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Rachel Lang

Rachel Lang is a professionally certified astrologer and healer who works with individuals, small businesses, and corporations. An internationally recognized speaker, she also hosts workshops and offers classes, retreats and meditation groups. Rachel loves helping people identify and heal challenges or roadblocks in life. She supports them in decision-making processes by mapping astrological trends and forecasts to offer a glimpse of what’s ahead. Her favorite part of her job is writing horoscopes and articles for LVBX Magazine. You can find out more or schedule a session online at http://rachelclang.com.


With any storm, two things are true: 1. The weather conditions leading up to the storm gave a warning so you could be prepared; 2. The storm will eventually stop. When turbulent situations arise in your life, the same rules apply. You experience foreshadowing events, prophetic dreams, or intuitive clues. Stressful times do end, and like storms in the springtime, they can promote growth and new life. Keep this in mind throughout the month, especially July 2-16.

You could feel pulled in different directions, balancing professional obligations with the needs of home and family. You are at a peak point in your career, and you need to remain focused. Any pressure you feel is pure energy; allow it to motivate you to move beyond fear, especially after July 22, when the storm ends, and the skies clear for you to see ahead. 

Your ruling planet, Mars, enters Leo on July 1, fueling your passion for life as well as your creativity. What are your deepest desires? For what would you like to be known? Answer these questions, and then discipline yourself, structuring your routine according to top priorities. This is also a fertile time, and the new moon on July 31 punctuates that theme. 

Romantic affairs have ups and downs during the two weeks between the solar and lunar eclipses (July 2-16). Tame your temper if tension escalates, and balance the intensity by making space for lighthearted fun with your partner. If you’re single, stay open-hearted, while resisting the urge to fall back into old relationship patterns. 

TAURUS (APRIL 20 – MAY 20): 

In any hero’s journey, a protagonist answers the call of adventure, and a wild ride ensues. In the end, though, the hero, having had integrated the wisdom gained on the journey, must return home. Your adventures this month might feel like a hero’s journey, and for some, that might mean taking a trip. You could be stretched to grow, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. So, answer the call and say yes. 

The solar eclipse on July 2 inspires your mind, making you both student and teacher. If you’ve thought of offering classes or workshops, start developing your material. As a Taurus, you can become comfortable with your everyday routine, but this influence urges you to see a new landscape or travel to a new destination. If you do, be patient with delays or minor travel snafus. 

Attend to home-related projects throughout the month, especially if you need to make repairs or renovations. Try not to ignore any issues that arise or they could escalate. Pay special attention to appliances and electronics. After July 22, your home is both a sanctuary and a space for enjoyment. You could do some entertaining at the end of the month. 

Your love life could have some ups and downs from July 2-16. If you’re single, you have a new awareness about why previous relationships didn’t work out and what you can do to have healthier ones in the future. This is an introspective period to develop a stronger sense of self-worth, no matter what your relationship status may be. 

GEMINI (MAY 20 – JUNE 20): 

At times, you might wish you could go back in time and make a decision differently, undo a mistake, or seize an opportunity you weren’t able to see at the time. Life offers second chances, and while circumstances may have changed, you could have an opportunity to revisit a past situation and make amends this month. 

Financial matters are at the forefront of your mind, especially on July 2. Underlying any financial concerns are issues of self-worth. Do you tie up your personal value with your economic one? If so, it could be time for a mindset shift. From July 2-16, make your financial health a priority by releasing any money guilt and shame. Keep a positive attitude about your future, too. 

In business, double-check every detail in your documents, contracts, and correspondences. Be careful not to hit “send” before you’ve proofread twice. Your mind is moving quickly, perhaps quicker than others in your sphere. Rather than become frustrated, take a deep breath, slow down, and step away from whatever situation is bothering you to gain perspective. 

The same message applies to any challenges you face in your love life. This is an intense month for everyone, with two eclipses and Mercury retrograde from July 7-31. You may need more space than usual. If you’re single, you might send some mixed messages to prospective matches. Be honest with yourself and others, and do your best to communicate with kindness. Self-care is perhaps the best thing you can do for your relationships this month.  

CANCER (JUNE 21 – JULY 22): 

As a new solar year begins, you can turn the page and start a new chapter of your story. In a hero’s journey, after battling villains and learning valuable lessons along the way, the hero returns home, changed. You are no stranger to the hero’s journey, and this month, as you start a new chapter, your story could come to a pivotal climax. Will you accept the invitation to step up and live more purposefully? Will you keep going, even in tests of faith? You will receive insights with the eclipses on July 2 and 16. 

The two weeks between eclipses are intense times! Because the sun is in your sign, you will feel this more than others. Eclipses involve the nodes, destiny points, and they heighten your desire to live a heart-centered life as well as make a difference in the world. This month, you will be even more inspired. 

