We Tried SLIP Silk and It Changed Us

We’ve been indulging ourselves with the SLIP silk pillowcase and eye mask for the last month. If there’s anything more luxurious – or beneficial – than sleeping with silk, we’d like to know. Because this is it.

SLIP, $50

When I think about a silk sleep mask, I have a particular vision: an impeccably-dressed woman on a transatlantic flight pulling a sleep mask from her monogrammed Goyard travel bag — in first class. Silk sleep mask = luxury + travel. When the beautifully-packaged SLIP sleep mask arrived on my doorstep, I felt a bit like an imposter. Would the deep-charcoal color clash with whatever mismatched sweatpants and t-shirt I would grab before bed? Could a sleep mask become a part of my average nightly routine?

My skepticism was squashed with a single touch of the fabric. Oh. My. Goddess. I needed this sleep mask. It was crazy, freakishly, other-worldly, soft. The band that holds the mask in place is covered in the same trademarked silk, therefore: no hair pulling. I had a restful night’s sleep and it seemed that I might have a few less sleep lines around my eyes the next morning.

The old adage — “You get what you pay for.” — is certainly true in this case. Warning: Once you try this mask, nothing less will do. Pamper yourself with SLIP — plane ticket and Goyard bag optional.

SLIP, $85

Luxury, comfort, beauty – all of it fits here. Not only is the pillowcase soft and smooth to the touch, its cooling affect makes for the most restful sleep in the summer. I’ve been sleeping with my pillowcase consistently for over a month, and my hair and skin has never looked or felt better. It minimizes on tangles, frizz, even fine lines on the face. 

Not only that, but I’ve traveled with it several times in the past month. With its convenient to-go package, I can easily fold it up and pack it in a bag or suitcase ensuring I have the typical luxuries and comforts of home, even while I’m away. 

One of the most blissful ways to enjoy my SLIP silk pillowcase is by spritzing it with my palo santo spray just before bed. Cooling, comforting, alluring, and restful – it’s pure comfort.  

You should enjoy your beauty sleep, and you will with SLIP silk.




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