Meet Designer Betsy Flores

Meet Designer Betsy Flores. Her line of bold, stylish, and energetic jewelry is fit for a goddess.

Tell us about your background; how did you get introduced to jewelry design? I designed clothing for companies in the fashion industry for nine years, and I decided to take a more sustainable approach to my creative expression. Jewelry making has been a creative outlet for me since I was very young. I’ve always had the tendency of taking things apart and re-imagining them, so I kind of naturally gravitated towards jewelry design. I wanted to design jewelry because I could truly control waste in the development and create freely. It also served as a natural conduit to add crystals, which are a sacred tool for healing energetically. The intention has always been to evolve into a full collection within the same ethos, including apparel and accessories, which I’m excited to say is coming soon.

What are the “ethos” of your brand, and why do you choose to live by these? I believe in creating without creating waste, because I love our planet. The fashion industry is responsible for so much of the world’s pollution. Everything from dyeing processes, to the insane amount of waste that ends up in landfills has created such a toll on the earth. After being a part of such a toxic industry for so long, I wanted to transcend the frame of mind of wasteful design and manufacturing. The core of our values comes from a love of the earth, and we continually work on transparency and sustainability. Other than our packaging, our development is zero waste. Although, we do work with post-consumer recycled materials in our packaging. I recycle an re-imagine broken vintage jewelry and accessory findings and use stones that I’ve sourced myself from local independent collectors or while visiting sacred mines in Brazil. I believe we can all have an effect. My little grain of sand is conscious design. Through it, designers and consumers have an opportunity to change the world.

Why crystals in particular; why are they your design medium? They are such a beautiful metaphor for beauty coming from within, these magical things are concealed beneath rough stone exteriors. I think we can all use a reminder of our inner beauty. Crystals are not only beautiful, they have been such a tool for healing in my life and I want to share that energy with others. Crystals, such as quartz, are used in everyday technology for its programmable and energy amplifying properties. They have actual memory, which is real life magic to me. I program each stone with a positive intention each time I make a piece, so it already carries that even if you are unaware of the energetic properties of the crystal.

(Credits: Photo by Cameron Dunbar, Art by Jonny Georgeson, Model: Kat Nelson)

Tell us about your designs; what draws you to make large, bold statement pieces? I think it comes down to my clothing background. I’ve had a tendency to design more minimal clothing and style it with statement accessories. I am continually collecting the crystals and metal findings I use. I design more through intuition than through an intention to make statement pieces. These pieces come more from feelings than anywhere else, and feelings are pretty bold usually, right?

Have your clients stated that they feel more grounded and supported by adorning themselves with your crystals? Yes, absolutely. I think the effect is different for everyone, depending on their energy and the actual piece. I’ve even had a client I made a custom piece for start shaking when she put it on. It could’ve been excitement, but she did say she felt a rush of energy.

From where do you draw your inspirations? I am fascinated by the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi, finding beauty in imperfection is at the essence of each collection. My mediums are raw stones and broken objects, after all. I am also very inspired by both modern architecture and ancient rituals. You can see the influence in the shapes I work with. Above all, I am truly inspired by the earth. Nature is such a fountain of inspiration.


Image credits (left to right): #1 Photo by Jasmine Safaeian and Model: Kat Nelson, #2 Cameron Dunbar, #3 Photo by Caitlyn Kelly​ and Model: Elle West, #4 Cameron Dunbar. 



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