How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

Rachel Lang
Rachel Lang is a professionally certified astrologer and healer who works with individuals, small businesses, and corporations. An internationally recognized speaker, she also hosts workshops and offers classes, retreats and meditation groups. Rachel loves helping people identify and heal challenges or roadblocks in life. She supports them in decision-making processes by mapping astrological trends and forecasts to offer a glimpse of what’s ahead. Her favorite part of her job is writing horoscopes and articles for LVBX Magazine. You can find out more or schedule a session online at

It’s that time again; Mercury is retrograde. It stations retrograde at 10:19 am on March 5th at 29˚39 Pisces. This one will be a doozy! I’ll give you a little insight about what it could mean for you as well as offer a few tips to help you gracefully move through these three weeks.

When the planet of communication appears to come to a standstill and begin to move backward, it steals the celestial show. It commands attention, and in doing so, it calls us all to look at our Mercury-related stuff.  How are you communicating with others? Do you hold back for fear of conflict? Do others perceive you to be too abrasive? Do you get a little passive aggressive from time to time? Circumstances in your life could show up to help you remedy some of these behaviors, and you won’t have a choice. You will have to face some fears, feel some doubts, and consider changing your ways.

With this one, in particular, we have to be real with ourselves and others. If you have been authentic in any way, you might have to come clean and reveal the truth about yourself. In that, you will liberate yourself and detox your psyche. It takes a lot of psychic energy to keep a secret or hold a lie. It is also energetically draining to sense intuitively when someone close to you holds back. Be brave in asking for the truth from others. Secrets can also be toxic to your system.

Communication devices may go haywire. You could spill water on your keyboard, for example, or drop your phone in the toilet. Mercury can be a little trickster, and so it tends to get your attention in not-so-subtle ways. If something like this happens, know there is a deeper significance, and thank Mercury for the heads-up! For example, if you have needed a break from work, your computer might break. Or if you have been feeling disconnected from others, your wifi might glitch. After all, nothing makes you appreciate your connections than being off the grid for a brief time! If water spills on your keyboard, ask: Am I afraid to express my emotions? Or: Have I sent an email in the heat of the moment when I could have waited a few minutes to cool down?


Before it stations retrograde, Mercury moves closer to Chiron, the little dwarf planet of the wounded healer. In the days leading up to Mercury retrograde, you might start to feel pangs of hurt, sadness, grief, or other emotions. You might have memories of times when someone from the past hurt you or traumatic events in your life. You might also feel remorse for times in which you hurt others.

During Mercury retrograde cycles, we have a chance to go inward and reflect on your life. In doing so, we can gain perspective to help forgive ourselves and others. It’s especially important to reframe your victim stories to see yourself as a powerful person. Sometimes, just giving voice to your story is enough. At other times, only therapeutic processes can help.

This is a healing time. A clearing time.

Dazed and Confused

This month, you could feel as if you’re walking through a haze, unclear about situations in your life or your direction. Relationships could feel off, and you could question the big decisions you’ve made throughout your life. Try not to take it all too seriously or make bold moves, like quitting your job on a whim or leaving your partner in the heat of an argument. Also, try not to obsess or ruminate about small things, or make more of a situation than it is.

It’s a cycle, and it, too, shall pass.

Guilt, regret, remorse, and shame have to rise to the surface so you can clear them from your energy field once and for all. If you feel any of these emotions, journal, talk to a therapist or good friend, or see a healer. You don’t need to hold on to the past; let it go.

Tips for Each Sign

Here are some Mercury retrograde survival tips for you!

Aries: This Mercury retrograde cycle is a spiritual time for you. Join a meditation group or involve yourself in a new spiritual community. You may be in touch with hidden aspects of yourself or uncover truth buried in your subconscious mind. Because this time emphasizes the more right-brained side of yourself, be careful signing contracts or sending correspondences. Proofread everything very carefully. You may not have as much access to your logical mind as usual.

Mantra: I am completely honest with myself and open to receiving wisdom and guidance from my higher self, guides, and others.

