The Best Quotes of the Year

We’re nearing the end of 2018 and with that, we are looking back at some of the most powerful, funny, and enlightening quotes to hit LVBX this year. Introducing, the Best Quotes of the Year

“We have to take care of each other, and this is our way of reaching any moms out there who speak our language. We want to pass something down to fellow mamas that they, in turn, can pass down to someone else – it’s our way of creating a stronger community, through transparency and inclusion.”
Meet the Rebel Mamas, June 2018

“It is not a society where everyone is masculine that we need, it’s a society that values the feminine equally. It’s not for women to compete with men, it’s for women to be recognised for their true worth, and our differences to be celebrated and relished in.”
The True Power of Femininity, November 2018

“‘What’s in my hands to do? What’s in my power to do?’ We can be powerful, we can make things happen. We can make things happen when they seem impossible. I have to keep that in mind. Destiny isn’t something we can wait for. I have to make my own destiny. Thank you for reminding me.”
Part II: Son of the South, July 2018

“The most surprising and unexpected cup of coffee happened on return from my sole trek across Antarctica. My way off the ice was in the hole of a cargo plane. There was one single light bulb to see by. We were in the midst of a storm, thrashing around the plane, and somehow during that moment the co-pilot brewed a cup of coffee for me and himself. It was awful but beautiful.”
A Coffee Story: Meet La Colombe, May 2018

“A key thing for me is showing children and young people that science and creativity are two sides of the same coin. We know that when art, design, engineering, and science come together, we enable great innovation.”
Meet Dr. Susie Mitchell: Scientist and Musician, April 2018

“As modern women (and mothers) we dress for ourselves and no one else.”
The Rebel Mamas Talk Fashion, November 2018

“The quiet of the prairie is felt on every level: as it moves through your hair in the wind, as it whispers in the tall grasses, as day distinctly moves into night. The creative emotion that flows through this place acts as a balm for a busy city life, one that refreshes you with new eyes.”
The Prairie House: An Oasis in the Kansas Flint Hills, August 2018

“The soul craves experiences of expansion, and at times, that happens best through an intimate relationship.”
How to Manifest the Love You Want, October 2018

“Once we are able to access our own inner power, we stop at nothing until those around us are able to uncover their own. Introducing women to their massive resiliency is what motivates me.”
From A Girl Who Gets It: Meet Melody Pourmoradi, June 2018

“Confidence comes through positive experiences, not through rumination. You must put yourself in the places where you can have these positive experiences. You must discern where you are interfering with your natural processes, and allow yourself to move toward and prioritise what it is that you really want. Honestly, what brings you alive inside more than anything else? Close your eyes and be honest with yourself — what is it that brings you alive inside more than anything else? Now be honest — is that your number one priority? And do your actions reflect this?”
How to Become Fearless, May 2018

“Spring reminds us of our resilience, and part of our resilience is to know that we can withstand the rocking back and forth of spring, the precarious unpredictability of new beginnings, and all the emotions that go along with that—including impatience. We know that we can have the same bend as new spring grass, and that we, too, can turn from frozen to flowing, like the spring river.  Our impatience for the fulfillment of the treasure hunt of spring needn’t get the better of us.

Be kind and careful with all of your new beginnings, and with the sweet burgeoning buds that you recognize in others. Make lots of room for these beginnings to spread out and develop, and tend them carefully.”
ChangeAbility: The Tender Beginnings of Spring, April 2018

“There is something so powerful in the woman who can summon the inner strength, a message inside of her, that communicates her unique potential.”
On Building Emotional Resilience, March 2018

“The soul is complex beyond our understanding. We cannot know truly what it is nor understand its potential. So, we cannot verify or prove anything we know about twin flames or soulmates. Therefore, in relationships, go by what you feel, and trust your intuition. We can experience our biggest spiritual growth in relationships.”
Twin Flame or Soulmate?, February 2018

“I want to challenge myself to view the year through a lens of love opposed to one of criticism. I stand firmly in my belief in the gift of being kind to ourselves and everybody around us. I think it is so important that we allow ourselves to be wrong, embrace our failures and our imperfections while still feeling good enough to accept our bodies, thoughts, souls and spirits. I believe self-love is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. I believe in practicing life with compassion, courage and with empathy towards yourself and others. We cannot really love and spread love around the world if we don’t feel good about who we are as individuals, first.”
Finding Peace Within, January 2018



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