August Horoscopes + Rachel Lang

Rachel Lang is a professionally certified astrologer and healer who works with individuals, small businesses, and corporations. An internationally recognized speaker, she also hosts workshops and offers classes, retreats and meditation groups. Rachel loves helping people identify and heal challenges or roadblocks in life. She supports them in decision-making processes by mapping astrological trends and forecasts to offer a glimpse of what’s ahead. Her favorite part of her job is writing horoscopes and articles for LVBX Magazine. You can find out more or schedule a session online at

Aries (March 21 – April 19): If July left you in a quandary, with questions about your direction in life, then you can now breathe a sigh of relief. We are starting a new month with a whole new set of transits to experience. So, start this month by relaxing, and try to enjoy life. Take a break if you can, and consider embarking on a travel adventure with your favorite people. As you do, access your inner child; you have some playing to do!

The solar eclipse on August 11 highlights your creative potential. You could have a new idea or find some new way to share your talents with the world. If you have had any mental blocks, you could find the key you need to unlock your creativity. This is also a time when you could experience heightened fertility. Eclipses symbolize change, and you could receive favorable news if you have been trying to conceive or start a family.

Your ruling planet Mars stations direct on August 27, and you can have full access to your energy, passion, and drive once again. Up to that point, find ways to channel your frustrations and anger. For example, you might want to spend some extra time at the gym. If your Mars-like emotions stem from social injustices, you could make the most of this influence by making phone calls to your representatives, volunteering with your favorite organizations, or starting a letter-writing campaign. If personal grievances trigger your inner Mars, you might try one of two strategies. First, you could sit in a still, quiet place, and close your eyes. In your mind, visualize yourself and the person with whom you need to speak. Then, have the conversation you’d like to have with that person’s higher self. You might be surprised by what you discover through the exercise! The second strategy is this: You could write an angry letter and then tear it up, burn it, or throw it away. Communication soul-to-soul is often as helpful as a real conversation, and sometimes it can actually shift the relationship dynamics in day-to-day life.  Whatever you do, release that feisty Mars energy. Work it out, move it out, and make it into fuel to drive a bigger growth and healing process.

Venus enters your opposite sign on August 6, and she shines her light in your relationship sector. Venus is the mediator, the planet of harmony. Her presence in this place in your chart can help relieve any romantic challenges you’ve encountered over the past month and a half. You might find it easier to back down from your position in a conflict, as well. If you are single, this is a month for meeting new people and enjoying a social scene. Romance is a definite theme. So, date and remember to have fun with it all.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): Every choice offers the potential to change your life. It’s true. Even the ones that seem insignificant can alter the course of your life, like the time a man chooses to stop for coffee before work and runs into a former colleague who tells him her company is hiring and urges him to apply.  Or here’s another example: When choosing between two events in one night, a person opts to attend the concert at which she meets her future partner! You see, every choice matters, and this month, you could face some of these types of fateful decisions. Trust yourself and rely on your intuition. After all, there is no way you can miss out on your destiny or veer too far off your path. Lean into that knowledge as you head into August. If you need support for those bigger decisions, process the pros and cons of each with a trusted friend, astrologer, or therapist.

We’re all feeling feisty the first week of the month, with momentum to move forward in life. However, Mars retrograde may ask you to rethink professional decisions you have made. You could have opportunities to course-correct a path you’ve taken early in the month. Mars in your career sector fuels your drive and ambition, but make sure you focus it appropriately. Try not to make impulsive decisions if you feel stuck, for example. Think strategically and keep the long-term picture in mind.

The solar eclipse on August 11 in your sector of home and family could inspire you to redecorate or initiate a renovation project. My favorite Feng Shui teacher and bestselling self-help author Tisha Morris says, “Your home is a mirror of yourself, and when you make positive changes to your home, you make positive changes to yourself.” Therefore, make updates to your living space and embrace a new beginning in life.

Eclipses can stir up dormant or suppressed feelings. With the eclipse on August 11 in your house of family, you could experience a whole spectrum of emotions related to your family and childhood, including nostalgia, gratitude, love, grief, and more. This self-reflection could aid you in letting go of any issues from the past that still influence your present-day life. Then, you can ground yourself entirely in the here and now, and better manifest more of your desired intentions. Any emotional or spiritual shifts can help you have a richer experience of love in all ways.