Taurus: Friends from the past may come back into your life, or you could experience an overall shift in your social circle. You gain clarity about some of your key relationships. If certain friendships have blurred lines, be clear about what you want. You could be inspired to join a community or form new connections. Be careful driving, and have a tune-up if you hear any rattling in your car. It’s better to be proactive at this time. Technological issues could be up for you; maybe it’s time for a few upgrades. Though it’s not the best time to buy a new computer or gadget, if you have to replace one, it could turn out favorable in the long run.

Mantra: I allow myself to connect with others in genuine, authentic relationships. I release the need to hold onto friendships that will not grow and evolve as I do.

Gemini: As you overcome any career challenges, you could have breakthroughs and open to new beginnings. Who deserves your trust? Trust your instincts before signing the ink on any business deals or contracts. You could revisit past dreams or professional goals. It’s time to integrate the past into the present. Forgive yourself for previous decisions you wish you would have made differently. Your storyline is still unfolding, and you have had some wild adventures along the way! Pat yourself on the back for taking risks and taking the road less traveled.

Mantra: I am true to myself and experience success when I follow my heart.

Cancer: What do you believe? For you, this Mercury retrograde cycle could be a time for questions, not answers. You explore your faith, philosophy, and religious ideals. You may crave spiritual experiences akin to those you had in childhood. This is a time to integrate past ideals and inherited beliefs into your present-day worldview, rather than abandoning them altogether. On a practical level, you may be called to travel, but you could face some delays or setbacks. Legal matters may present frustrations, but try not to do anything drastic. Wait it out. Ride the wave of your emotions, and try to relax as much as possible. You may tend to feel more intensely at this time, which could lead to making a minor issue into a big deal. Take deep breaths, and find time to have fun, especially with your partner, if you are involved.

Mantra: I am willing to know truth and see what I may have been afraid to before. At my core, I am truth.

Leo: Be careful signing contracts or entering into partnership agreements at this time. You may not have all the facts. Issues with insurance, taxes, or investments could arise. Therefore, wait to make any significant changes with these matters until after mid-April. Spiritual shifts help you access more of your wisdom and intuition. You are facing any fears that have kept you from accessing the fullness of your power. As a result, you could meet challenges from business or romantic partners. There could be times when you are called to rise and roar! This retrograde period is also good for digging deep into your psyche through therapy or healing.

Mantra: As I face my fears, I diminish their influence in my life. I access my limitless power.

Virgo: Mercury is your ruling planet, and you feel its retrograde periods perhaps more than any other sign. This time, it will be moving backward in your opposite sign, sending your relationships into a bit of a spin. Someone from your past could come into your life in a more significant way. Perhaps you could have a reconciliation or reinvent your relationship in a healthier way. If you are in a relationship, you could feel challenged by your partner or keenly aware of issues you have with them. Beware of projection and transference. Look inward honestly. If trust issues surface, try not to overanalyze the details of words and actions. There’s a tendency to become caught up in a story to which you can only see one side. Gain perspective. If you have phone or other technological issues, step away, reset your energy, and approach the situation with new eyes later on. You may find the problems clear up on their own. Remember: Mercury is a little trickster sometimes!

Mantra: I am willing to see all aspects of myself, even what remains in shadow.

Libra: Health matters take top priority during this retrograde cycle. You could receive a diagnosis that leads you to explore alternatives to western medicine, especially if those issues are related to your digestion. Remember: Food is medicine. Honor your body’s unique needs and adjust your diet if necessary. If you have any minor ailments, be proactive in finding out if there are deeper spiritual or emotional roots. Work may be either too busy or too slow. Either issue has its set of challenges, and you could question your career path as a result. You could find your schedule to be quite full of menial tasks; do not feed anxiety or stress. Pay attention to small things, like typos. Be very clear in your communication. Take deep breaths and engage in grounding practices to restore balance.

Mantra: For everything, there is a time and a season. As a powerful creator, I shape my destiny as well as the affairs of my everyday life.

