Peeling Away Those Banana Rolls Just in Time for Summer

With swimsuit season approaching, we are all looking for ways to look fit and smooth. One area that tends to be quite bothersome is that fold of fat just below the buttocks on the upper back portion of the thigh, often referred to as banana rolls. This fat is more common in women and largely the result of genetics, so it’s difficult to get rid of even with diet and exercise. And despite the promises of expensive lotions and creams, topical medications rarely provide a long-term solution. At our practice, Aesthetx in Silicon Valley CA, we offer both in-office, minimally invasive and surgical treatments to effectively target this problematic area.CoolSculpting: Freezing That Fat AwayOur patients love CoolSculpting® as there is virtually no downtime, while being a successful way to freeze away the unwanted fat cells responsible for that banana roll. This body contouring technology uses precise low temperatures to progressively eliminate fat under the skin (termed subcutaneous adiposity). An average of 20% of that pinchable fat is eliminated with each treatment session, but unlike surgery, there is no anesthesia and no recovery time. In fact, you can go straight back to work, the gym, or any social engagement without disrupting your normal activities. Because CoolSculpting® relies on your body’s own cell turnover mechanisms, the results are not immediate and it takes several visits to achieve the best effects. We recommend starting this treatment plan at least 6 months in advance of any major events.

Kybella: Injections That Kill Fat Cells
Injection of Kybella is another effective non-surgical option to banish the banana rolls.  Kybella contains a substance called deoxycholic acid that works to dissolve fat cells. The healing process occuring after such injections permanently destroys these cells and helps tighten and smooth the skin over the treatment area.

On average, most patients need about 2-6 customized treatment sessions to achieve their desired result.  Burning and soreness is common after the treatment but usually resolves rapidly. By far, the most common and almost unavoidable side effect is swelling. It can often be quite pronounced –we recommend wearing compression garments to help minimize –during the first 1-2 weeks after the treatment.  Bruising and temporary numbness are also possible side effects that resolve with time. Fat reduction occurs over a matter of weeks with ongoing changes for up to 3-4 months so the results keep getting better and better. Since not all of the fat cells disappear, maintaining a healthy lifestyle allows for the most optimal results.

Liposuction: Targeted Approach to Remove Unwanted Fat Pockets

An outpatient procedure performed in the operating room under anesthesia, liposuction is the safest, most effective, and most popular surgical option for eliminating banana rolls. For this procedure, small poke holes are hidden in the crease under the buttocks, and then a small tube-like cannula is inserted and excess fatty tissue is removed with gentle suction.  As with other troublesome areas like the lower back and waist, liposuction can be a very effective method of eliminating unwanted fat cells and restoring your natural body contour. In fact, due to the location of banana rolls, patients often choose to combine this treatment with other parts of their bodies especially the inner and outer thighs. Many patients are interested in shaping the buttocks, and this can be done by re-injecting the fat to fill out areas that may be missing some fullness. This unique combination of liposuctioning the lower back, banana roll and inner/outer thighs and then filling the buttocks with the extracted fat (known as a buttock augmentation or a Brazilian butt lift) can be a nice way to contour the entire derrière!

At Aesthetx, we use VASER-assisted technology for liposuction procedures as they offer many benefits. Specifically, this approach offers greater precision by using heated ultrasound to create very smooth results. This technique is easier on the tissues and ultimately results in faster recovery time for patients. While most patients return to normal activities in about a week and can start light exercise in 2-3 weeks, it is important to mention that liposuction takes a full three months to see the final results.  In addition, patients need to wear garments for 3-6 weeks to help shape the body as it heals. Also, postoperative lymphatic drainage massage can be very instrumental in speeding up the recovery process.

No matter which procedure you decide to choose to remove the banana roll, the most important thing is to discuss all of the options with your doctor and choose the approach that best fits your body and desired outcome.

ZDr. Kamakshi Zeidler

Board certified and fellowship trained, Dr. Kamakshi Zeidler is a thought leader in the field of plastic surgery and co-founder of Aesthetx. As an expert in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery, she is an active author, lecturer, and clinical investigator for multiple research trials including those that bring new breast implants to market from companies such as Allergan, Sientra, AirXpanders and most recently Motiva. She is a contributor to a couple of upcoming textbooks detailing her unique procedure for breast lift. Dr. Zeidler is committed to innovation and routinely partners with companies to bring new technologies to the market, serving as a strategic medical advisor to the CEOs and executive teams of a variety of the plastic surgery industry leaders. She also serves on the board of directors of Cancer CAREpoint, Silicon Valley’s nonprofit providing resources to those suffering from breast as well as other types of cancer. Dr. Zeidler’s exquisite plastic surgery outcomes have earned her renown not only in the heart of Silicon Valley but also around the world. Her vision of an aesthetic medical practice combining the best of plastic surgery and dermatology with the latest proven technologies is leading a new trend in the aesthetic industry and has positioned Aesthetx to be the destination for the most discerning patients.

Dr. Amelia K. Hausauer

A visionary in the field of minimally invasive aesthetics, Dr. Amelia K. Hausauer is the Director of Dermatology of Aesthetx. She is an innovator and rising star in the world of platelet rich plasma (PRP) — a component of the blood rich in growth factor– and microneedling, spearheading several research trials, serving as chief editor and major contributing author for upcoming textbook, in addition to lecturing and training other healthcare providers on these topics. Moreover, Dr. Hausauer is an expert advisor on laser and injectable therapies. She has served as an investigator on trials for Allergan, Merz Aesthetics, Revance Therapeutics, ThermiGen LLC, Eclipse Aesthetics LLC, and Sciton Inc; written multiple pupublications on neuromodulators (i.e. Botox® cosmetic), dermal fillers, and other aesthetic skin procedures; is a frequent reviewer for the medical journal Dermatologic Surgery; and was selected to participate in the prestigious American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) Future Leaders Network, intended to groom leadership in the field of procedural dermatology.



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