Mercury stations retrograde on July 7, asking you to revisit financial decisions and reset your priorities. If you have compromised your dreams or ambitions in any way, you could have an opportunity to take a different course. If you have been thinking about starting a new job or pursuing a different career path, you could make significant strides forward around July 31. 

Your love life could have some ups and downs from July 2-16. Be patient with your partner if things get intense. If you’re single, have patience with the process. If someone from your past resurfaces in your life, proceed with caution.

LEO (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22): 

Mercury stations retrograde in your sign on July 7, and you could feel waves of nostalgia, making this an excellent time for a reunion. This retrograde cycle helps you come full circle, and you may close chapters in your life that have lasted too long. Though there are several endings this month, by the time the sun enters your sign on July 22, you will be ready for new beginnings. Allow yourself to let go. 

Mars enters your sign on July 1, firing up your inner go-getter and motivating you to act without fear. You have the courage to do what otherwise may have seemed impossible. Think of the one situation in your life that requires the most courage, and do that as your solar eclipse ritual on July 2. 

The lunar eclipse on July 16 highlights your health, and you could discover the root cause of a condition that’s been bothering you. Look for the mind/body connection behind any physical ailment. 

On July 22, the sun enters your sign. What intentions do you wish to manifest? Follow your heart’s lead. If you have been disappointed by romantic relationships, this could signal a turning point. Yes, you are loyal to your loved ones, but it’s okay to prioritize yourself right now. 

In your love life, if someone from your past resurfaces, proceed with caution. If you are happily involved, this month could be a time of introspection, when you might need a little more space. Asking for what you need is the ultimate self-care. 


This month, your heart beats a little louder, signaling you to face fear and activate courage. If you’ve been unsure about your purpose, on July 2, you could receive a guiding vision or insight. First, ask yourself: What would I do if I had no fear? Envision that path, and move toward that end. 

The eclipses on July 2 and July 16 activate your leadership skills. You could find yourself becoming involved with a cause or becoming more invested in a professional organization. Raise your hand to volunteer; you offer gifts the world needs right now. Also, your social life could become more interesting. Friendships may be in flux as you evaluate which people in your life truly support you. Who shows up when you ask for help? Those are the keepers. 

Your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde from July 7-31, and you could see chapters reaching a conclusion. You will likely finalize ongoing negotiations or pending deals, so be patient if you encounter delays. See any setbacks as opportunities to reevaluate your course. Could there be other options? Investigate to find out. Also, double-check every detail when making travel plans or signing important documents.  

Your love life could seem like a binge-worthy show this month, complete with plot twists and compelling characters, especially if you’re single. Take care to maintain a positive outlook on your relationships, and try to avoid ruminating on past decisions. Have compassion for your past self, and appreciate how your past has shaped your present.


We have tension building up this month. This conflictual, yet dynamic, energy could present challenges for you, the peacemakers of the Zodiac. Your internal conflicts tip your scales more than anything external. When your head and heart are at odds, you become indecisive, confused. Your heart knows what’s true, but your head always wants to compromise. Get real with yourself on July 2, when the solar eclipse offers you the chance to break a pattern. 

From July 2-16, you can achieve professional goals, but you have to focus, without letting personal issues disrupt your flow. While it is easy to put others first, you have to prioritize yourself, which means giving yourself permission to decline invitations. After July 22, your social life is back online, though you still need to be discerning. 

The lunar eclipse on July 16 draws your awareness to family matters. This influence could inspire healing for complicated relationships. To make the most of this time, evaluate your home and living space. Is there clutter piling up? Does something need to be repaired? Attend to these projects. If your house has been on the market, you could finalize a deal by the end of the month. 

With Mercury retrograde from July 7-31, you could revisit past relationships. This cycle is especially important for making peace with past decisions. If you feel any regrets, forgive yourself and have compassion for the person you used to be. Look at how far you’ve come. You’re amazing! Keep that in mind as you navigate your heart’s journey this month. 


You have a gift for getting to the heart of any matter. You’ll love July for this reason: Rather than digging beneath the surface to find information, it will unbury and reveal itself to you. In your personal life, you might hear of a matter that’s been kept a secret. This intel could lead to an exciting life change! In your professional life, you could uncover key information to help launch a successful project. All possibilities are open, and you’ve got the drive to achieve beyond what you imagined possible.

On July 2, the solar eclipse invites you on an adventure. Where would you like to travel? What would you like to learn? Begin planning for a mind-expanding experience, whether that means signing up for a class, joining a spiritual community, or taking a trip. 

In work, you may have to finish past projects or do some house-cleaning before you’re able to start something new. If you’ve sought to make a career change, wait to see what opportunities present themselves after July 22. Mars in Leo amplifies your ambition, but don’t overwork yourself. Make time for play and relaxation, especially around July 10. 

