The Crystal-Infused Body Care Line You Need in Your Life

Toxin-free bath and body products infused with the healing power of crystals, botanicals, and essential oils? Say no more. You have us interested. Meet Sarah Lore, the Founder and Chief Potion Officer behind Apothecary Co., a line of metaphysical bath and body products. 

Tell us about your background; what drew you initially into crystals as a mode for healing? I have always had crystals around my home because I love how beautiful they are, but it wasn’t until I was healing from an autoimmune disease that I found myself being physically drawn to them. I would carry a crystal in my hand when I was home or sit with one on my chest as I watched TV, which had never been the case before. Suddenly, I found myself filling my house with more and more crystals and plants. I just couldn’t get enough!

How did crystals play a role in healing your autoimmune diseases? Was there a specific manner in which you approached your healing? For awhile, it didn’t even occur to me that the crystals might be playing a role energetically in healing me, but as I started to heal, I became more interested in the actual properties of the crystals and realized I had been using them intuitively the entire time. I had a giant amethyst crystal next to my bed, for example, and many months later, I found out that amethyst is one of the best crystals for peaceful dreams.

How did all of this transform into a business platform? Initially, I started making the sprays because I am so sensitive to other people’s energy. Covering myself in essential oils, although helpful, wasn’t protecting me enough from outside energy, and it was cumbersome to carry around crystals, which became heavy in my handbag. So, I started making the sprays as a way to clear any energy that I was carrying, and as an easy way to cleanse a room of other people’s energy and recharge in the moment.

How do healing crystals and essential oils work together to compliment one another? Just as you could use two essential oils to work on healing two different things, such as skin irritation and anxiety, you can also use a crystal along with an essential oil to work on those two things. I find that using crystals to heal the energetic component (anxiety) and essential oils to heal the physical component (skin irritation) provides the perfect balance. That’s why I love using them together!

For someone who is just beginning to use crystals and essential oils for healing, what is the best way to get started? Is there a specific blend or crystal and oil combination that works most effectively? My advice would be to just get started. If there’s a crystal that you love and are drawn to, even if you don’t understand why, that’s ok! That’s exactly how you will learn to use your intuition and figure out which stones work best for you. The same applies to essential oils. There is actually a theory that whatever essential oils you are drawn to are the ones that will be able to heal you the most, so don’t overthink things or feel intimidated. If you love something, just try it! You can always try something else another time as you continue to learn. Besides, you can never have too many crystals or essential oils, in my opinion, and everyone has to start somewhere!

What kinds of botanics do you use for clearing and healing? Sage and Palo Santo wood are my two favorites. I love to burn sage to clear out negative or stagnant energy, and then smudge Palo Santo to infuse positive and loving energy back into that space once it has been cleared.

How can we work to protect our delicate energy centers? How do we know when we’re “off”, and how can we reconnect with ourselves and bring balance again? I think we can all recognize when we just don’t feel like ourselves. It might show up as irritability, anxiety or maybe just not wanting to leave the house. However it shows up, bringing back balance is unique for each person.

Using sage or Palo Santo is a great way to clear energy, especially if the stress you experience isn’t internal stress. Essential oils and crystals are also wonderful for so many different ailments. But one of my favorite ways to re-center, especially if you can’t quite pinpoint exactly what’s wrong, is to take a salt bath. Salt is both physically and energetically detoxifying, so it will still help to rebalance you and restore your well being no matter what. I love to add crystals and essential oils to salt baths as well for extra support!

Can crystal energy be used to bring two people closer together in relationship? Is there a way to harmonize two beings and two separate energy fields? Definitely! There are certain stones that could help harmonize relationships such as the use of lapis lazuli to aid in communication. Although in my experience, if each partner is working with the stones that will help to bring about the specific healing that they each need, their energy fields will harmonize naturally and their relationship will feel more peaceful as each partner experiences healing.

For someone who is just getting started, what do you feel is the most effective way to begin building a crystal collection? Should one begin with a certain stone, or be led by intuition? I think that being led by intuition is the best way to go, but if someone is just getting started they may not be comfortable trusting their intuition yet, especially when it comes to crystals. If someone isn’t quite sure where to start, amethyst and rose quartz are two of my favorite crystals that have many different benefits and can be helpful for just about everyone.

THE CRYSTAL LIST: The Best Stones for…

Lovers: Rose quartz and pink tourmaline for love, and emerald for loyalty.

Life Changes:
Amethyst or smokey quartz, both of which are good at diffusing the worry that we may feel during big life changes.

Mothering: Rose quartz is just the quintessential love stone, which is the energy that I think of when I think of a mother, just pure, unconditional love.

Building Self-Love: Definitely rose quartz, again, one of my favorite stones! Surprisingly though, morganite is actually my favorite stone for unconditional love. I find it to have a very high vibration and be very powerful, whereas rose quartz is a little gentler.

Finding Peace: I really love moonstone for peace, or rose quartz can be a very peaceful stone as well.

Healing a Health Ailment: This is one that I would really recommend people rely on their intuition to guide them on. To me, the effectiveness of a stone really depends on how that person experiences that specific stones energy. What may work best for one person, may not work for someone else. When in doubt, look to the color of the chakra that corresponds to the area of the ailment and find a stone in that same color range.

Releasing Negative Energy: Black Tourmaline, which is also amazing for shielding yourself from negative energy as well as EMF’s!

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