Gemini (May 20 – June 21): With boundless curiosity, you often search the Internet for new information, venture into new territories, try new hobbies, and strike up conversations with strangers. You are a generalist, with knowledge about many subjects. So, knowing where to focus your time and attention (when you actually want to do it all) could be a challenge for you. Well, your usual M.O. changes a bit this month, as you find your focus. Even though your ruling planet (Mercury) is retrograde and giving the appearance of moving backward, your mind is sharp. So, take advantage of the solar eclipse energy on August 11, and push through internal resistance or mental blocks to finish any projects you have started, especially any creative passion projects. You have wisdom and story to share. Trust the power of your voice.

You could also apply your mental focus to start a course of study. Your mind is expanding right now and may crave a good challenge.

Your curiosity could lead you down a slippery slope in relationships, however. For example, if others’ affairs pique your interest a little too much or you get swept up in hot gossip, you could become distracted from your top priorities. When helping friends or family, make sure you do it in a healthy, balanced way. In personal and professional correspondence, communicate articulately and honestly this month, using simple language to explain your point.

Your love life might seem like a blast from the past. Often, during Mercury and Mars retrograde periods, exes tend to come out of the woodwork. You could hear from people you thought were long gone. When this happens, rather than focus on the outcome of the reconnection, examine what it means for the bigger picture of your life. Any encounter with the past offers you an opportunity for self-discovery and healing. That person could be reflecting back aspects of yourself you would like to integrate. For example, perhaps that person has an air of confidence you’d like to have, yourself. Or you might miss how you felt and experienced yourself in that relationship, and maybe you long to feel that way again. Revisit the past, but test it out before staying there too long. If you don’t have encounters with people from your past, you may have to revisit repetitive patterns in your current relationship. Either way, by August 27, you will be ready to leave the past behind and begin a new chapter of your love story.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): You could have a significant financial breakthrough this month around the time of the solar eclipse on August 11. It likely will come through a flash of inspiration, during which you could brainstorm ideas for earning extra income. Or your breakthrough might occur when, through life experiences, you discover limiting money beliefs or fears that have remained buried in your subconscious mind. Those hidden gems could be affecting your financial potential, and now is the time to release them or anything else holding you back from experiencing a richer life. Life changes often start as inner stirrings, and then as you make adjustments in your thoughts and attitudes, you begin to see evidence of those internal shifts in your everyday life. Eclipses help speed up the process for us all, but especially you, a moon-ruled Cancer.

In astrology, the money sector of your chart also correlates with personal values, talents, and self-worth. Often, they are all related. When you want to make financial changes, whether you’re implementing a savings plan, trying to earn more, paying off debt, or something else, begin with a pep talk to boost your self-esteem. Say, “I deserve it!” Because you do. Then, find ways to share your talents with the world more expressively.

I propose a ritual for your solar eclipse experience on August 11. On a flat surface that you don’t mind getting sticky, make the shape of a circle using honey. In the center of the circle, place a green candle on top of a nickel. As you light it, say this incantation:

I allow myself the experience of abundance beyond my wildest dreams. Abundance, prosperity, and success, come into my life now, as I release anything opposite of you once and for all. So it is.

When you’re finished, sit in meditation for a while, and then take a slow, deep inhale. Release any feelings of lack and fear as you exhale and blow out the candle.

On a different note, you may consider taking a break from it all this month, especially around August 9. With several planets retrograde, everything is in a sort of slow motion. Relax, go with the flow, and unplug if you can, even for a day or two. You might also consider making time to relax at the beach or pool. Water is your element and your go-to place for respite and inspiration.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): Each year, right around your birthday, a whole new astrological cycle begins. It’s called your Solar Return, the moment the sun returns to the same degree it was at the time of your birth. Each year brings new insights and experiences, and at your Solar Return, you receive clues as to what those might be. Your birthday season this year started in the period between two eclipses, an intense time for everyone because of heightened emotions and poignant realizations. The intentions you set or changes you implement at this time foreshadow circumstances that will unfold throughout the upcoming twelve months.

When the sun is in your sign, it illuminates possibilities for you. It’s your time to shine. If you have been thinking of starting a creative project or promoting a crowdsourcing campaign, the solar eclipse on August 11 could be a perfect time. Stretch outside of your comfort zone, and let go of any fears. You have a bit more charisma to help you attract the right helpful people into your life who can assist in realizing your goals.

Finances could change for you at the end of the month, especially at the time of the full moon on August 26. You could have new strategies for saving, investing, or paying off debt.

