An Interview with Intuitive Astrologer, Rachel Lang

What does a day-in-the-life entail for an Intuitive Astrologer, and what motives and inspires her? We sit down with Rachel Lang, LVBX Magazine Astrologer, to find out more.

Do you feel people are becoming more aware of astrology, or perhaps more drawn to it right now? The study and practice of astrology have been prevalent throughout the historical periods of great cultural renaissance and scientific innovation, including the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the New Age movement of the 1960s and 70s. We are living in times such as those now, and consequently, we are seeking more meaning in our day-to-day experiences. We are also seeking deeper understanding of our connectedness to one another and the world. Astrology gives us a language of symbols to help provide that meaning and context. If we can understand the symbolism of what’s happening in our lives, we can find solutions to challenges. It helps us have conscious awareness and better shape our life experiences.

We have more access to news and information about what’s happening in the world, and our heads are full of this knowledge. Our hearts, though, feel all of this deeply and want to understand it so we can find how to make a difference. Astrology is a bridge between the head and the heart because it shows patterns to help us see layers of meaning in the events that unfold in our lives and in the world. It helps with our self-reflection to see ourselves as a part of the whole, and within that whole, we play a part. One planet represents a number of things. When you see the planets interacting with one another in your natal chart or by transit, you can start to interpret those layers of meaning and develop a narrative for any personality trait or situation in your life. The same applies to cities, states, and countries, corporations, and relationships.

I think technology has helped more people access information about astrology and specifically, their natal charts. When I started studying astrology, I learned by reading books because, living in the suburban Midwest, I didn’t know any astrologers who could teach me until later. Before computer programs were readily available, we constructed charts by hand, which takes quite a bit of time and requires a good knowledge of the math involved. Now, you can enter your birth data on an app and construct your chart in seconds. You can also find teachers, online classes, articles, and astrology communities online. All of this information, which used to only be accessible to pros, is available to you at your fingertips.

We have so many great resources available that go beyond sun sign astrology. So, astrology in the mainstream has changed. We now have deeper conversations about astrology than “what’s your sign?” Sun sign columns, too, have evolved, and you can find some true wisdom by reading your horoscope. The way I write horoscopes has evolved over the years, too, to be more in-depth and to offer more meaning. I think this is indicative of an overall shift—astrology has evolved to meet our ever-changing needs.

We all have many traits, and some run deeper according to our zodiac sign. What can astrology teach us about self-acceptance and self-improvement? When I first discovered astrology, I was 14 years old and trying so hard to fit in. Like so many of us in adolescence, I wanted to try to change myself and my appearance to fit within the social norm. When I first read my birth chart at that critical age, my eyes were opened to all of the complexities of my personality. I discovered that even my physical characteristics were described in my chart, including my metabolism and skin coloring. For the first time, I truly accepted myself and stopped trying to be like others. For example, I have a strong Venus influence in my chart, including a Taurus rising, and there is just no way I’m supposed to go through this life restricting my calories! Reading about those and other influences allowed me to embrace every nuance of myself, and though I always strive to live the highest expression of myself and my chart, I don’t feel any pressure to change myself to fit within anyone else’s normative construct.

This is what I try do for my clients. I help them see the beauty in themselves and their unique paths. I had a client with creativity and dance strongly represented in his chart. His parents encouraged him to pursue a corporate job, but he was unhappy. By pointing out specific traits in his chart, I helped him to see creative expression was a strength and even a life purpose. After our session, he slowly transitioned into a creative field and has been more successful than he could have imagined. By owning his chart’s potential, he accessed the courage he needed to face his fears of disappointing his parents and start out on a new path. Now, not all my clients have a dramatic life change after learning about their charts! This is just a small example of how it can happen.

Our charts are so much more than our sun signs. Most people don’t realize how much you can see in a natal chart, which is essentially a picture of the heavens at the time of your birth. Each point in a chart symbolizes different aspects of your personality and life. Your chart as a whole shows your life experiences, including your purpose, challenges you might face, physical limitations, family dynamics, how you flirt with someone, the nature of your relationships, career, finances, learning style, and more. It can even show you your blind spots, those aspects of yourself that stay in the shadows because you’re afraid to see. If you want to know anything about yourself, you can find it in your chart. Knowledge is power. Once you have awareness about certain aspects of yourself, you can find ways to shift them and evolve. The astrological symbols have higher octaves and lower ones. If you know the lower ones, you can be on the lookout for corresponding behavioral patterns that play out in your life.

