How To Prepare For a Successful Workout

Staying active is something that I live to do and am fortunate that it hasn’t ever felt like a chore. I was raised in a very active family and played a lot of team sports growing up. This instilled in me a feeling of strength and security as a child and even though I didn’t always enjoy the pressure from my coaches and teammates, I always felt better after every practice.

Fast forward to today, where moving my body is a non-negotiable! It is my favorite high and one of the many things that leaves me feeling happy, balanced and very optimistic. Getting your heat rate up can literally change your perspective and reduce depression. I know for myself, that I need a high intensity workout at least 4-5x per week. Without that constant movement, I feel antsy and my mood can tend to be a bit lower. And the vibration I put out to the world, feels more scattered and not as centered.

I know a lot of my clients struggle to figure out which activity best suits them. I say, go with what sounds fun! Yes, working out can be challenging, especially if you are starting fresh after time off or you are trying to achieve new goals for your body. But, lean towards an activity that intrigues you or gets you excited. Eventually, you’ll feel happy about driving to that gym class/yoga studio or to meet your gym buddy and you’ll realize that your perception of all the hard work is now transferred into how good you’ll feel after that workout is finished!

Once you’ve determined where you are going to go for that workout, now you’ve got to get prepared. This can be half the battle, so listen up. Packing your workout bag is essential. Find a bag that has enough space for a small towel, a large water bottle and a few other things that I’ll mention in a bit. You’ll also want to take a look at your “active clothes.” If this doesn’t concern you, no problem, just skip to the next paragraph. Studies show that having athletic clothes that fit you properly or make you feel good, help to get you to that workout class. So go ahead and take inventory on what you have to wear. If you feel it’s time to freshen things up a bit, then head out and pick up a few key pieces that make you feel confident. Because feeling confident and comfortable will encourage you to make the decision to move forward with your workouts. Some of the places I enjoy now are Lululemon and Alo for yoga wear and Lululemon for running gear. They are an investment, but they will last much longer and will hold up better than other inexpensive brands. Also, there are plenty of places to choose from now with so many online stores, but those two have exceptional quality and will last when taken care of.

Packing your bag is just as essential as what you are going to do for your workouts. As I mentioned earlier, you’ll want to pack these things in advance. The night before is best, so you aren’t running around in the am trying to piece everything together and give yourself an excuse to not go! (I know you can relate)! Here are some things that I always have in my bag and prepare me for a successful workout.

  1. Hairbrush/comb
  2. Mirror (for after your workout if you are heading straight to work and need to check the back of your hair)
  3. Bobby pins/hair bands
  4. Wireless headphones/Airpods
  5. Tampons (you never know… and being active increases a heavier flow sometimes)
  6. Small towel
  7. Lip balm (a MUST, don’t forget this.)
  8. Essential oils. If you wear them, it’s nice to have one permanently in your bag to put on before or after your workout.
  9. Large water bottle. At least 24 ounces.
  10. Any other gear that you may need: elastic bands, Yoga Paws, yoga strap.
  11. Skin care/body care to freshen up afterwards (travel size is best)

Once you have all that in order, you’re off and ready to go! I hope these tips serve you and help you feel more prepared for your upcoming workouts. Let me know how it goes and if there’s anything else that you like to use.

Noelle Ashland is a multi-award winning Organic Esthetician and Nutritional Lifestyle Coach passionate about inspiring others to achieve health through the foods they consume and the products they use. She specializes in Esthetics, as well as Nutrition, in order to achieve whole body awareness. Noelle currently works in Laguna Niguel, Ca.



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