The Prairie Home: An Oasis in the Kansas Flint Hills

ART & OBJECT with Nicole Gusé

Situated far out in the lush and rolling Tallgrass Prairie of the Flint Hills in Kansas, the limestone house built from recovered stone from an old farmstead is anything but what might be traditionally considered a “little house on the prairie.” Affectionately known as “The Prairie Home”, this beautiful homestead sits brightly on a hilltop near the town of Bazaar, KS. Built and owned by Deborah and Jerry Langdon, the couple had long been captivated by the beauty of the Flint Hills and were long-committed to finding the perfect piece of land for the setting of their luxe limestone getaway.

Our story of the Prairie House started about 20 years ago when my husband, Jerry, and I started visiting the Flint Hills. We both had such a strong feeling for the beauty, simplicity, and peace of the land,” said Langdon.

As you meander the gravel roads to The Prairie Home, you are instantly captivated by not only the natural beauty of the Flint Hills, but the large stone house set high in silence against the tall prairie grasses, begins to greet you in the distance.

Up the circle gravel drive, the tall limestone structure awaits. Open the door and it’s anything but ordinary. Led immediately into an airy, modern gourmet kitchen with a large farmhouse style dining table; it’s the perfect space for entertaining the houseguests. Step further into the lofty living room, rich with art and objects which tell the story of this house on the prairie, and those who have come to love it. Large glass doors lead to the expansive wrap around porch which makes its way around the south perimeter of the house. Back in the living room, the prominent wooden staircase leads you up to two upstairs rooms: an office complete with a telescope for nature viewing and late night stargazing, and a guest room. The rooms are joined together by shared large bathroom. The downstairs master guest suite is as luxurious as they come. Not a detail is missed with its eclectic array of art, collected knicknacks, and memories tucked throughout. The large master bathroom is a true oasis with its walk-in shower and deep jacuzzi tub.

We spent our afternoon reclined on the patio taking in the scenes. The quiet of the prairie is felt on every level: as it moves through your hair in the wind, as it whispers in the tall grasses, as day distinctly moves into night. The creative emotion that flows through this place acts as a balm for a busy city life, one that refreshes you with new eyes. We relished in the pause. My husband, a local Kansas artist, set up with a canvas, painting a scene of this home and its landscape. Later we dug out the kite we packed and flew it off the front porch, watching it move higher and higher into the sky uninterrupted. With ample room to roam on the prairie, kite flying is essential.

As dinner approached, we opened bottles of wine to celebrate and made a meal using Wiens Wagyu, a local grass-fed beef ranch found on the great plains of Kansas. Afterwards, we took an evening walk just outside the house, picking up striking looking rocks and even a deer antler shed from a previous season.

At dusk, we moved out to the back porch, eager to catch a glimpse of the fierce Kansas sun move towards the hills ready to set. Fireflies were followed by starlight, and a night sky lit brighter than one can find in the city.

In the morning, it was coffee and breakfast on the back porch – a reoccuring theme – watching the horses move through neighboring land, overcome with the beauty of a quiet morning on the prairie. After breakfast, we headed to the nearby Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve for an early morning hike to see the bison who reside at the preserve.

Whether it be for a family gathering, a reunion or holiday, or even a quiet respite, The Prairie Home of the Flint Hills is not to be missed. It’s an experience of luxury, peace, and renewal.

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