With several planets retrograde at the beginning of the month, you might be sentimental about simpler times in your life. Nostalgia can awaken suppressed emotions from the past and could even help rekindle feelings you’ve had for another person. Before you reconnect with someone from your past, make sure you are clear about what best serves you. If a relationship was unhealthy, though you could hope things have changed for the better, you might want to test it out first before going back in. You do not need to reawaken drama in your life. Often retrogrades help us come full circle with hindsight, allowing us to make choices we could have made the first time. This is part of a bigger healing process. On August 18, Mercury stations direct, allowing you to have clarity about both the past and present.

Your love life may have been inconsistent over the past month, with Mars retrograde in your seventh house of relationships. You might have come to a definitive point of change in your love life, either diving in deeper or creating distance between you and a partner. Even if you’re single, you may now have fresh insights about how to manifest love. After August 27, the intensity subsides, leaving you with a clear path forward.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22): Observe your dreams this month, as they could offer you clues to help solve challenges in your waking life. In fact, you might want to buy a good dream dictionary or download the Dream Moods app on your phone to decipher those clues. The universe may offer you extra guidance during this time. Since the middle of July, we have had a series of eclipses, which are kind of like super full and new moons. They shake things up emotionally and energetically. The awakenings you receive and the truth revealed at this time can catalyze change in your life. During the two weeks between eclipses, you often have a chance to release anything holding you back from living a fulfilling life. Therefore, receive and act upon guidance. Use your dreams, and glean meaning from everything significant in your waking life, too.

If your work has felt slow or projects have stagnated, be patient. Things will pick up after Mars stations direct on August 27. That message also applies to pending financial deals. If any one thing seems stuck, redirect your focus and prioritize whatever appears to be in the flow. This is especially true at the beginning of the month when your ruling planet (Mercury) is retrograde. It stations direct again on the 18th. Mercury retrograde offers you the chance to rethink some past decisions and maybe turn in a different direction if necessary.

Venus enters your sector of earned income on August 6, and you could receive favorable news about a job opportunity, client, or business deal that day or the day after.

On August 22, the sun enters your sign, and you take the spotlight. How will you better express your talents to the world? Consider committing to a creative project or promoting your work in new ways. If you own your own business, you might design a new marketing strategy.  If your birthday falls at the end of the month, you will likely have a year full of adventure and surprises.

The full moon on August 26 highlights your relationship sector. If you are in a partnership, you could come to a clearer understanding of one another and resolve to work through any challenges you’ve faced together. The full moon happens after a series of eclipses (July 12 and 27, and August 11), a period during which you analyze all aspects of your life, including your relationship. This process can seem uncertain and, at times, intense. As that period draws to a conclusion at the end of the month and the sun enters your sign on August 22, you can breathe a huge sigh of relief as you can more clearly see your path forward. If you are single, this is an excellent time to focus on you. Try to make the very most of your alone time before meeting someone new.

Libra (September 23 – October 22): If you enter a destination into your GPS, you will likely see several route options from which to choose. You know, though, they will all lead you to where you want to go. In life, when you have clear goals and dreams, you can take steps to manifesting them into reality. Writing them down adds potentiality. Your visions for the future are like destinations for your internal GPS system. If you have felt unsure of your direction or unclear about next steps forward in your life, spend some time early in the month envisioning your future. Consider making a vision board for inspiration.

The solar eclipse on August 11 could be a turning point for you, professionally and personally. Eclipses can signify important life changes. This one could offer insight and awareness about how you can live a more purposeful life. So, allow yourself to be creative and dream big.

August could be a very social month for you, especially after Venus enters your sign on the 6th. This is an excellent time to become more involved in your community or expand your social network. If you have considered volunteering your time, connect with a worthy cause early in the month.

You could encounter some minor miscommunications with colleagues or friends while Mercury is retrograde this month. After Mercury stations direct on August 18, these challenges could smooth over. In the meantime, practice diplomacy and try to understand the other’s perspective. If you need to regain your center in a conflictual situation, feel free to step away and honor your needs. During Mercury retrograde, you might have an opportunity to reevaluate your friendships and ultimately find ways to deepen your sense of community. By the end of the month, you could be motivated to step beyond your comfort zone and connect with new people.

Venus in your sign highlights romance and connection. If you are single, this could mean fun and flirtation. With several planets retrograde this month, you could reconnect with an ex partner or someone from your past. Honor your boundaries in all romantic situations this month, but especially this type of connection. If you don’t hear from someone from your past, then you could gain new awareness and understanding about your history that helps you enter a new chapter in your love life.