Scorpio: You could either face a few challenges in your relationships with your adult children or heal ongoing issues you’ve had with them. If you have young children, you could be quite busy with their activities during this time. If you do not have children, have unpleasant custody arrangements, or have been trying to conceive, you may go deep within, feeling grief, regret, relief, or other buried emotions about these matters. Your romantic affairs could also intriguing during this retrograde. Someone from your past could reemerge in a wild encounter; expect the unexpected. Your emotions could be all over the place; take them all with stride. Ride the waves of them, and consider this adventure time! Creative energy abounds; express yourself. Let your hobbies, artistic and creative endeavors be outlets for your heightened emotions. Ground your energy, and plant your pain, sadness, anxiety, or frustrations into the earth for transmutation.

Mantra: I open my heart to receive blessings from others and the universe. I am the creator of my own life experience.

Sagittarius: You could finalize an ongoing real estate deal during this retrograde cycle. If you have been considering a move for some time, you may use this time to prepare your house to list it on the market. Be cautious when signing contracts or leases. Make sure you have everything thoroughly inspected. Minor delays could be frustrating, but they could also be a blessing in disguise. Spring cleaning is a favorable activity for this time. Deep-clean closets, storage units, and your basement. As your thoughts turn to matters of the home, you may also reflect on your family of origin and your childhood. You may identify inherited beliefs that were buried in your subconscious or realize ancestral patterns that need clearing. Shamanic practices, therapy, or healing processes may help. Ground your energy; this is a time when you could feel spaced-out in general. Spiritual and creative activities can help you access your intuition and wisdom.

Mantra: I untangle myself from ancestral patterns that no longer support my growth and evolution. I am rooted in truth and will continue to grow tall and branch out.

Capricorn: Your mind could be hazier this month than usual. Do not worry! You are thinking in new ways, and you may need to rely on your intuition or creative insights for guidance. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have all the answers or perfect solutions. In fact, this retrograde cycle is helping you let go of perfectionism once and for all so you can live a freer life.  As a result, find the gifts in the minor mistakes you make. See them as part of an overall healing pattern. Perhaps you haven’t been getting enough sleep? Find a new bedtime routine to relax and decompress. You could reconnect with neighbors our siblings and reminisce. You have an opportunity to nurture these relationships as well as to let go of any lingering resentment. In all of your communications, proof everything and be detail-oriented.  Try to resist the urge to send a drunk text or fire off an angry email. Give yourself space and time when you are triggered.

Mantra: My mind works in many ways and on so many levels. I let go of my need to be perfect and trust that everything happens for a reason.

Aquarius: What are your priorities? If you look at your monthly budget, you will see the answer, as it will be where you spend the most money. This retrograde cycle could raise issues of personal value and self-worth relating to your economic standing and finances as a whole. Dig deep within to find hidden money fears or limiting beliefs. You might have a few unexpected expenses arise to help raise these deeper issues to the surface. You may ask for a raise or raise your rates if you feel financially frustrated or stuck. This is a favorable time to work with a budget and set financial goals. Ask yourself: Am I allowing my worries to block me from experiencing my many blessings? If so, consider keeping a gratitude journal. Communication with others could be challenging, especially if you feel slightly insecure. Allow your vulnerable side to show, and you could awaken compassion in another.

Mantra: I am inherently deserving of goodness and love. I allow myself to receive blessings and abundance in life and love.

Pisces: This Mercury retrograde happens in your sign, making this a favorable period for soul-searching and personal growth. The deeper you go, the more expansion you can expect after March 28. During this cycle, step out of denial. Look honestly at yourself and others. If a relationship or other situation is not working, be real with yourself and let go if necessary. Live your truth and be honest with others. You may feel as if your intuition is off, but it’s not. Seek answers to questions and gain clarity about situations that feel off-kilter or unclear. Engage in spiritual practices, like meditation, prayer, or study groups. Your gifts are open and available to you at this time. In relationships, be careful not to project onto another. You may be more in touch with past experiences of hurt or wrongdoing. Memories surface when you’re ready for healing. If communication challenges arise, look for ways to improve how you interact with others. Avoid risky activities, too. Honor your body and its needs.

Mantra: I am willing to see all aspects of myself and others. I make wise decisions from a heart-centered place.




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