How (and Why) to Supplement: An Interview with SCULPT Founder Anita Rincon

Even with a healthy diet and regular exercise, supplementation can aid us in achieving our optimum wellness. No one understands this more than Anita Rincon, founder of SCULPT, a game-changing new line of natural supplements specifically for women. 

Tell us about your background; what led you into the wellness industry: I started as a beauty entrepreneur with SCULPT’s sister brand Rincón Cosmetics. I had recently moved to New York City from my native Finland. Just like many, if not all new entrepreneurs I was putting all my focus and energy into building and growing my brand. Rincón Cosmetics received tons of love from the day we launched, which made it a success from the very beginning. I was so happy and grateful, but on a personal level I was completely neglecting my own wellness and health. I was getting sick all the time and ended up gaining 80 pounds within a couple of years. I realized I needed a complete lifestyle change and started researching nutrition and foods. I was able to lose those pounds I had gained and, in the process, I became interested in supplements and noticed what was missing on the market. That is how the idea of SCULPT came along; I wanted to create a range of natural supplements for women with none of the extra stuff. I didn’t want any harsh chemicals or colorants; only clean ingredients that everyone can pronounce. It was important for me to make the line inclusive and accessible for everyone, and being able to bring it closer to our customers with our nationwide Target launch has been a dream come true.

Give us some insight into SCULPT; what does the line consist of, and why did you choose these products specifically: We have two supplement ranges for women; body and beauty. Our body range includes Slim Kit, Cheat Day and Night Kit. Every product serves a different purpose; Slim Kit is a natural cleansing program, whereas Cheat Day is for those days when you want to enjoy a guilt-free cheat meal by blocking the absorption of foods high in starch like pasta, rice and bread. Night Kit supports bedtime recovery and fat-burn, promoting restorative sleep. Our beauty line includes Glow Bomb collagen glow booster, 3-in-1 hair, skin and nails complex Beauty Potion and Skin Polish, which smoothens the skin from within.

How long does it typically take to begin seeing noticeable results from a product or supplement: It really varies by person, for some noticing results can take weeks while for others it may take months. It depends on the product too – you will likely see the results from a cleansing program quicker than those of a supplement that promotes hair growth. No matter what supplement or brand you use, best results come with being consistent.

What kinds of daily rituals or habits can we build into our lives to promote better health: The transition to a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to be overwhelming; we all can make small changes in our daily habits like drinking more water or going out for walk. I used to say that I couldn’t find time to work out or eat healthy, but when you commit to making a lifestyle change you realize you actually can fit working out and eating balanced even into the busiest, eventful life. It all comes down to planning ahead.

Collagen is certainly trending. Tell us about the benefits of collagen, and how your Glow Bomb helps to bring dull skin back to life: Collagen is a complex protein that helps to give dull skin elasticity and strength. Glow Bomb is SCULPT’s collagen capsule that has become a must-have for so many women mainly because our body’s natural collagen production starts to slow down with age. Collagen has many benefits from improving skin, hair and nails to boosting metabolism.

What is your typical morning routine: I always start my day off with a tall glass of water mixed with lemon juice. I am not a big breakfast person, so I normally have my first meal of the day in form of a protein shake. My favorite protein powder is from SCULPT’s limited-edition collection with Shannon De Lima in French Vanilla – it tastes so good and goes with everything! I try to make time to the gym in the morning, I feel that it makes a huge difference on the rest of the day.



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