You have permission to be more flirtatious, playful, and charming this month, whether you are in a relationship or not. If you are, you might consider a special date night or romantic outing on August 7.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

The most courageous person you know is not without fear. Rather, they have learned to push through fear. They can transmute it into fuel to take risks. Are you ready to activate courage? Then, think about a few deep fears you might meet with intention this month. For example, if you fear the dark, turn off the lights. If you fear public speaking, sign up for a class or join a networking organization with speaking opportunities. Your growth edge lies at the base of your fear.

With several planets retrograde this month, you may face issues from your past. You could even discover familial secrets that come to light early in the month. Do you know the saying, “The truth will set you free?” As you gain new awareness, keep this saying in mind. You might consider digging deeply in a therapeutic or healing process.

Professionally, this month signifies a potential for change, though it may not manifest as quickly as you’d like. With the solar eclipse on August 11 in your career sector, you might have new insights on how to advance your career or start on a new path. If you have recently considered going into a new business partnership, clarifying conversations early in the month help you decide how to proceed. Consider any decision carefully and consult with a mentor or advisor if you have concerns. Your intuition is usually right; trust it.

The full moon on August 26 highlights your social life. You could receive an invitation to join a professional organization, meet-up group, or club of some kind. This is a time to step outside your comfort zone and become more involved.

Your love life could seem unsettled this month, especially if you are single. You might have to draw one chapter to a close before starting a new one. Despite your relationship status, this month’s transits can help you reevaluate how you focus your energy in a relationship. You could reach a defining moment that changes everything for your love life this month, especially around August 27. If you have any ongoing frustrations with your partner, open up and share your truth. To move closer to experiencing the love you want, try to have some honest conversations and allow the relationship to shift.  

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): Adventure calls you, Sagittarius. Will you answer? Whether you are ready for a new beginning in life or just need a getaway, your feelings of restlessness are telling you something significant. So, pay attention and honor the call. If it is unfeasible for you to take time off or leave town, you can satisfy that urge also by expanding your mind or opening your spiritual awareness. A language class, for example, would be an excellent way to challenge your brain while also preparing you to experience a new culture. In whatever ways you choose to activate the energy of this month’s transits, make sure you try something new!

On August 11, a solar eclipse highlights a sector in your chart relating to philosophy and higher education. It also links to publishing. So, if you have a writing project in progress, this could be an excellent time to submit a manuscript or work with an agent to pitch an idea. The influence of this transit could also inspire you to learn with a spiritual master. Before you commit to a course of study, however, get all the facts. With Mercury retrograde until August 18, you could rush in without understanding all the details.

After August 22, the sun shines in your career sector, and you could have opportunities for recognition. If you have considered looking for a new job or making an overall career change, you might want to wait until after Mars stations direct on August 27. Up to that time, you can network and seek guidance from mentors. You may have recently been taking inventory of your life, and therefore, you are more in touch with your sense of worth. You have perhaps come to realize the income you are currently bringing home does not adequately reflect the value of your services. If this applies to you, focus on how you might ask for or give yourself a raise. As a Sagittarius, you have a gift for manifesting more resources when you need them most.

Your love life could seem like a scene from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” You could feel confused about the signals you receive from a special someone. You could also experience a few communication challenges with your current or potential partner this month. Relax and take it easy, especially if you find yourself waiting for texts to come in. Allow relationships to unfold over time. If you are committed to a partner, make having an adventure your top priority. Explore a new territory together and deepen your connection. If you have questions about the direction of the relationship, engage in open conversations around the time of the solar eclipse on August 11.

If you are single, someone you’ve considered a friend could ask for more. Go with your gut— that initial response you feel when faced with the question. This is the voice of your intuition. Do not try to rationalize or talk yourself out of what you know to be true.   

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): This is a money month for you, Capricorn, and you could achieve the rewards of your recent hard work. On August 11, the solar eclipse highlights investments and shared resources. You and your partner might share ideas about how to maximize your financial potential. If you have had financial setbacks, this could be a turning point, as you could have profound realizations about your beliefs around money and how they shape your experience. Consequently, this month’s transits could compel you to invest in yourself, whether through advanced education or personal development.

While we are talking about finances, if you have been thinking about refinancing your house, taking out a loan for a considerable expense, or making changes to your investment portfolio, Mercury retrograde asks you to act with caution. While you have the motivation to make changes, you might need to gather more information. Triple check all details before signing any contracts, too. This applies all month long, even after Mercury stations direct on August 18.

