and fats to help fuel you well until lunchtime.

4. Prepare. While it’s not ideal to check your email first thing in the morning, a little mental preparation for the workday ahead can be beneficial. Check in with yourself mentally and emotionally. Decide what it is you need to accomplish today, and set yourself ready to meet those demands.

5. Give thanks. When you’re not rushing around in the morning, you have more opportunity to reflect. Be grateful for the day ahead, even the opportunity to face a particular challenge. You are alive and it’s a new day.



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