What does a typical day-in-the-life look like for you? A typical day starts with meditation. I like to be very clear before I work with clients, and I also pray for my clients before I start sessions. Then, I study the charts of the clients with whom I’ll work. I sometimes jot little notes I might say during our session, but I don’t like to have the sessions scripted out. I like for them to flow. I can have anywhere from three to eight clients a day. I keep a little notebook on my desk for insights that come up in sessions. I’m always discovering something new in the process; I love my work for this reason. After seeing clients, I need a reboot! I ground my energy either by meditating, painting, working out, or taking a walk. Then, I enjoy evenings with my wife or get together with friends. The hours between 10pm – 2am are my most productive, though. This is my favorite time to work. I usually write horoscopes and astrology articles or work on long-term projects I’m developing during that time. I am writing a book, and it’s all I want to do right now! So, I have been working on that over the weekends, but I try to balance that with social and self-care activities, too.

Talk to us about self-care and entrepreneurship. How do you make time to designate a work / life balance? Self-care is essential for entrepreneurs because it’s so easy to succumb to burnout. As an entrepreneur, you are always doing two or three jobs — You have be the marketer, salesperson, accountant, and more, even if you hire others to help with these functions. You have to run your own business while, at the same time, developing what you’ll offer next. To be successful, you have to have constant creative output. When I make time for self-care, my work is better because I have more energy to offer my clients. I find I even have more clients when I’m taking better care of myself. It’s like I am letting the universe know I’m open for business. When I’m depleted, everything suffers.

I’ve found self-care is more than just a bubble bath or a massage, though I enjoy both! It’s setting boundaries for myself and saying no when I need to. It’s prioritizing my health and wellbeing. It’s having compassion for myself when I can’t do it all or when I make a mistake. Sometimes, it’s going to bed at a reasonable time.

“I schedule time for self-care because it’s that important to me. Each afternoon, I do something to ground myself, whether it’s going to the gym or painting in my studio. When I don’t even have time for that, I bring mindfulness/consciousness to the everyday activities I do. I make preparing my food a spiritual ritual. I make my morning routine a meditative act. I listen to uplifting podcasts while cleaning or attending to menial tasks. I find that balance in any way I can.”

What is your sign, and what signs are you most compatible with? I’m a Libra with a Gemini moon and Taurus rising. As a Libra, I like to think I’m compatible with everyone! I can find aspects about each sign to appreciate. That said, I tend to get along really well with other air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). Throughout my life, some of my closest friends have been either Gemini or Aquarius. I have dear Sagittarius, Taurus, and Pisces friends, too. I have several planets in water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)  in my chart, and I connect deeply with water signs. My wife is a Cancer, and I have several Scorpio and Pisces family members with whom I’m extremely close. I can think of important people in my life for each sign, Capricorn, Virgo, Aries, Leo… I hate to leave anyone out! Compatibility is a complex art in astrology. It goes so far beyond the sun sign, and there are different approaches I use for different types of relationships.

How does astrology help you move through your daily life? When something significant happens in my life or in the world, I look at a chart for that time and date so I can better understand the significance of that event and why it might have occurred. For example, when my mood suddenly shifts during the day, I’ll look at a chart to see why. Or when something shocking happens in the world, like the fire at Notre Dame, I will look at a chart for that event. Astrology may not take away the painful emotions of a devastating event, but it can help me see that event as part of an unfolding story. From there, I can have a greater sense of peace.

The planets, asteroids, and other chart points tell a story for us. We are mythological beings with a collective conscious filled with symbols, archetypes, and metaphors. In delineating the astrological symbols, you gain context. There are many layers of meaning inherent within each astrological point. When you unpack those layers, you can identify spiritual, physical, and emotional implications for any events manifesting in your life.

I also plan events using astrology. I chose our wedding day using astrology, for example. I never throw a party, send an important email, buy expensive items, plan a trip, or have a medical procedure without electing a chart. I look at the moon sign before getting my hair cut, gardening, or writing.

Astrology also helps me understand others and my relationship dynamics with others on a daily basis. I tend to know what transits and progressions my wife, family members, and closest friends have going on. That way, I can offer encouragement and support. It helps me better relate with my clients, too. For example, if I’m working with a Capricorn, I’m going to word things in a more practical way, giving them tangible steps to take and “homework” to do after our session.

I used to base everything on astrology when I first started studying it, and since then, I’ve become more relaxed. I have even bought electronics during Mercury retrograde! Still, it’s helpful to know a general sense of what’s happening astrologically so I can be prepared. It’s kind of like a weather forecast for your life.

Any favorite apps or sites you visit on a daily basis? For apps, I use TimePassages, iAstroDaily, and Hours (Planetary Hours) on a daily basis. I also like Astro Gold, Co-Star, TimeNomad, and AstrologyZone. For sites, I like,, Café Astrology, and The Mountain Astrologer (and the magazine, too). There are so many! I feel like I’m leaving some out, but this is a good start.

How do you wind down at the end of a busy day? It doesn’t take me much to wind down. I often keep going strong until I crash! For that reason, I’ve never had a hard time falling asleep. I love to take a bath, read, catch up with my Words with Friends games, or watch one of my favorite shows with my wife. I always end my day with a gratitude prayer as I’m lying in bed before I fall asleep.



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