Venus enters Libra on August 6, and her movement into your career sector is favorable for forming new connections, either through work or volunteer activities. You might take advantage of this influence by becoming more involved. Professionally, this is also a favorable time to update your public profiles. If your work has been slow this summer, it could speed up again after August 27. If you have considered expanding your business, travel opportunities could open new possibilities after August 22.

The full moon on August 26 highlights your curiosity. You could be inspired by a talk, lecture, or workshop. Maybe it’s time for you to lead one, too. Think about what you could offer and how you might share your expertise.

In relationships, your positive thoughts and attitudes can help you stay uplifted through any uncertain times, especially at the beginning of the month. Throughout the past month and a half, you have come to some important realizations about the changes you need to make in your love life. These can begin to manifest at the end of the month. In the meantime, stay focused on your relationships goals and seek help from a relationship coach or therapist if you need it.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): As an Aquarius, you love your independence, and you are inclined to make community and friendships top priorities.  But what happens when you fall in love? Or when you decide to merge your life with another? Your challenge then is to honor your freedom and strike a balance between your social life and intimate affairs. On July 27, the lunar eclipse shone a spotlight on this tension for you. It asked you to be very clear about your boundaries and needs in relationships. You may have had to face some of your relationship fears head-on. Even if you’re single, you may have had awareness about these themes in your love life. This month, a solar eclipse on August 11 in your relationship sector suggests you could have another significant breakthrough in this area of your life. The universe could be asking you to stretch into some uncomfortable territories, deepen your emotional connections, and grow in remarkable ways.

This month’s transits offer favorable influences for travel. You could make a last-minute plan to get out of town, especially around August 7. Keep Mercury retrograde in mind as you make plans. Things could change unexpectedly, reminding you to go with the flow.

Professionally, you might experience a few stops and starts. If your drive to achieve is taking a vacation, you could consider taking a break from it all. Relax and trust everything will work out. After August 27, you will have access to 100% of your energy and focus.

In the meantime, you might decide to take up a passion project or dedicate some energy to your side hustle. The key for you is to follow the flow. Dedicate time and attention to whatever seems to be moving forward. Then, balance the rest.

Uranus, the planet associated with your sign, stations retrograde August 7, and you could revisit some decisions you have made during the past several months, especially home-related ones. If you have been involved in a remodeling project, you could have a chance to reassess changes made and course-correct if necessary. You could take advantage of this natural reset and declutter, clear out your closets, repair anything broken, and make your home a real sanctuary.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20): As a Pisces, you have a gift for being in tune with others around you. You have a particular sensitivity to energy and emotions. Because of this, you likely have the gift of empathy and the ability to understand others’ perspectives. Since July 12, we have all been in “Eclipse Season.” We have three eclipses in a row: A solar eclipse July 12, a lunar eclipse July 27, and another solar eclipse August 11. Eclipses symbolize times of change. Dreams, emotions, or ideas that have been dormant or suppressed begin to stir awake. We all feel it, and at times, we grow excited with anticipation for a new beginning. Other times, things feel intense. Now, you being the empathetic person you are, might have felt a little more sensitive lately because of all this cathartic energy swirling in the collective. Perhaps you have even been called to help friends or family members during this time. As we move into August, you might want to pull back, take time for you, and recharge your internal battery.

The solar eclipse on August 11 highlights changes in your health and wellness routine. You might become inspired to sign up for Class Pass to try new things or think about committing to some sort of detox at the beginning of the month. This is a time to be proactive with any health-related matters. So, if something has been bothering you, health-wise, make an appointment to see your healthcare practitioner. Alternative therapies, like naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, energy work, or Reiki healing, are also favorable for you at this time.

Slow down and exercise patience in all you do. If things haven’t manifested as quickly as you had thought they would, then trust in divine timing. Your hard work and efforts will pay off. The universe supports you in all ways. If you are ready to move forward in your life, create a vision board, brainstorm with friends, or rely on help from your community. Reach out beyond your immediate circle and connect with new people. This is an excellent time to form alliances and partnerships, especially after August 22.

The full moon on August 26 highlights your love life. If you are single, you could have a realization that helps you release any relationship fears you might have buried down deep in your subconscious. Once you let them go, you will be one step closer to attracting a partner. If you are in a relationship, be gentle with yourself and your partner early in the month. Emotions are up, and we all need a little extra compassion. By the end of the month, that energy subsides, and you can relax, knowing any changes in your relationship ultimately serve your highest good.



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