THE EDIT: Our Current Obsessions


SNOO Smart Sleeper from Dr. Harvey Karp of Happiest Baby. When our baby arrives later this spring, we are hoping she gets some restful sleep with this intuitive, gentle (and stylish) sleeper. And if it means mom and dad get even a little extra sleep, all the better. We are all about promoting sleep.

Mama-to-be pedicures. The cooling citrus leg mask helps soothe any inflammation, and feels entirely relaxing.

SLIP silk scrunchies. Do you remember the scrunchy? Well, they’re back and actually sexy. The perfect accessory for upcoming breastfeeding sessions.


I am obsessed with my new hair perfume: Mademoiselle by Coco Chanel. My hair has never smelt so amazing.


Tosha Silver’s book, It’s Not Your Money: How to Live Fully from Divine Abundance – pick up a copy!


My truly treasured book is A Fearless Heart: How the Courage to be Compassionate Can Transform Our Lives by Thupten Jinpa, PhD. He’s one of the folks who started the Center for Compassion at Stanford University over ten years ago. I’m a member on the Center for Compassion Committee at the University of Southern Maine in Portland Maine and enjoying connecting to Stanfords blessed wisdom.   

I also work with Dr. Jinpa’s gifted information in this book in my private practice mentoring folks to return to their wisdom of Intuition.


Inheritance: A Memoir of Genealogy, Paternity, and Love by Dani Shapiro. Who can resist a memoir about family secrets?


Believe it or not, my favorite book of the moment, (or of the recent past) is: GUT: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ by Giulia Enders.

It’s a fun and very thorough tour through digestion and all its issues, from the tip of the tongue to the tip of the tail – with clever illustrations. This is the revised edition, with more information about the role microbes play in overall health, the gut-brain connection, and insight into ever-growing food allergies and their manifestations. I know a lot about physiology and I learned so much from this amusing and accessible book.

My other love these days is NadaMoo non-dairy ice cream. Coconut based, it’s much better tasting than its predecessor, the original Coconut Bliss.


Mine is Lacy Ann Phillips’s Podcast Expanded and her To Be Magnetic website and meditation program.


A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle. It was one of favorite books as a child, and I recently decided to re-read it. I’m as obsessed now as I was when I read the whole series as a girl.

Podcast: Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday. In a special series recently, every Monday, she and Eckhart Tolle discuss a different chapter of his book, A New Earth: Awakening your Life’s Purpose. It’s a good reminder of the book I read years ago. I keep learning new things. This is my go-to podcast for inspiration and in-depth conversations with spiritual and thought leaders.


I’m obsessed with Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream. I see visible results in the reduction of fine lines when I use it, and it keeps my skin feeling nourished throughout the day.

Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara. It conditions and lengthens your lashes without clumping or flaking. It enhances the look and volume of your lashes, but because it doesn’t clump, your lashes look natural. Plus, it goes on smoothly, and it doesn’t feel heavy like some mascaras do.

The skincare line Herbivore, especially EMERALD Deep Moisture Glow Oil with CBD oil, Ashwagandha Root, and Shiitake mushroom. It plumps my skin and has anti-aging and healing properties. It feels so luxurious.


I Am the Night? – I am obsessed! This six-part television series on TNT tells the twisted tale of teenager Fauna Hodel (India Eisley) and how she might be connected to the infamous Black Dahlia murder back in 1947 Los Angeles. Chris Pine (Star Trek, Hell or High Water) stars and is the executive producer. His character is seriously flawed and makes bad choices, but he still gets you to root for him. This is a perfect role to show Pine’s range as an actor. If he’s not nominated for an Emmy, there will be an uproar! Directed by Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman, Monster), I Am the Night is extremely well-done, so creepy that it sometimes gives you chills (not exaggerating) and it’s the first show I’ve really looked forward to watching every week in a long time. The last episode airs March 4th, but you can find the whole series online. Five stars!



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