If you are ready for a change in your love life, like a new relationship or a new way of being in your current one, you could have the chance between July 2-16. In this dynamic time, you can face your greatest fears, address trust issues in your relationships, or heal any residual pain from past breakups. 


The eclipses on July 2 and 16 highlight themes of self-worth. You could experience breakthrough insights about how your personal value is so much more than what you do or what you have. You are valuable simply because you are. This month, do more being and less doing. If you feel pressure to prove yourself, take pause and ask if self-doubt is really at the core of the issue. If so, amend that pattern. Your financial wellbeing begins with internal peace.

Mercury goes retrograde from July 7-31, and you could revisit ideas or projects that have been on the backburner. If you have been thinking about writing a book or finishing a creative project, you could find inspiration and motivation at the beginning of the month. 

After July 22, you may be invited to travel. Say yes to the call. If you encounter delays, relax and stay in the moment. There are always reasons why things happen as they do. 

If you have considered making a financial investment, you could receive insights about the deal around the time of the solar eclipse on July 2. After July 31, luck will be on your side. 

Mars in Leo heats up your love life. Allow love to surprise you. There could be some unexpected encounters with people from your past. Maintain your equilibrium by being clear about what you want in the big picture. Assert yourself in an honest conversation and see if they can match your sincerity. If so, you could have partnership potential for life. 


When you see a plant growing from the cracks in the sidewalk, you witness the tenacity of life. If you’ve ever seen plant cuttings root into the soil, you understand how, even after trauma, life will seek to grow. Think of these metaphors this month, and you will find meaning in any challenging circumstance that arises. Growth isn’t always easy, light, and fun. Sometimes, it involves facing your fears, wrestling with uncertainty, and overcoming doubt. In doing so, you inspire courage and faith. Between July 2-16, you will have significant growth opportunities. Take steps forward, trusting your intuition to guide you.

Mercury stations retrograde on July 7, and you could have a chance to revisit past financial decisions. If you have considered making an investment, or if you’ve been seeking investors for a company, you might obtain valuable information about how to proceed after July 31. This is also a favorable time to reevaluate business partnerships and address any concerns. 

The lunar eclipse on July 16 shines a spotlight on you. How would you like for others to see you? For what would you like to be known? Others are taking notice. So, be the better version of yourself to gain the recognition you deserve. Trust your skills, talents, and experience, and you will avoid experiencing imposter syndrome. 

Your love life takes priority early in the month when the solar eclipse on July 2 invites you to take initiative. This is not a time to play it safe or hide your feelings. Love wholeheartedly. 


When your day-to-day routine lacks variety, your inner rebel works overtime to get your attention. So, to prevent your inner rebel from having a mini-meltdown this month, change things up in big or little ways. The solar eclipse on July 2 invites you to try something new, explore an alternate route, take some you time, or do something completely luxurious just for yourself. 

At the beginning of the month, you could have insights and aha moments about ways in fear may be limiting you, professionally. In facing your fears, you will free yourself from restrictive contracts or conditions. You could also branch out and connect with a new social network late in the month. After July 31, you will be clear about whether or not to move forward with a potential business partnership.

Mars in your opposite sign inspires you to speak up for yourself, root for the underdog, and advocate for the causes you hold dear. If others try to challenge you, speak from your heart with compassion. Listen to their perspectives, too, and with an open mind, spark a healthy discourse. 

Someone from the past could unexpectedly reach out and rekindle emotions you’ve had buried. You have shifted out of unhealthy relationship patterns, and while you’re not yet perfect, you now know the difference between a heart-centered relationship and an ego-centered one. After July 22, your romantic relationships emphasize commitment. The new moon on July 31 helps clarify how to best move forward in your love life, whether you are single or involved. 


To the Ancient Greeks, chaos was a state of formless emptiness before the creation of the cosmos. You also might best experience your creative genius after chaotic times. This month, you have brilliant, prolific ideas, along with greater access to your inner genius. Make the most of every experience by feeling it all as intensely as you can. Then, use that energy to shape your life experiences and create your destiny. 

The solar eclipse on July 2 offers you a new idea. This is a conception point, and if you’ve been thinking about starting a family, you could receive favorable news. Likewise, if you’ve wanted to manifest a relationship, romance could spark between July 2 – 16. 

Mercury stations retrograde on July 7, and the devil’s in the details. Pay attention to every word of every correspondence, whether it’s a text to your mom, an email to your boss, or a proposal to a client. With so many big, bright ideas coursing through your mind, you could feel frustrated with the minor details. Take a deep breath and exercise patience. 

The lunar eclipse on July 16 could help you connect with a new social circle or expand your current network. You could also become aware of the ways in which some of your friendships may no longer serve you. It’s okay to reevaluate your connections. Perhaps you could even reconnect with friends from the past in new ways. That said, if one of your past romantic partners resurfaces in your life, proceed with care. 

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